14th match, Port Elizabeth, Apr 26 2009, Indian Premier League
Daredevils won by 6 wickets (with 4 balls remaining)
player of the match
Tillakaratne Dilshan
Delhi Capitals

It was a case of so near and yet so far for Bangalore. Uthappa's lapse at long-off and a ,misfield at the boundary will sting Bangalore. But overall, Bangalore were not disgraced. Dilshan was the hero of the evening but he may have walked back on 34 when a close run out was referred. As far as I'm concerned I'm not so sure if the bails were dislodged before the direct hit. Perhaps the third umpire was right after all. Who knows! Lots of ifs and buts but we were entertained. Let's accept that.

Manhas maintained his composure and he's no rookie. He has enough experience at the domestic level.

With this win, Delhi claim 6 outright points and sit at No. 2 after Deccan Chargers. Bangalore languish at the bottom. We're getting a lot of mails from you folks slamming Kallis' bowling in the death overs.

Here's the presentation:

Pietersen: "We did ok to get to 150. I'm really chuffed with some of the young players. Appanna did brilliantly to get rid of AB. Pankaj and Vinay executed our plans well and I'm really happy with them as well. They can be really happy and hold their heads up high this evening. I'm upset we lost but not upset about the way we lost."

Sehwag: "Dilshan and AB got us some valuable runs and Manhas as well. The ball was stopping a bit and batting was difficult with the wind."

Dilshan is the Man of the Match: "I tried to rotate the strike with AB. The bowlers set it up but if you keep wickets in hand you're safe."

Thanks for joining us and the mails. There's barely enough breathing space before the next game which is now, between Punjab and Rajasthan. Stay with us. For now this is K signing off. Cheers.

Vinay to Manhas, 1 run

bowls a low full toss from round the wicket and the unlikely hero of the evening, Manhas, clubs it wide of midwicket, the fielders are static

Vinay to Manhas, 2 runs

he lofts but doesn't get the elevation and the ball just drops short of Uthappa, they scamper for the second run, if only the throw was sharper

Pietersen has an arm around Vinay, who has the last-over honours

end of over 1912 runs
DC: 147/4CRR: 7.73 RRR: 3.00
Tillakaratne Dilshan67 (47)
Mithun Manhas20 (11)
Pankaj Singh 4-0-31-2
Vinay Kumar 3-0-25-0
Pankaj to Dilshan, 2 runs

d gets to the pitch of the ball and takes the aerial route over extra cover, 2 more and Delhi should clinch this

Pankaj to Dilshan, 2 runs

short and pulled over midwicket but this time Appanna makes no mistake at the boundary

Pankaj to Manhas, 1 run

swivels and pulls past short fine leg and the cheers go up in anticipation of a boundary but deep square leg mops up

Pankaj to Manhas, 2 runs

he digs out a full ball past the bowler and calls for the second run, he wants the strike

Pietersen's trying to remain calm

Pankaj to Dilshan, 1 run

bangs it in short and he pivots and biffs it to deep square leg

Pankaj to Dilshan, FOUR runs

makes room and gets a thick outside edge which goes flying to third man, Kumble does his level best to slide and cut it off but his boot touches the rope as he touches the ball

15 off 12. Those 2 fours by Manhas have made a huge difference to the equation here

end of over 189 runs
DC: 135/4CRR: 7.50 RRR: 7.50
Tillakaratne Dilshan58 (43)
Mithun Manhas17 (9)
Vinay Kumar 3-0-25-0
Jacques Kallis 3-0-37-0
Vinay to Dilshan, 1 run

pushed towards the covers and Dilshan scampers to the other end, the throw isn't accurate

Vinay to Dilshan, 2 runs

full outside off and he places it just wide of deep cover

Vinay to Manhas, 1 run

cuts back in off the seam and he steers it to point

Vinay to Manhas, FOUR runs

take that! Manhas makes room to squeeze out a full ball and he gets enough muscle on it to squirt it past a diving Taylor at backward point

Vinay to Manhas, no run

he sees him making room and digs it short and the ball fizzes past the outside edge

Vinay to Dilshan, 1 run

driven down to Pietersen at extra cover

end of over 1719 runs
DC: 126/4CRR: 7.41 RRR: 8.00
Mithun Manhas12 (6)
Tillakaratne Dilshan54 (40)
Jacques Kallis 3-0-37-0
Balachandra Akhil 1-0-8-1
Kallis to Manhas, FOUR runs

and a misfield! Bangalore are panicking, he works it to deep midwicket and Appanna fails to get his body behind that the ball slips between his fingers

sorry for the error

Kallis to Manhas, FOUR runs

Uthappa misjudges it and it;s a life for MANHAS! He appears to mis-hit the loft to long-off and Uthappa gets a little too forward from the rope, then pedals back and tries to take it one-handed, oh boy he didn't see that at all

Kallis to Dilshan, 1 run
Kallis to Dilshan, SIX runs

out of the ground and the ball rebounds off the roof and disappears into the thicket! Dilshan takes it on the half volley and clubs it high over wide long-on, timely six for Delhi

Kallis to Dilshan, 1 wide

misdirects the yorker wide outside off and Kallis isn't too happy with the wide call

Kallis to Manhas, 1 run

full on the pads and he swipes it down to deep midwicket

Kallis to Manhas, 2 runs

fires the yorker and he opens the face of the bat and squirts it to third man