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Final (N), Bengaluru, May 29, 2016, Indian Premier League

Sunrisers won by 8 runs

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Scores: Sanjay Murari
Comms: Deivarayan Muthu
Scorecard summary
Sunrisers Hyderabad 208/7(20 overs)
Royal Challengers Bangalore 200/7(20 overs)
Chris Gayle 76 (38)
Ben Cutting2/35 (4)
Virat Kohli 54 (35)
Bipul Sharma1/17 (2)
Cricinfo’s Most Valuable Players of the Match
I. Runs
B. Impact
I. Wkts
Bo. Impact
Ben CuttingSRH143.7839(15)51.1668.932/353.3574.85
Chris GayleRCB143.4976(38)98.79126.140/24-17.35
David WarnerSRH93.8569(38)82.0593.85--0
Sreenath AravindRCB64.06--02/302.3464.06
Chris JordanRCB54.93(4)- 2.24- 6.013/453.1960.91
end of over 209 runs • 1 wicket
RCB: 200/7CRR: 10.00 
Iqbal Abdulla4 (2b 1x4)
Sachin Baby18 (10b 1x4 1x6)
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 4-0-25-0
Mustafizur Rahman 4-0-37-1

12.30am Warner collects the IPL trophy from BCCI president Anurag Thakur. More fireworks in the background. Warner is joined by his team-mates. Yuvraj does some push-ups, à la Gayle. Sunrisers are jumping for joy. Congratulations to them. Commiserations to RCB. Thanks for tuning in. Kept me on my toes with the feedbacks. Watch out for reports from Nagaraj and Al Muthu. Until next time, goodbye from all at ESPNcricinfo. Cheers.

11.40pm Look at the celebrations in the Sunrisers camp. What a comeback. Warner roars another "C'mon" - how many times has he done that this season - and jumps into the hands of coach Moody. Warner and Kohli exchange hugs. The Sunrisers break into the team song. Yuvraj, Warner, Moody, Muralitharan, Laxman, Hooda, Bhuvneshwar, Vijay Shankar, everybody belting it out.

Gayle blasted off, and reached his half-century off 25 balls, Kohli anchored the chase and brought up a fifty of his own. RCB were well-placed at 140 for 1, but Cutting delivered an impressive 16th over. The Fizz and Bhuvneshwar mixed yorkers with cutters and choked RCB. They offered no leeway for the RCB batsmen to free their arms. Sunrisers' catching and ground fielding was also sharp. To outdo RCB at their backyard, that too in a big final, is some effort.

Shashank's report will tell you the full story. Also catch up with the plays of the day, featuring Cutting's biff over the roof


Cutting is the Man of the Match: It was exciting to play in front of a big crowd. David Warner has set it up, like he has done all season. We won't be standing here, if not for Davey. Bhuvi with the purple cap has been fantastic all season. That's the thing about Bangalore. You can go the journey as the batsman and bowler.

Ben Cutting becomes the second overseas player to win the Man of the Match in an IPL final.

Sunrisers win the Fairplay award as well. Warner collects it.

Mustafizur Rahman is the Emerging player of IPL 2016. The fizz has been at home in an unfamiliar land

Morris takes an award for scoring the fastest fifty in the tournament, he hit it off 17 balls. AB de Villiers collects it on Morris' behalf.

Virat Kohli collects an award for scoring the most sixes - 38 - in the tournament

AB de Villiers is the best fielder of the tournament

Suresh Raina's one-handed stunner at slip is the catch of the tournament. Bhuvneshwar collects it on the behalf of Raina

Virat Kohli takes the orange cap: It is a nice incentive, but it does not feel good to be at the other side of the result. Why Sunrisers won is because they have a strong bowling attack. I knew I was hitting the ball well and I just wanted to keep contributing. Why not, records are meant to be broken. (Four hundreds?) I surprised myself there. I opened the innings, someone batting at No.3 or No.4 may not have scored much.

Bhuvneshwar takes the purple cap: I was not happy the way I started in the first two matches. I credit VVS Laxman. He said : 'you're the one who will win matches'. I was mainly looking to develop the death bowling. At the same time, I worked on new-ball bowling. Mustafizur slow ball is tough to pick.

Kohli, MVP of the tournament: Most sixes in the tournament surprised me. I am happy with the award. I don't want to talk much. The winning team deserves the place here.

Kohli, again: We are proud of the way we played as a team. This was for the people of Bangalore. Even when we had the worst seasons, they were there for us. I was gutted; we couldn't cross the line. Dan mentioned to me while thaking the crowd: we scored 200 and lost. It was weird that we still lost by eight runs. Me and AB getting out quickly was a big blow. Had I stayed with AB, we could have finished it. I just want to congratulate the Sunrisers. They deserved to win.

Warner, the winning captain: Fantastic team achievement. To lead this side and the support from the players, me pulling my weight with the runs, it has been a hard journey. It's a team effort. To have the perfect game, we need to gel. For us, the key was team effort all the way. Look we knew, we had to get 200. Virat Kohli, what a great leader! I can't take it away from him. He set the benchmark this season. We knew we had to win three straight games. To win in Bangalore, we were underdogs. But, we batted well, bowled well, and fielded well. In 24 hours, I will be off to the Caribbean. Time to have a beer.

Reactions from the Sunrisers' camp

Dhawan: It has been a great season for me and the team. Davey lead from the front from the first game. It has been a great journey. I feel our team is balanced. As the tournament went ahead, we put big runs on the board. Cutting has played just two or three matches, but has performed well.

Bhuvneshwar: I just had to keep myself composed. Getting yorkers right in the best way to bowl yorkers. Warner just said to keep my cool and bowl the yorkers.

Yuvraj: We [I] had won the World Cup and now the IPL trophy. Great performance from the team. We came back strongly. Bhuvi and fizz, great finish in the end. As long as the trophy comes, I don't mind injuries, it is a great effort.

Henriques: It was bloody good fun. Wow. The IPL is taxing and there is a lot of travel. We call it the Sunrisers family. It is great to play alongside international players.

Cutting, one of the heroes of the night: It was good to get out there and swing a few for the boys. It is an unbeliavle feeling. First to get a game and win it for the boys. --- Phew, that was a super golf-swing, Cutting.

Ojha: Brilliant from the bowling unit. Bhuvi, fizz everyone brilliant.

Muralitharan: Nobody rated we will win when we started the tournament. We worked very hard. Every game was tough for us. We regrouped and won.

Tom Moody: They are off the chain. By the end of the night, everybody will know the team song.

VVS Laxman: Under pressure when Gayle and Virat had the partnership he [Warner] was cool. Captaining the way he did was fantastic. As Tom said, each one of us enjoy each other's company. There are no superstars in the Sunrisers camp. Everybody

is an important member.

Kane Williamson: Special performance from the guys to get across the line. It was a very special game.

Eoin Morgan: It was a privilege to be here and we all rave about it. Great experience

Boult: I think it was unfortunate the fizz missed out last game. In terms of death

bowling, it does not get better than that.

Yuvraj, again: Unbelievable feeling. I am at the loss of words. Gayle and Kohli made it difficult for us. Once Gayle got out, we were back in the match. Once AB got out, we knew we could win it. I dedicate this win to Ashish Nehra. He bowled his heart out.

Yuvraj breaks into a jig.

suvro: "The Fizz + Bhuvi + Warner = IPL Trophy"

ssn1978: "Ben Cutting should be the Man of the Match and Warner should be the Man of Tournament... "

Harish: "SRH not only won the trophy but they won many hearts. Hats off to Warner and Co."

Nishikanth: "Cutting cutting cutting....he was the difference...what a last over srh had..."

Aditya : "Brilliant death bowling from Bhuvi. He was absolutely unplayable in his last 2 overs. "

Rishav: "What a find Fizz has been. What a champion."

Aravind: "RCB the bridesmaid yet again."

Jay: "Davey had taken himself and SRH to another level with this win. His diving save in the penultimate over tells about his commitment. Great cricket at the end. RCB put a brave display but as usual their bowling deserted them in the most inopportune time"

Kusal Manamperi: "Man of the Series should be Warner for sure"

Mani: "Why is no one talking about Nehra's contribuition? He was pretty good through out the time he played." -- True and his experienced has helped the junior bowlers

jay: "Winning toss and opting batting first raised many questions.. SRH bowlers proved it right...Well done SRH"

NKS: "Congratulations SRH ! Credit goes to Warner and team.... Excellent captaincy.... "

junaid: "Virat's award reminds me of Messi after World Cup receiving golden ball"

Bhuvneshwar to Abdulla, FOUR runs

Bhuvneshwar misses the yorker for a change, goes too full on middle and leg, lap-scooped fine for four. Sunrisers are the 2016 IPL champions under the fireworks-filled skies. First title win for Sunrisers. Take a bow, David Warner. RCB, on the other hand, suffer their third loss in final

Sunrisers are set to be the champions

Bhuvneshwar to Baby, 1 run

full and outside off, backs away and carves it to short third man. Another war cry of C'mon from Warner. The batsman sinks to his knees

Bhuvneshwar to Abdulla, 1 leg bye

low full toss on middle, there is the war cry from Warner "C'mon". Rolls off the pads square on the leg side

RCB need 15 off 3

Bhuvneshwar to Baby, OUT

rip-roaring yorker shading outside leg, the batsman jabs and misses. Sneaks through to the keeper. Ojha is alert and he hits the stumps as the batsman aim to pinch a quick bye. Jordan is caught well short. Excellent composure from Ojha. He removed his right glove and knocked the stumps. Equally excellent bowling from Bhuvneshwar

Chris Jordan run out (†Ojha) 3 (4b 0x4 0x6 7m) SR: 75

Our man Nagraj from the ground: ever heard "Saachin, Saachin" millon times

but that was for Tendulkar. RCB fans are screaming in dying hope for Sachin Baby"

Bhuvneshwar to Baby, 2 runs

low full on middle, Baby goes low and scoops it over short fine leg. Not timed

Warner and Bhuvi have a chat

Kohli is anxious, on his feet in the dug-out

Bhuvneshwar to Jordan, 1 run

low full toss on middle, pushed to long-on. Just a single

end of over 1912 runs • 1 wicket
RCB: 191/6CRR: 10.05 RRR: 18.00
Sachin Baby15 (7b 1x4 1x6)
Chris Jordan2 (3b)
Mustafizur Rahman 4-0-37-1
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 3-0-17-0
Mustafizur to Baby, SIX runs

oopsy, the fizz misses his length. Floats it too full and outside off, Baby gets under it and lifts it down the ground for six

Mustafizur to Baby, 2 runs

Top work from Warner. Top work, skip. Warner flings full-length to his right from long-on and parries the ball quickly to Hooda who was tracking back from mid-off. The tag-team work keeps RCB to two. Full toss, jabbed down the ground. Warner was earlier pissed with himself after the fielding lapses in SRH's last-ball loss v Daredevils. Is that a game-changing save?

Mustafizur to Jordan, 1 leg bye

the fizz bowls a full toss on middle and leg, off the pad and rolls to midwicket. The Fizz hunts the ball down. Just one leg bye

Mustafizur to Jordan, no run

Jordan swipes across the line of a slower ball and misses

Mustafizur to Jordan, 2 runs

Sran shells it. There is the signature cutter from the fizz, Jordan swings and skies it. Sran gets under it at cover. He drops it. Has he dropped the trophy? Sran makes a mess of the reverse-cup technique. Bursts through the hands

Jordan can bat.

Abhinav: "IPL trophy slipping from Virat's hands"

Mustafizur to Binny, 1 run, OUT

full ball on off, slogged away to long-on. Two is the call from Binny. We are going upstairs, Binny is out despite a full-length dive. Binny looked back at the throw and lost momentum. It costs him. Nice, flat throw from Hooda. He's one of Sunrisers' best fielders

Stuart Binny run out (Hooda/†Ojha) 9 (7b 0x4 1x6 10m) SR: 128.57

Can the Fizz set it up for Bhuvneshwar?

end of over 187 runs
RCB: 179/5CRR: 9.94 RRR: 15.00
Sachin Baby7 (5b 1x4)
Stuart Binny8 (6b 1x6)
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 3-0-17-0
Mustafizur Rahman 3-0-26-1
Bhuvneshwar to Baby, FOUR runs

Bhuvi does not get hold of the yorker. Bowls a middle-stump full toss, which is reverse-scooped away past a diving short third man. Much-needed four for RCB

Bhuvneshwar to Binny, 1 leg bye

Binny pre-mediates, shuffles across the off stump for a cheeky scoop. He makes a mess of it and drifts it to short third man off the pad. Was that a slower ball?

Bhuvneshwar to Binny, no run

third yorker of the over. Arrowed at the leg stump, dug back to the bowler. Bipul pats Bhuvi on the back

Bhuvneshwar to Baby, 1 run

misses the yorker outside off, Baby swipes a full toss from outside off to long-on

Silas: "Binny to do a Braithwaite?!!"

Bhuvneshwar to Binny, 1 run

off-stump yorker, right in the blockhole, squirted to long-on

Bhuvneshwar to Binny, no run

yorker shading into the leg stump/just outside leg, dips under the bat to the keeper

Over to Bhuvneshwar

end of over 1710 runs • 1 wicket
RCB: 172/5CRR: 10.11 RRR: 12.33
Stuart Binny7 (2b 1x6)
Sachin Baby2 (3b)
Mustafizur Rahman 3-0-26-1
Ben Cutting 4-0-35-2
Mustafizur to Binny, 1 run

142ks full toss, whipped through square leg

Mustafizur to Binny, SIX runs

Mustafiz marginally misses his length. Overpitches this on the off stump. Binny gets under it and lofts it sweetly over long-on

Best performances - batters
CH Gayle
76 runs (38)
4 fours8 sixes
Productive shot
on drive
22 runs
1 four3 sixes
DA Warner
69 runs (38)
8 fours3 sixes
Productive shot
cut shot
22 runs
4 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
CJ Jordan
S Aravind
Match details
M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore
TossSunrisers Hyderabad, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Ben Cutting
Player Of The Series
Virat Kohli
Series resultSunrisers Hyderabad won the 2016 Indian Premier League
Hours of play (local time)20.00 start, First Session 20.00-21.30, Interval 21.30-21.50, Second Session 21.50- 23.20
Match days29 May 2016 - night (20-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
Win Probability
SRH 100%
100%50%100%SRH InningsRCB Innings

Over 20 • RCB 200/7

Chris Jordan run out (†Ojha) 3 (4b 0x4 0x6 7m) SR: 75
Sunrisers won by 8 runs
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