Royal Challengers Bangalore v Sunrisers Hyderabad, IPL 2016, final, Bangalore May 29, 2016

Cutting sends one flying over the roof

Plays of the day from the IPL final between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad in Bangalore

David Warner helped Chris Gayle recover after the bowler dived for a catch © BCCI

Warner's helping hand to Gayle

In a move to negate the threat posed by two belligerent left-handed batsmen, Virat Kohli introduced Chris Gayle in the second over of the match, and the move nearly worked. Shikhar Dhawan popped a return catch and Gayle, moving to his left in his follow-through, had to dive almost full-length. He got his hand under the ball, but it popped out when his elbow thudded onto the ground. David Warner, who watched from not more than a yard away, helped Gayle back on his feet and even produced a smile out of him.

Kohli's thunderbolt

Cricket fans got a glimpse of the Warner-Kohli admiration society at the toss, when both men could not stop praising each other. On the field though, neither gave an inch. Warner drilled a full ball to mid-off in the 10th over and was ambling down the pitch when he saw Virat Kohli's throw headed his way like a thunderbolt. Putting his hand out may have amounted to obstructing the field, so Warner ducked and somehow managed to get under the throw, slipping as he did so and falling to the floor. Kohli quickly put his hand out to apologise, and Warner accepted the gesture with a smile.

Chris Jordan's confusion

Yuvraj Singh and Warner are not necessarily the swiftest pair of runners. That became evident when Yuvraj survived a run-out early in his innings. He knocked a delivery from Chris Jordan towards midwicket, but was hesitant in starting for a quick single. While he was ball-watching, he did not see his partner sprinting towards him. Yuvraj eventually set off and Jordan did well to run to his left to stop the ball. But he fell backwards as he turned, causing him to undercook his under-arm throw to the bowler's end. That allowed Yuvraj enough time to make his ground.

Cutting's monster hit

In trying to dart the ball into the stumps from round the wicket, Shane Watson fell into a trap of his own. A slightly greasy outfield and a wet ball may have contributed to his lack of control, which caused him to bowl full-tosses instead of yorkers. Ben Cutting took full toll. One of his hits - a pull - went over the roof at deep backward square leg, and was still ascending at the final point of contact for measurement purpose. The biggest hit in the competition before that had gone 110m. This one set a new record, at 117 metres. Two more sixes followed, as Watson conceded 24 off the last over to finish with 0 for 61.

Shashank Kishore is a senior sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo