25th Match (N), Ahmedabad, Apr 29 2021, Indian Premier League
(16.3/20 ov, target 155)156/3
Capitals won by 7 wickets (with 21 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
82 (41)

11.15pm That's a wrap of this double-header Thursday. "Shaw's innings was the perfect template of how we want to play," says Baz McCullum in the post-match press conference. He hints that there could be a change in personnel for KKR's next match. Plenty to ponder for KKR. Many thanks for your company. This is Deivarayan Muthu signing off. Until next time, stay safe and take care

RajatMaheshwari: "This KKR line-up looks fine though! They need to shuffle their batting order a bit to get the maximum results! Tripathi at top and Gill at 3 and a fixed batting position for Narine (a bit higher up the order) can still bring them back in contention for the play-offs!"

Shaw, Player of the Match: I wasn't thinking anything to be honest. I was just waiting for the loose ball. I knew where Shivam will bowl to me - we've played [age-group] together for four-five years. Yes, I was prepared for the short ball. I thought one will come at the helmet, but he didn't bowl. I felt on this wicket, especially when the spinner was bowling, it was stopping a bit and naturally it was going over the off side. So, I was waiting for them to bowl at me on off or outside off so that I can free my hands. When I think I'm in good touch and I don't think about the score anymore. When I'm batting, I don't care about myself, I just want my team to win. No, we haven't spoken yet, but if I get a chance I will speak to Viru [Virender Sehwag] sir. I feel my dad has supported me after I got dropped from Australia. He just told me to play my natural game. All those words set a target for me and I worked hard for me. In cricket, the graph will go up and down for sure.

11pm Pant: I was just telling Shaw to play the normal game. In the end, we were trying to get the run-rate up. Yeah, in these kind of matches, we can afford to think about net run-rate because the match was done by the 12-13th over. We just tell everyone to enjoy the cricket and do what they can best. I think Lalit is an allrounder. He hasn't got enough chances with the bat. Last match we lost by just one run. We just told not to change our process. If you trust the process, you get the result.

10.45pm Shaw and Pant have big smiles on their faces. The Capitals have thumped KKR by seven wickets to move to second on the points table. It was Shaw who set it up for them by smashing six successive fours in the very first over of the chase. He never really let up until he holed out in the 16th over. Stoinis and Hetmyer then sealed the chase of 155 with 21 balls to spare. Do stick around for the presentation, folks.

Morgan: Yeah, very disappointed. We were quite slow off the blocks, and lost wickets in the middle. Andre got us to 150, but we were slow with the ball again. Throughout the tournament so far we've struggled to combine batting and bowling in one match. He [Cummins] has been bowled earlier with the new ball [last season]. Mavi bowled four on the trot last game and bowled well. Moving forward, we need our big-name players to get into the action. You need to be honest and realistic. Otherwise you are doing a disservice to the guys in the change room. Hopefully, we can turn things around. We have a huge amount of talent, but talent only gets you so far. You need to turn it into performance, which we haven't done.

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Dhawan, orange-cap holder: Prithvi was playing amazing and it was lovely to watch it from the other end. We were getting so many runs, so according to the situation I played my game and didn't take risks. I don't have to compare and just play my game. I've made a conscious effort to bring up my strike rate and earlier also I said that. Prithvi was in a different level today. I enjoy taking smart risks and trying something new rather than sticking to the same process. I enjoy working with Ricky - he's a big coach and keeps everyone together, even the net bowlers in the team.

Akhil: "Looks like musical chairs for the top position between RCB, CSK and DC while rest of the teams nowhere near matching the quality. "

deb: "Mavi was the major force for Captain Shaw's under-19 WC winning team... don't forget that... Shaw and Mavi exchanged smiles after the finish"

Shivam : "KKR has been over reliant on its X factor players for far too long. Players who can change a game on their day but fail consistently otherwise. Nitish rana, narine, Russell. Gill is not in form, and I don't believe he is a T20 person anyway. Some serious thinking needed in kkr camp. "

Akhil: "In both the matches at Delhi, one innings from a batsman who struggled to time the ball restricted the team to score beyond par score. Warner yesterday, Dube today and looks like it's Gill now."

Shivam : "Morgan can keep saying it all he wants, but if the matches are anything to go by, this is by far the strongest team KKR can have. I believe players like Venkatesh Iyer, Seifert and Ferguson deserve an opportunity. "

Prasidh to Stoinis, FOUR runs

really full on middle and leg, Stoinis has a big hoick at it and ends up inside-edging it through his legs to the fine-leg boundary

Kishore: "@Manu Ajmani : And Rohit will snatch it from all and again :)"

Prasidh to Stoinis, no run

slower legcutter outside off, Stoinis swings lustily to the leg side and does not connect

Prasidh to Stoinis, 2 runs

short and outside off. Stoinis stays leg-side of the ball and slices it away to the right of sweeper cover

Mustafa Moudi : "Why DC Delaying the arrival of Smith... I wanted him to be on crease tonight on his 100 IPL Match !!"

end of over 164 runs • 2 wickets
DC: 150/3CRR: 9.37 RRR: 1.25
Shimron Hetmyer0 (1)
Marcus Stoinis0 (0)
Pat Cummins 4-0-24-3
Prasidh Krishna 3-0-30-0

Hira: "too late too little from Cummins"

Cummins to Hetmyer, no run

fullish and outside off, Hetmyer camps back and whips to midwicket

Hetmyer is in. Can he clear the boundary?

Manu Ajmani: "As much as I want Kohli to win his first IPL and MS to win his last. It would be a fairytale if young Pant swoops in and collects his DC's maiden trophy as captain!"

Cummins to Pant, OUT

Pant finishes it off with a six. Holes out to Mavi at the long-on boundary. On a length and outside off, it was in Pant's slot. He lofts, but can't clear the outfielder

Rishabh Pant c Shivam Mavi b Cummins 16 (15m 8b 2x4 1x6) SR: 200
Cummins to Pant, FOUR runs

overpitched and outside off, Pant's weight is on the back foot, but the hands do all the work. Cracked hard through the covers

Cummins to Pant, no run

Cummins and Karthik appeal for a catch behind the wicket. Umpire Barde shakes his head. Morgan calls for a review. Cummins pounds it on a hard length and gets it to kick away outside off. Pant chucks his hands at the ball. Did that bounce over his bat? Yes. Good decision from Barde

Stoinis ahead of Smith

Cummins to Shaw, OUT

Top-edged in the air and taken at point. Shaw shuffles outside leg, manufactures swinging room, but Cummins bangs a lifter that follows the moving batsman. Spliced in the air. It swerves away from Rana, but he gets into a side-on position and hangs onto this skier. Shaw is warmly welcomed back by his team-mates and Ponting

Prithvi Shaw c Rana b Cummins 82 (73m 41b 11x4 3x6) SR: 200

Lostsoul: "14.5: That's the Pant we deserve"

Cummins to Shaw, no run

dug in short and angling into the body of Shaw. Fended back to Cummins

Ashish Rai: "There goes Shaw's century!! Pant thinking about the NRR rather than Shaw's 100!"

end of over 1514 runs
DC: 146/1CRR: 9.73 RRR: 1.80
Rishabh Pant12 (5)
Prithvi Shaw82 (39)
Prasidh Krishna 3-0-30-0
Pat Cummins 3-0-20-1
Prasidh to Pant, no run

slower ball on leg stump, Pant delays his drive and quietly plays it back to Krishna

Prasidh to Pant, SIX runs

banged in short at Pant's throat, he swivels on the back foot and splices a pull over long leg for six

Prasidh to Pant, FOUR runs

length ball on middle, Krishna lands it in the swinging arc of Pant. He muscles it away to the midwicket boundary

Prasidh to Pant, 2 runs

short at the body, helped away through square leg for a double

Prasidh to Shaw, 1 bye

Shaw shuffles a fair away across off and searches for the scoop. Krishna aims for a yorker, but ends up firing a full-toss down the leg side

Prasidh to Shaw, (no ball)

on-pace bouncer, Shaw ducks under it. The no-ball siren goes off. Krishna has to re-bowl it. Morgan has a wry smile on his face

Prasidh to Shaw, no run

slower bouncer outside off from Krishna, Shaw ramps.. and misses

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