Barisal, Mar 24 - Mar 27 2006, National Cricket League
(32.4 ov, target 145)381 & 145/4
Barisal Div won by 6 wickets
player of the match
Hannan Sarkar
Barisal Division
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Scorecard summary
Chittagong266/10(69.3 overs)1st INNINGS
Barisal Division381/10(104.1 overs)1st INNINGS
Hannan Sarkar121 (135)
Imran Ahmed85 (223)
Saju Datta4/50(21)
Dhiman Ghosh3/7(3.1)
Chittagong259/10(84 overs)2nd INNINGS
Barisal Division145/4(32.4 overs)2nd INNINGS
Match details
Barisal Divisional Stadium
TossBarisal Division, elected to field first
SeriesNational Cricket League
Player Of The Match
Hannan Sarkar
Hannan Sarkar
Match days - day match (4-day match)
First Class debut
Saju Datta
Saju Datta
Bangladesh Image
Abdul Ahad
Bangladesh Image
Showkatur Rahman
Match Referee
Bangladesh Image
Morshed Chowdhury
PointsBarisal Division 6, Chittagong Division 0