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England vs New Zealand, 2nd Test at Birmingham, ENG v NZ, Jun 10 2021 - Ball by Ball Commentary

2nd Test, Birmingham, June 10 - 13, 2021, New Zealand tour of England
303 & 122
(T:38) 388 & 41/2

New Zealand won by 8 wickets

NZ 2nd Innings
Full commentary

12.30pm: The Kiwis are parading the, er, LV= Insurance trophy on the outfield. It's been an emphatic series win for them. They are an easy side to like, though whether that assuages the pain for England, I don't know. Anyway, this was of course but an amuse bouche for the WTC final next week, and NZ will go into that in great heart, against the might of India, currently acclimatising down in Southampton. Valkerie Baynes' report will draw a line under things here, and there'll be more on the site shortly - England hand-wringing and NZ hossanahs - so stick around for that. From myself, Miller, Sid Monga and the scorers, Thilak and Chandan, it's been a pleasure as always. Thanks for your comments, we'll be back for more soon. Bye!

12.10pm: Time for the presentations, starting with Player of the Match, Matt Henry: "Yeah it's great, what a way to finish the series. Special shout out to the crowd, lot of Kiwi support out there as well, special to get a win like that. Incredible, they've come out in numbers, great energy and everyone embraced it. [County stints] Past experience here, and having an understanding of surfaces and how to go about your work, gives you confidence coming in. Really sound wicket days one and two, seemed to get a bit quicker and we knew it would be a new-ball wicket, because once people got adjusted it was tough work. We put that pressure on and got wickets in clumps. [Rare chance?] Easy to get motivated, playing Test cricket for NZ, every time you get that opportunity you enjoy it, want to go out and do your role. Knowing the series was on the line, doesn't get better, great to be on the right side of it."

Rory Burns is England's Player of the Series: "Disappointing from a team perspective, personally nice to get back in the side, get an opportunity and bat with nice rhythm. [NZ attack] They bowled well over the series, tested your defence. I was in good rhythm which allowed me to make good decisions, but they bowled well. [Method] Just try to find rhythm and stay as level as I can. You get a long time to bat and it's about replicating that. [Next up?] Time off, dad life and then back to the white-ball stuff with Surrey."

Devon Conway is NZ Player of the Series: [Think debut would go this well?] "Definitely not, very special feeling, winning in England for first time since 1999, take some time for that to sink in. It's been a good challenge, up the order is testing for me, awesome to bat with Tom and learning from him, enjoying it. [Test cricket?] Big step up, the mental side of it, you get challenged for long periods, coming up against likes of Broad and Anderson. But about process and taking each ball at a time. [Dismissal first innings] Knew he was out there, didn't think I'd hit it quite so well, got ahead of myself rather than playing on the ground but those are the learnings. [WTC final] Very excited, this is very good prep for us, the surfaces, the swing, the ball. All looking forward to it, great opportunity and everyone's very excited."

England captain Joe Root: "More than anything, it's what we can take from it. You can have bad sessions on occasion with the ball but you can't have a session like that with the bat. That's cost us, but throughout the game NZ outplayed us. If we lose quick wickets, how are we going to get through that [in future]? Mentally we have to make sure we're resilient and we manage passages of play better. It's the learnings from watching the opposition, using the experience in the dressing room, and trying to make sure when you're in the same situation to don't make the same mistakes. [County game preparing players?] You can look for excuses but NZ outplayed us, they played good cricket and we've not matched that. We know we're better than this, we've had games under our belt, you can't replicate that in the nets. But in a Test match environment you have to manage the challenges that represents as well. [Lord's final day?] Don't think we'd have done that differently, felt like a real challenge on that surface to score quickly. [T20?] Free the mind, look at the game in different context, it can liberate you, chance to go back into a different format and find rhythm. You can never beat wickets and runs. [Crowd] Everywhere we go, we're blessed by brilliant fans, feels like a 12th man and disappointing we've not given them the result."

NZ captain Tom Latham: "Great to have that performance, through the four days it was outstanding, with a few changes, everyone came out and did their roles, complete team performance. Fantastic for the depth of NZ cricket, all the guys have played Test cricket before, guys coming in and playing to the best of their ability - guys like Will Young who haven't had huge opportunity, to stand up was outstanding. Experience over here helped, trying to keep things nice and simple and continue the brand we've been playing. [England?] Fantastic attack, lot of wickets among them, we played them really well on surfaces we weren't expecting at Lord's and here, thought we adapted well. [Captaincy?] Great, love captaining this side, it's a real honour, there's a lot of leadership among the group to lean on. [Rest before WTC final] Great to put the feet up for a day, big challenge coming up but looking forward to celebrating, haven't won here since 1999, so celebrate tonight and then look forward. Great support from Kiwis, the English and also back home. Atmosphere was amazing."

12pm: A fine, fine display from the tourists, who were the better side at Lord's, made six changes to the XI here - and promptly proved even more dominant by dispatching England in three-and-a-bit days. Tom Latham, standing in for Kane Williamson as captain, seals the result by scoring the winning runs and then walks off the begin the celebrations with his team-mates. This series has been the perfect warm-up for their WTC final engagement with India, with performances from a host of players, not least Devon Conway, who averages 76.50 after two Tests, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor and the returning Trent Boult. They've also extended their mastery over England, who haven't managed to beat NZ in their last seven Tests going back to 2015. NZ wrap up a first series win on these shores since 1999 - and while there's nothing like the same sense of embarrassment for England, there'll be a similar inquest. First home defeat under Joe Root, ending a seven-year unbeaten run going back to Sri Lanka's 2014 success.

Here's Roger: "Henry for MoM? And no spot for him in next Test. Sad."

"Had it not been for the washed out day three at Lord's, this series could very well have turned into a 'Kiwi-Wash' for England." Sukrit Gupta is not wrong

"And because less than 15 overs were bowled all the crowd will get their money back!" The silver lining right there, Michael

"NZ now ranked number 1 in test and ODI, and 3 in T20 cricket," says Anthony. "They're a good outfit." He's not wrong either. Little psychological blow struck by pinching India's No1 Test ranking days before the WTC final, too?

Wood to Latham, FOUR runs

short of a length, Latham opens the face and steers to third man - NZ win by eight wickets and take the series 1-0!

"New Zealand ever respectful and humble haven't hit England all around the ground!" Killing them with kindness, Robert

Wood to Latham, no run

good length outside off, 90mph/145kph... Latham shoulders arms

Wood to Latham, FOUR runs

gets too straight this time, 89mph/144kph, crunched through square leg! Whippage off the pads, and NZ are on the brink

Wood to Latham, no run

length ball, arrowing in on the stumps, blocked towards mid-on

Wood to Latham, no run

flung down wide of the stumps and Latham misses with a loose prod

Mark Wood on at the other end

end of over 105 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 33/2CRR: 3.30 
Tom Latham15 (27b 1x4)
Olly Stone 1-0-5-1
James Anderson 5-1-11-0

Out comes Ross Taylor, five more needed. "Don't take me home!" sing the crowd. They're going to have to find somewhere else to get their refreshments soon

Stone to Young, OUT

dragged on! Stone picks up a bonus wicket, as Young throws the hands through a drive. Thick inside edge and off stump is rocked back... Young visibly chastising himself as he walks off, he wanted to be out there when the winning runs were hit

Will Young b Stone 8 (31b 1x4 0x6 37m) SR: 25.8
Stone to Young, no run

good length, foot or two outside off, left alone

Stone to Young, FOUR runs

back of a length, width on offer again and Young slaps it through backward point for four! Almost home and hosed

James B: "England should put on an inter squad ODI as an apology to all the fans who paid for tickets and turned up today." At least that way England would be guaranteed to be on the winning side, I suppose

Stone to Young, no run

plugging away on a wide line, Young watches it through

Stone to Young, no run

length ball, not doing much off the straight, left alone

Requirement into single figures now

Stone to Latham, 1 run

short of a length on the hip, 78mph/126kph loosener and Latham tucks it behind square

NZ 10 runs away, Olly Stone comes on to stretch those lanky arms and legs out...

end of over 91 run
NZ: 28/1CRR: 3.11 
Will Young4 (26b)
Tom Latham14 (26b 1x4)
James Anderson 5-1-11-0
Stuart Broad 4-1-13-1
Anderson to Young, no run

short of a length outside off and Young has a flash at this, under-edged towards the cordon

"People are gearing up for WTC final. Sorry to say but the match is going to be heavily affected by rain. The weather forecast for the coming weekend doesn't look promising." You're right, Manish, it's not great. But you can never trust weather forecasts - just ask Michael Fish

Anderson to Young, no run

defended on off stump

Anderson to Young, no run

touch back of a length, prodded down into the on side, bottom hand coming off

Anderson to Young, no run

shortish, 82mph/132kph, zipping in on fourth stump, Young chops down on it

Anderson to Young, no run

back of a length, angling in on the hip and tucked square

Anderson to Latham, 1 run

make that 103... Latham dabs this down into the cover point region, and they trot through

end of over 86 runs
NZ: 27/1CRR: 3.37 
Will Young4 (21b)
Tom Latham13 (25b 1x4)
Stuart Broad 4-1-13-1
James Anderson 4-1-10-0

This is from our stats man, Sampath: Tom Latham has scored 102 runs in Tests against James Anderson, but is yet to be dismissed. Only Gary Kirsten (111) has currently scored more runs off Anderson without being dismissed

Broad to Young, no run

length in the corridor, 84mph/136kph, threatening to come back in, but the line was wide

Broad to Young, no run

fullish and patted back towards mid-off

Broad to Latham, (no ball) 1 run

pitched up and punched towards mid-on, this could be tight...! But Wood's fizzed underarm throw misses! Gasps around the ground. Broad has also given up one more for a no-ball