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1st ODI (D/N), Birmingham, June 09, 2015, New Zealand tour of England
(31.1/50 ov, T:409) 198

England won by 210 runs

Player Of The Match
129 (77)
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A superb day for England and they will hope to carry this start through the rest of the series. Five matches and the next coming up on Friday at The Oval, another day-nighter, 1pm BST start, so join us then. From Monty and myself Alex Winter, it's bye for now...

The Man of the Match goes to Jos Buttler for his outrageous ton in 66 balls: "With 400 on the board we could be really attacking, the pressure was on them and to win by such a margin gives everyone a boost of confidence moving forward. There was a game within a game at 200 for 6, Brendon used his front-line bowlers at that stage but we got through it and cashed in during the last ten. But to be in that position after 30 overs is credit to the way we played up top, Joe in particular. Adil bowled fantastically well, I always felt in the game, he bowled with great control and enjoyed some attacking fields."

Victorious captain Eoin Morgan: "The guys were outstanding today and considering what we asked the guys to do two days ago we have certainly started well. I'm surprised it's happened so quickly but given that we have two or three new faces I thought we were brilliant. Joe was brilliant and then Jos was unbelievable. The closer we can get to this performance today on a regular basis now, the better we become. The comeback for Adil is nice, it was ideal for him having 400 on the board, he turns it both ways and is a very valuable asset. The guys executed really well today and I thought they were brilliant today. You can look back and wonder about the World Cup but today I'm looking forward and I'm really excited. The more games we can get into the young guys before now the next World Cup the better we'll become. Jason and Sam are the calibre of athlete we want in our team but it's going to take some time for them to set in."

New Zealand will surely just shrug this off as a bad day. They did this to England at the Ageas Bowl two years ago remember. Let's hear what Brendon McCullum has to say: "It was good after the first ball but then there were two outstanding performances so credit to England they blew us off the park. I probably got it wrong at the toss, it didn't swing and the ball held up a bit in the second innings but don't take anything away from England it was a complete performance. We did really way to get back in the game taking wickets, at 200 for 6 and we felt like we could chase 250-300 but that seventh wicket played with no fear and it's tough when guys get in like that and we need to get better with the ball and stronger in our plans. We knew England would play positively but didn't expect 400! They just kept coming at us. We knew we had to hold firm and keep taking wickets but the game just got away from us. Tim Southee should be fine for the next match, he came up a bit sore after the Tests."

This is your blueprint ODI really. England went at it from ball one (despite losing Jason Roy first ball!). Joe Root set the tone and made a fine century but after he went and England wobbled, Jos Buttler took over with a scintillating innings that wowed the audience. A world record seventh-wicket stand took England to their first total over 400. There was also an important innings for Eoin Morgan, England's captain under pressure, and a pleasant knock from Adil Rashid who has backed up those runs with four wickets. Steven Finn also atoning for his hammering by New Zealand at the World Cup with a nice spell of his own. All in all, just so much better from England and they will be hoping a sign of things to come.

And there we have it, new era anyone? England win here by 210 runs, their highest runs victory in an ODI. It has been a brilliant performance, fearless batting, a record ODI total and then backed up with a smart bowling performance to see off New Zealand pretty quickly. The World Cup finalists beaten at their own game here. England coming out with a blitz with the bat and dominating the game. A superb display from the hosts and a great confidence boost for them as they try to move their one-day cricket forward after such a miserable time over the past year or so.

Jordan to McClenaghan, OUT

full just outside off, McClenaghan swings at this and gets it in the air out to deep midwicket who takes the catch! And England have wrapped up a mighty victory here. Hiding to nothing for McClenaghan, taking a swing, getting it off a thickish inside edge and Hales took the catch a yard in from the rope in front of a joyous Eric Hollies Stand

Mitchell McClenaghan c Hales b Jordan 2 (14m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100

Finally a change a the City End and it's Chris Jordan into the attack...

end of over 311 run • 1 wicket
NZ: 198/9CRR: 6.38 RRR: 11.10
Mitchell McClenaghan2 (1)
Steven Finn 7-1-35-4
Adil Rashid 10-0-55-4

The end is neigh, as is a thumping win for England...

Finn to McCullum, OUT

fuller length, pushed at just outside off and edged to second slip! A dolly, especially for Jordan, although he did actually slip this slightly but held on either way. Another for Finn who has enjoyed a good day. Goes fuller, bringing the batsman forward, he was a touch late on the stroke and got a thick edge straight to the fielder at waist height

Nathan McCullum c Jordan b Finn 5 (22m 10b 1x4 0x6) SR: 50
Finn to McCullum, no run

back on a fourth-stump line, this is pressed out to extra-cover

Finn to McCullum, 1 wide

full ball slips down the leg side

Change of bat for McCullum and they're going to take a drink too...

Finn to McCullum, no run

tad shorter, forced out into the covers up on his toes

Finn to McCullum, no run

similar area, dabbed up back to the bowler from the crease

Finn to McCullum, no run

this is at the stumps, blocked out from the crease into the covers

Bowl at the stumps here surely...

Finn to McCullum, no run

full just outside off, swing and a miss

Alex Winter back with you, this shouldn't last too much longer...

end of over 307 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 197/8CRR: 6.56 RRR: 10.60
Mitchell McClenaghan2 (1)
Nathan McCullum5 (4)
Adil Rashid 10-0-55-4
Steven Finn 6-1-34-3

A fine spell from Adil Rashid, just improving England's day, first England legger to take four wickets in an ODI...

Rashid to McClenaghan, 2 runs

low full toss, clipped out through midwicket

Rashid to Henry, OUT

googly into the front pad, beats the inside edge, appeal for lbw and given out! No reviews left so Henry has to go and another change-up has worked. This has spun quite a long way but is perhaps going down? Either way the umpire gave it out so bye bye Henry and New Zealand are sinking quickly here. Hawk Eye indeed had that sliding down leg

Matt Henry lbw b Rashid 0 (8m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Rashid to McCullum, 1 run

throws the hands at this outside off, wild outside edge but it lands short of backward point

Rashid to McCullum, no run

straighter line, McCullum across his stumps tucking this up on the leg side

Rashid to McCullum, FOUR runs

low full toss just outside off, this is driven past mid-off

Rashid to McCullum, no run

tossed up wide of off stump, this spins away but is left alone

Here's the hat-trick ball...

end of over 295 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 190/7CRR: 6.55 RRR: 10.42
Matt Henry0 (4)
Nathan McCullum0 (0)
Steven Finn 6-1-34-3
Adil Rashid 9-0-48-3
Finn to Henry, no run

tad fuller and this is played forward and defended

Finn to Henry, no run

length ball just outside off, Henry tries to force away on the off side from the crease and misses

Finn to Henry, no run

back of a length, pokes at it and gets an inside edge down on to his pads

Finn to Henry, no run

bouncer, outside off stump, Henry pulls and misses

Matt Henry, who knows how to swing 'em for six, as we found out during the Tests, is in at No. 9

Finn to Taylor, OUT

full and straight again, Taylor plays across the line, misses... and this time Finn's appeal succeeds! Taylor review, which he has to as the last recognised batsman, but loses a tight call on the DRS, with Hawk-Eye saying it would have just clipped leg. So England get the man they wanted, NZ seven down now and in need of miracles (plural)

Ross Taylor lbw b Finn 57 (100m 54b 5x4 1x6) SR: 105.55
Finn to Taylor, 1 wide

fired down the leg side, this one's wide

Finn to Taylor, 4 leg byes

pitched up, towards leg stump and Taylor is flicked on the pad, Finn appeals for lbw but was heading down... and the ball heads down to long leg

Steven Finn replaces Stokes

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