1st Test, Abu Dhabi, September 28 - October 02, 2017, Pakistan tour of United Arab Emirates
419 & 138
(T:136) 422 & 114

Sri Lanka won by 21 runs

Player Of The Match
5/93 & 6/43
PAK 2nd Innings
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4:43pm What a Test. Take your time and mend your hearts before the next one. It'll be a day-night fixture. And Pakistan will come out strong. They need to level this series. Thanks for joining Sreshth and me for all five days of this game. We hope you enjoyed it - see you!

Dinesh Chandimal: We are over the moon. We have waited for this win and it has finally come. Credit to the guys, they've worked really hard before the match. The management and selectors gave us a lot of confidence too. It's difficult, especially in this heat. Credit goes to people like Dickwella and Karunaratne. Dickwella was unbelievable in the second innings, he got us to the 140 mark. We knew once we got that much, we have our legend (Herath) here. We knew if there were a couple of early wickets, we would do well. Credit to the bowlers who put their heart and soul. It took me a long time (to make runs), but that is how you play on this pitch and I'm happy.

Sarfaraz Ahmed: This is part of the game but I'm very disappointed because we had recovered really well in this game. We should have won this. We have a few issues, especially in the fifth day when we come under pressure. Some things have to change, we needed a partnership and didn't get one. Haris Sohail played really well. It's not easy to come back like he did. We'll try and bounce back in the next game. Our batsmen played well but they didn't play long innings. If we do that, we'll do well.

Rangana Herath: I have no idea (why he takes wickets against Pakistan). I've played nearly 20 tests, maybe that's why. Actually I am ageing and when you get old, you feel soreness. I was so happy with the remarkable achievement (400 wickets). All credit should go to the people behind me, from my parents to the team and the supporting staff.
There was some assistance from the surface. There was something for the spinners

Rangana Herath is the Man of the Match.

4:18pm Subdued now, Sri Lanka. The faux celebration might have played a part in that. But now they know for sure. They haven't had a victory in a long, long time. But they've pulled it off here. What a game. A grind for the first three days. A big century from Chandimal kept them in this after a poor start to the game. It was slow, it was painful at times, but it set everything up. Pakistan were good in their first innings too after struggling. They should never have got the lead, but their debutant and a flambouyant fast bowler grabbed it for them. Only to be undone by Sri Lanka's ninth-wicket stand this morning - how crucial was that? You have Herath, but you've got to give him something. And 136 was enough. Superb stuff from the legend. First left-arm spinner to get 400 wickets in Tests.

Herath to Abbas, OUT

this has to be out, surely! Lbw appeal, given out. Arm ball, length at off stump. He looks to cut it and misses by a long way. Reviewed, of course....but no chance. Nowhere near bat, and definitely smashing into the off stump. Pakistan's first loss in Abu Dhabi is sealed by their chief tormenter Rangana Herath. It's also his 400th wicket.

Mohammad Abbas lbw b Herath 0 (12m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Herath to Abbas, no run

full at middle stump, pushed down the pitch

Herath to Abbas, no run

good length at middle stump, defended off the inside half

Herath to Abbas, no run

back of a length, at middle stump. watches it very closely as he defends on the back foot

Abbas. Slip, silly point, short leg

end of over 473 runs
PAK: 114/9CRR: 2.42 
Yasir Shah6 (29)
Mohammad Abbas0 (4)
Dilruwan Perera 18-4-46-3
Rangana Herath 21-4-43-5
Perera to Yasir Shah, no run

good length at middle stump, pushed to midwicket off the front foot

Perera to Yasir Shah, no run

steps out, reaches the pitch, hammers it hard. Back at the bowler

Perera to Yasir Shah, 2 runs

shot! Applause erupt in Abu Dhabi, in Pakistan's dressing room as Yasir drives this through the covers

Perera to Yasir Shah, (no ball)

is that it?! Short leg dives low to his right and holds on. Out says the umpire. They review it....he has overstepped! Sri Lanka had erupted in joy, Dickwella had ripped the stumps out. It was a length ball on middle, he pushes forward at it and got an inside edge. But it's a no-ball. What scenes! Mendis, the catcher even aped Hasan Ali's celebration!

Perera to Yasir Shah, no run

tossed up at middle stump. Steps down, flicks to short midwicket

Perera to Yasir Shah, no run

length, pushed through outside off. Defended into the off side

Perera to Yasir Shah, no run

good length at middle stump, looks to push forward and defend. Gets it off the inside edge. Dickwella at it again, no one else appeals

end of over 462 runs • 1 wicket
PAK: 111/9CRR: 2.41 
Mohammad Abbas0 (4)
Yasir Shah4 (22)
Rangana Herath 21-4-43-5
Dilruwan Perera 17-4-43-3

Nitin Mohite: "thanking ourselves as not belong from any of county playing this viewers this gone be hurt too one of the nation"

Herath to Abbas, no run

defends aerially but it's past silly point. Stretches forward and pokes at this full ball with hard hands

Herath to Abbas, no run

good length at off stump, defended into the off side

Herath to Abbas, no run

back of a length, coming in at off stump, spins rapidly past the outside edge

Herath to Abbas, no run

beats the outside edge. Full and drifting in at off stump, Abbas looks to block it, but he forget to put in a stride. Dickwella doesn't hold on

399 wickets for Herath

Herath to Amir, OUT

bowled him! What a ball! Oh this is stunning from Herath to pick up ten wickets in the match and it's his 100th against Pakistan. Thirty-nine years and 197 days old. How many batsmen he might have done this to - draws him in outside off stump. Come here, he says, as he loops it wide. Amir takes the bait. Pushes forward and takes his time with it, because this is tossed right up. But this is Rangana. He gets it to dip. Well before Amir's stride is in. There's a gap between bat and pad. Herath has made a career out of it. Through his defence and hits the top of off

Mohammad Amir b Herath 9 (27m 18b 1x4 0x6) SR: 50
Herath to Amir, 2 runs

good length, drifting away from off stump. Stretches forward and follows with his hands to dab this past first lip

end of over 45Maiden
PAK: 109/8CRR: 2.42 
Yasir Shah4 (22)
Mohammad Amir7 (16)
Dilruwan Perera 17-4-43-3
Rangana Herath 20-4-41-4

Sajid: "As a salesman weekend is the most important day for me but was not as fruitful as I expected so counting on Pakistan team to make it up on Monday afternoon ."

Jermaine: "For those whou don't have eyes on the game, Abbas looks a nervous wreck waiting to bat" --- Poor guy, they've been zooming in on him padded up throughout the game.

Perera to Yasir Shah, no run

length at off stump, comfortably defended on the front foot

Perera to Yasir Shah, no run

good length at off stump, pushes forward and dead-bats it down the pitch

Perera to Yasir Shah, no run

good length at off stump, pushed into the off side

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