New Zealand vs Pakistan, 4th T20I at Christchurch, NZ v PAK, Jan 19 2024 - Ball by Ball Commentary

4th T20I (N), Christchurch, January 19, 2024, Pakistan tour of New Zealand
(18.1/20 ov, T:159) 159/3

New Zealand won by 7 wickets (with 11 balls remaining)

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Shaheen Afridi, Pakistan Captain: I think they way Rizwan gave us the start, it was very good unfortunately we couldn't grab the opportunity in middle overs. I try to take wickets in the first over, I feel 170 was a good total on this pitch, if we grabbed our chances, we could have won this game

Mitchell Santer, New Zealand Captain: They have managed their chase extremely well like they always do, credit to Shaheen, he bowled amazingly upfront. We knew the new ball might do a little bit and that made it challenging up the top. For Phillips to come out and build a partnership like that and to finish it off we'll take that for sure. We were able claw back in the end, credit to JP and Daryl for the way they went about it, if you get used to the pace, you kind of cash in.

New Zealand register a comprehensive win after a stutter early on, as Shaheen Afridi snapped up three wickets in his opening burst. However, Daryl Mitchell and Glenn Phillips carried out great rebuilding work, navigating their way through choppy waters to emerge on top once again. Pakistan continues to struggle, facing the threat of a whitewash. Mohammad Nawaz couldn't match the quality of Mitchell Santner in the middle overs and a crucial chance was put down as well. There were far too many loose balls that released pressure at pivotal moments. Once again, Pakistan didn't get any substantial contributions from the middle order, and Mohammad Rizwan was the lone ranger who got Pakistan to a somewhat respectable score on this two-paced pitch. Considerable improvement from Pakistan in bowling, but still, plenty of gaps to fill in. They need a quality spinner in the middle overs to apply the squeeze, and the pacers need to fine-tune the execution of their change-up deliveries and yorkers. It has become a recurring issue for Pakistan to slip up from strong positions, let's see if they can get a consolation win on Sunday

Haris Rauf to Mitchell, FOUR runs

Placed and timed beautifully! Takes on the short ball and pulls it away with disdain to square leg boundary and finishes the game in style! New Zealand lead the series 4-0

end of over 1815 runs
NZ: 155/3CRR: 8.61 RRR: 2.00 • Need 4 runs from 12b
Daryl Mitchell68 (43b 6x4 2x6)
Glenn Phillips70 (52b 5x4 3x6)
Zaman Khan 4-0-30-0
Haris Rauf 3-0-25-0

Riaz Bangash : "PCB appoint Shaheen as a captain too early , Shaheen needs to groom "

Zaman Khan to Mitchell, 1 run

Breaks his wrists to hit a chip like shot to deep midwicket region, uses the depth of the crease, clears his front leg and seizes on the short ball angled into his body

Bash: "21 runs in 6.1 overs from Saim, Fakhar, Farhan and Iftikhar at run rate of 3.44 for 1/3rd of the innings tell the whole story about Pakistan batting power. No further comments"

Zaman Khan to Mitchell, no run

Good length wide of off, drags it across the line to short midwicket

Zaman Khan to Mitchell, SIX runs

New Zealand are in a hurry! Goes full on off, he clears his front leg and clubs it over deep midwicket to cause delirium in the stands! Terrific hit

Zaman Khan to Phillips, 1 run

Good length, holds its line on middle and leg, whipped away to square leg's left

Zaman Khan to Phillips, SIX runs

That is a staggering stroke! Short of a length on fourth stump line, he marvelously fashions a six, off the backfoot and clears cover, uses brute force in his wrists for half a dozen runs

Zaman Khan to Mitchell, 1 run

Fraction short and swaying across off, squirted away to backwad point

end of over 1715 runs
NZ: 140/3CRR: 8.23 RRR: 6.33 • Need 19 runs from 18b
Daryl Mitchell60 (39b 6x4 1x6)
Glenn Phillips63 (50b 5x4 2x6)
Haris Rauf 3-0-25-0
Shaheen Shah Afridi 4-0-34-3
Haris Rauf to Mitchell, 1 run

Brilliant yorker tailing in at off stump, driven down the ground past the bowler, New Zealand within a touching distance from another victory

Haris Rauf to Mitchell, 2 runs

Off-cutter on back of a length, picks it up and larrups it in the air, Ayub at deep midwicket cuts it off

Haris Rauf to Mitchell, FOUR runs

Kaboom! Mitchell goes big again! Gets right behind the line and again it's brutal treatment for Rauf. Pleasing on the eyes, beats long on

Haris Rauf to Phillips, 1 run

Goes full on off, pummels it through the line, Haris Rauf half-stops but it still trundles away to long off

Haris Rauf to Phillips, SIX runs

Picked the bones out of that! Dropped short on middle, off-cutter, connects sweetly and clears midwicket with ease

Haris Rauf to Mitchell, 1 run

short of a length nip-backer, cramped for room but got hold of it in the end and forces it down to square leg

end of over 1611 runs
NZ: 125/3CRR: 7.81 RRR: 8.50 • Need 34 runs from 24b
Glenn Phillips56 (48b 5x4 1x6)
Daryl Mitchell52 (35b 5x4 1x6)
Shaheen Shah Afridi 4-0-34-3
Zaman Khan 3-0-15-0
Shaheen Shah Afridi to Phillips, no run

Pinpoint accurate yorker in the blockhole, he digs it out back to the bowler

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Mitchell, 1 run

Fortune favours the brave! On a length just outside off, pumps it in the air and it falls short of the man at deep backward point region

Shoaib: "@Tariq the pitch for today's match and the one for the third match are completely different, so there is no way you can compare Finn and Rizwan's innings. The blame lies in the middle order, that's where the focus should be for Pakistan.

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Mitchell, SIX runs

Carted over deep backward square for six! Brings up his fifty in style. Short of a length, slightly leg-sidish, latches onto it in a jiffy and heaved over the top, clears the ropes

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Phillips, 1 run

Short of a length, outside off, rasped through backward point

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Phillips, 2 runs

Bashes length ball outside off to deep extra cover and picks up another couple

Dawood Mirza: "Pakistans fielding is costing them not just wickets, but confidence and morale as well. Whenever a catch goes up in the Air, the first thought by them is, I dont want to drop it, rather than, How can I catch it?"

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Mitchell, 1 run

Oh my goodness! Just lands away from Rizwan's grab. Short ball and he tries to scoop it, ball balloons up and evades the keeper

end of over 156 runs
NZ: 114/3CRR: 7.60 RRR: 9.00 • Need 45 runs from 30b
Daryl Mitchell44 (32b 5x4)
Glenn Phillips53 (45b 5x4 1x6)
Zaman Khan 3-0-15-0
Mohammad Nawaz 4-0-41-0
Zaman Khan to Mitchell, 1 run

Slow full toss on middle, bottom-wristed away to midwicket

Win Probability
NZ 100%
100%50%100%PAK InningsNZ Innings

Over 19 • NZ 159/3

New Zealand won by 7 wickets (with 11 balls remaining)
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