Final (N), Dubai (DSC), Feb 23 2016, Pakistan Super League
(18.4/20 ov)175/4
United won by 6 wickets (with 8 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
73 (51)
Player Of The Series
11 wkts • 329 runs

Time for the presentation:

Victorious captain Misbah-ul-Haq: The team gave a thoroughly professional performance. 174 is a big target in the final and Smith and Haddin didn't panic, they gave special performances. As we had planned we wanted a boundary in each over and they did it, especially with the short boundaries. They executed the plans very well, even the bowlers before that. Sometimes you need luck in cricket and all these players have been playing very well in international cricket. Spinners, youngsters, whoever got a chance proved with his performance. Hats off to the PCB. I have played many leagues and this was almost like international cricket. I want to thank the Islamabad management for trusting me and giving me the captaincy.

Misbah goes over and collects the PSL trophy, there are fireworks all over and he carries the trophy over towards the team in front of the 'Champions' board and the team is screaming its lungs out!

Quetta captain Sarfraz Ahmed: We tried our best and we scored as much as we wanted to but it was their day. If we had taken a catch or two things might have turned our way. It felt good that we played a match like this. We have gained a lot of learnings and confidence from this league.

Najam Sethi: Winning and losing is a part of game. It's a win for Pakistan after their long wait. The world is watching what Pakistani people are made of and what they can do. I'd like to thank all the Pakistani people and god that we got the opportunity to turn this dream into a reality. I promise you that inshallah with the same hard work that helped us host this league, we'll take it to Pakistan too.

Ravi Bopara is named the Most Valuable Player, it's received by KP.

And Dwayne Smith is named the Man of the Match: It was a good pitch and I said to myself just go there and back yourself. It's a very good group and I feel at home with everyone, and from the time I came here I saw that and I knew this team was going to win the tournament.

Umar Akmal is named the best fielder and best batsman of the tournament. Andre Russell takes the top wicket-taker trophy from Najam Sethi.

11.25pm Wasim Akram is not running in, he's clapping (almost in slow motion) with a beaming smile and walking onto the field, getting high-faves and handshakes from anyone and everyone! Islamabad get into a huddle and then exchange handshakes with the opponents. Dean Jones is hugged and lifted by the towering Irfan near the pitch!

Quetta Gladiators were the first ones to make it to the finals but it's Islamabad's recent form that proved to be too much. They lost half of their matches in the league stage, Quetta lost only two, and Islamabad have been unstoppable since then. Sami's wickets, Sharjeel's century and everything came together for them to win this title. They are now taking a lap of honour to thank the fans!

Akram: My voice is gone (laughs). I want to thank people back in Pakistan, especially my family. And thanks to Deano, he's been really good and a great mentor. Initially, everyone thought T20 was a young man's game but the way Smith and Haddin have played through the tournament was amazing. This is just the start of PSL, it's going to get better and better and better!

Russell: Winning has been following me, I've won three in a row now - Big Bash, BPL and now PSL. Once you're enjoying the game success is going to follow you. The only problem that I had, or a few others might have had, is the back-to-back games we had but we are athletes. I'm happy to work with Akram, we were together at KKR as well, and my bowling has improved. Sharjeel has all the shots and if he keeps improving, he will be one man to watch out for.

Sami: I'm very happy and it's unbelievable. It was the first PSL and you can see how happy the guys are. Our management gave me a lot of confidence that I was the main bowler. We were told that there would be the final pressure but just stick to the game plan.

Quetta's Cheema: Quetta played very well with crowd and management support. We played the best match of the tournament in the first playoff but Islamabad played very well today. Nawaz got the reward for his performances, he's going for the Asia Cup and World T20. Good luck to him. We tried our best and gave our 100%. Haddin and Smith played outstanding innings. PSL is a big hit. I'd like to congratulate the PCB and PSL, we enjoyed playing it and the crowd seemed to enjoy it too.

Dean Jones: Akram's an all-time great since I've been playing! I think we have a great squad and someone or the other out his hand up in every match.

Badree: we started really slowly and we really expressed ourselves tonight. I want to say a special thanks to the Pakistani fans, fans all over the world and in Dubai as well. We came from behind in many situations and that worked for us. Hopefully we can come back next year and defend the title.

Haddin: It's all worth it. Since I've retired it's helped me concentrate on one form of the game. You need a really good mix and we got that at the moment.

Haroon Memon: "Brilliant Perfomance From Islamabad United Team They Deserve That Victory Awesome Captincy From Misbah And Coches Wasim Akram & Dean Jones Done Nice Work Well Played Uniteds "

Zuhaib Afzal: "Amazing and wonderful three weeks of Pakistan cricket #PSLFinal"

zahid mahmood: "Appears that Misbah and Akram used Imran Khan's 1992 WC theory of cornered tigers to come from behind!"

Anwar Ali to Misbah, 1 run

tries the yorker, flicks it past midwicket and that's enough! The Islamabad squad runs onto the field, they are the inaugural PSL champions. Misbah hardly shows any emotions, but a smile, while completing the single, Haddin raises his bat in jubilation and takes his helmet off. Akram is jumping with joy beyond the boundary and Irfan runs in while throwing some energy drink bottles in the air with both hands! Misbah completes the run and finally pumps the air with a lunge!

All set for the captain to win the trophy! The Islamabad players are on their feet near the boundary

Anwar Ali to Haddin, 1 run

full and angling in, Haddin flicks it to short fine leg for a quick single

Mohammed Saheem: "Misbah has again proved that he is the best Pakistani captain now.." He comes out but Haddin is on strike

Anwar Ali to Khalid Latif, OUT

two runs to go and Khalid Latif top-edges a short ball to short fine leg for an easy catch

Khalid Latif c Zulfiqar Babar b Anwar Ali 16 (7b 3x4 0x6) SR: 228.57
Anwar Ali to Khalid Latif, FOUR runs

almost! Outside off and he smashes it to the cow corner with a lot of power for a one-bounce four!

Just six away now, Islamabad. One shot will do it?

Hasnain: "One gem of an innings from haddin!!"

end of over 1810 runs
IU: 169/3CRR: 9.38 RRR: 3.00
Brad Haddin60 (38)
Khalid Latif12 (5)
Zulfiqar Babar 4-0-41-1
Aizaz Cheema 4-0-34-1
Babar to Haddin, no run

comes down this time and it's in the block hole again, inside edge goes square on the leg side

Babar to Haddin, no run

right in the block hole and he blocks it back

Babar to Khalid Latif, 1 run

slams the fullish delivery towards long-off for one

Babar to Haddin, 1 leg bye

shuffles down and takes the ball on the pad outside off for a leg bye

The Islamabad dugout has started celebrating already

Babar to Haddin, 2 runs

comes down for the flighted full toss and drives that nicely to sweeper cover for two

Babar to Haddin, SIX runs

brings the RRR down further - goes down on a knee and sweeps that against the turn over the deep midwicket fielder for a clean six!

Required run rate under six per over now

end of over 1712 runs • 1 wicket
IU: 159/3CRR: 9.35 RRR: 5.33
Khalid Latif11 (4)
Brad Haddin52 (33)
Aizaz Cheema 4-0-34-1
Zulfiqar Babar 3-0-32-1
Cheema to Khalid Latif, FOUR runs

smashed through the covers for four! Too full, too much room and Latif drove that firmly

Cheema to Khalid Latif, 2 runs

slower one from back of length outside off, heaved towards deep midwicket for two more

Cheema to Khalid Latif, FOUR runs

short and straight, Latif stands tall and slaps it back over the bowler's head. He's hit it with so much power that it beats long on and long off too

Cheema to Haddin, 1 run

taps the full and wide delivery to short third man for one

Cheema to Khalid Latif, 1 run

angling in, pushed down to long-on

Three down, can there be more wickets and twists? Latif comes out now

Cheema to Russell, OUT

inside edge onto the stumps, Russell is gone! He made some room and the ball angled, he slogged and the ball crashed into the stumps after an edge

Andre Russell b Aizaz Cheema 7 (3b 0x4 1x6) SR: 233.33

28 off 24. Russell and Haddin out there, here's Cheema

Nadeem Akhtar: "is this the thrill that was missing?"

Awais Khalid: "Some quick wickets can turn it around very quickly "

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