Group A, North Sound, Feb 4 2017, West Indies Cricket Board Regional Super50
(40.2/50 ov, target 208)210/5
Windward Is won by 5 wickets (with 58 balls remaining)
player of the match
Shane Shillingford
Windward Islands
West Indies Under-19s INNINGS (50 overs maximum)
Shian Brathwaite  b Shillingford4260883270.00
Matthew Patrick c †Ambris b Shillingford45911192149.45
Bhaskar Yadram c & b Sebastien81091080.00
Emmanuel Stewart (c)†c †Ambris b Shillingford310120030.00
Shamar Springer c Sebastien b Mayers2946650163.04
Kirstan Kallicharan c †Ambris b Mayers2435323068.57
Keemo Paul c †Ambris b Mayers032000.00
Joshua Bishop c & b Mayers1114130178.57
Mikyle Louis not out 913310069.23
Javier Spencer  b Williams2660033.33
Obed McCoy not out 1215150080.00
Extras(w 22)22
TOTAL(50 Ov, RR: 4.14)207/9
Fall of wickets: 1-88 (Shian Brathwaite), 2-99 (Bhaskar Yadram), 3-107 (Emmanuel Stewart), 4-113 (Matthew Patrick), 5-160 (Kirstan Kallicharan), 6-160 (Keemo Paul), 7-177 (Joshua Bishop), 8-186 (Shamar Springer), 9-189 (Javier Spencer)
Mervin Matthew502505.00---40
Kyle Mayers1003843.80---10
Kesrick Williams904414.88---40
Kavem Hodge613806.33---00
Shane Shillingford1012232.20---00
Liam Sebastien1004014.00---50
Windward Islands INNINGS (target: 208 runs from 50 overs)
Johnson Charles c Bishop b Louis4152625178.84
Tyrone Theophile  b Paul1920324095.00
Devon Smith c Springer b Bishop1215232080.00
Andre Fletcher c †Stewart b Louis1331261041.93
Sunil Ambris not out 6778906085.89
Kavem Hodge c Brathwaite b Patrick1933450057.57
Shane Shillingford not out 25162312156.25
Extras(b 4, nb 3, w 7)14
TOTAL(40.2 Ov, RR: 5.20)210/5
Fall of wickets: 1-43 (Tyrone Theophile), 2-76 (Devon Smith), 3-82 (Johnson Charles), 4-106 (Andre Fletcher), 5-168 (Kavem Hodge)
Obed McCoy302207.33---12
Keemo Paul805216.50---31
Joshua Bishop1013613.60---20
Mikyle Louis9.204524.82---00
Kirstan Kallicharan301404.66---00
Bhaskar Yadram201407.00---00
Javier Spencer301505.00---00
Matthew Patrick20814.00---10
Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, North Sound, Antigua
TossWindward Islands, elected to field first
SeriesWest Indies Cricket Board Regional Super50
Player Of The Match
Shane Shillingford
Hours of play (local time)09:00 start, Frist Session 09.00-12.30, Interval 12:30-13.15, Second Session 13.15-16.45
Match days04 February 2017 - day(50-over match)
West Indies Image
Chris Wright
West Indies Image
Verdayne Smith
Match Referee
West Indies Image
Vanroy Burnes
PointsWindward Islands 4, West Indies Under-19s 0