Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh, 1st T20I at Colombo, , Apr 04 2017 - Full Scorecard

1st T20I (N), Colombo (RPS), April 04, 2017, Bangladesh tour of Sri Lanka
(18.5/20 ov, T:156) 158/4

Sri Lanka won by 6 wickets (with 7 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
77 (53)
Bangladesh Innings
Sri Lanka Innings
Match Flow
Bangladesh  (20 ovs maximum)
b Malinga02-000.00
c NLTC Perera b Sanjaya2920-31145.00
run out (Prasanna)1614-20114.28
b Gunaratne89-1088.88
c Gunaratne b Prasanna1115-0073.33
not out 3430-30113.33
b Malinga3126-30119.23
not out 95-10180.00
Extras(lb 6, nb 1, w 10)17
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 7.75)155/6
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Tamim Iqbal, 0.2 ov), 2-57 (Sabbir Rahman, 5.1 ov), 3-57 (Soumya Sarkar, 5.5 ov), 4-70 (Mushfiqur Rahim, 8.2 ov), 5-82 (Shakib Al Hasan, 11.1 ov), 6-139 (Mahmudullah, 18.1 ov)
0.2 to Tamim Iqbal, and that's SL's first. Full and swinging in prodigiously. It was closer to the feet so Tamim was hustled for pace too. Swung back in the air by a stump or two. Tamim struggles to get his feet out the way and the ball sneaks between bat and pad to hit middle and leg stump. Malinga is elated.. 0/1
18.1 to Mahmudullah, Malinga's fantastic again in execution. Follows Mahmudullah, who backs away. It's a yorker. mahmudullah tries to do something but carves a guide straight into his middle stump. Just couldn't do much with that.. 139/6
5.5 to Soumya Sarkar, Bangladesh lose another. They're falling away. Is that a wise decision? It was good thinking but awful execution. The slower delivery on leg, Sarkar backs away and looks to hit the ball over mid-off, but can only skew the ball down the throat of long-on. He's thrown away a fantastic chance.. 57/3
8.2 to Mushfiqur Rahim, misses his shot and is bowled. Another poor shot from Mushfiqur. A slow delivery on off, offcutter. Gets low, looks to paddle a sweep over the keeper but misses the straight delivery. It knocks into off stump. Not an 8.2 overs shot.. 70/4
11.1 to Shakib Al Hasan, one more. Bangladesh stumbling along. A full delivery from Prasanna. Shakib tries to hit the ball through cover, but can only skew the ball off the outside half to point. No timing at all.. 82/5
Sri Lanka  (T: 156 runs from 20 ovs)
c Soumya Sarkar b Taskin Ahmed7753-91145.28
c Mustafizur Rahman b Mashrafe Mortaza2423-40104.34
c & b Mashrafe Mortaza86-10133.33
run out (Sabbir Rahman)1718-1094.44
not out 2212-12183.33
not out 41-10400.00
Extras(lb 4, w 2)6
TOTAL18.5 Ov (RR: 8.38)158/4
Fall of wickets: 1-65 (Upul Tharanga, 6.5 ov), 2-79 (Dilshan Munaweera, 8.4 ov), 3-120 (Asela Gunaratne, 15.3 ov), 4-147 (Kusal Perera, 18.1 ov)
18.1 to MDKJ Perera, taken. Good bowling from Taskin. Back o a length on middle, Kusal backs away, looks to hit the ball straight but can only lob the ball to Soumya at mid-off. One of a very few deliveries Kusal has mis-timed. A special innings from Kusal.. 147/4
6.5 to WU Tharanga, Tharanga picks out short third man. Good length delivery outside off, gets some lift from the pitch. Tharanga can't keep his guide down. Picks out Mustafizur who dives forward and takes a neat catch. Too late?. 65/1
8.4 to EMDY Munaweera, a soft dismissal. Slower delivery again from Mortaza, Munaweera backs away and chips a simple return catch to Mortaza. Caught in two minds because of that wily line and length. Followed Munaweera, cramped him for room. 79/2
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  • Bangladesh innings
  • Rain: Bangladesh - 0/0
  • Powerplay: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 58 runs, 3 wickets)
  • Bangladesh: 50 runs in 4.3 overs (28 balls), Extras 12
  • 2nd Wicket: 50 runs in 26 balls (Soumya Sarkar 23, Sabbir Rahman 15, Ex 12)
  • Bangladesh: 100 runs in 13.6 overs (85 balls), Extras 14
  • 6th Wicket: 50 runs in 36 balls (Mosaddek Hossain 18, Mahmudullah 29, Ex 3)
  • Bangladesh: 150 runs in 19.4 overs (119 balls), Extras 17
  • Innings Break: Bangladesh - 155/6 in 20.0 overs (Mosaddek Hossain 34, Mashrafe Mortaza 9)
  • Sri Lanka innings
  • Powerplay: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 57 runs, 0 wicket)
  • Sri Lanka: 50 runs in 5.5 overs (35 balls), Extras 5
  • 1st Wicket: 50 runs in 35 balls (MDKJ Perera 25, WU Tharanga 23, Ex 5)
  • MDKJ Perera: 50 off 31 balls (6 x 4, 1 x 6)
  • Sri Lanka: 100 runs in 11.5 overs (71 balls), Extras 6
  • Sri Lanka: 150 runs in 18.3 overs (111 balls), Extras 6
R Premadasa Stadium, Colombo
TossBangladesh, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Series resultSri Lanka led the 2-match series 1-0
Match numberT20I no. 606
Hours of play (local time)19.00 start, First Session 19.00-20.20, Interval 20.20-20.40, Second Session 20.40-22.00
Match days04 April 2017 - night (20-over match)
T20I debut
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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