3rd T20I, Southampton, July 31, 2022, South Africa tour of England
(16.4/20 ov, T:192) 101

South Africa won by 90 runs

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For now though, the action moves from international to The Hundred which starts on the 3rd of August. You can catch the action from there on ESPNcricinfo. On that note, it's goodbye from me, Ekanth, my co-commentator, Alan Gardner, and our scorer, M Venkat Raghav.

At the start of the English summer, the bets would have been on the lines of the LOI sides being on top and the Test team finding it difficult. But things have gone the other way. The last time England didn't win a home limited-overs series in a calendar year, Sampath points out, was in 2013, when they hosted and lost 2 ODI series, 2 T20I series and the Champions Trophy. But the way they lost today, as Buttler noted, was disappointing. For South Africa though, improvement has been incremental and assuring. The traffic-filled road to the T20 World Cup is shaping up and these two teams are looking to find a way through.

Nazim : "This South African team is balanced. Their combination is excellent. Miller captain T20I is nice. Perfect man for captaining in T20I."

David Miller, South Africa Captain: It's a privilege to play my 100th game. Our openers were phenomenal on a tough wicket, they got us to a good start. We showed good intensity and intent. We quickly came back from the first game. Our bounce-back-ability was good to level the series and now win it. We often judge a team by our fielding performances and are happy with how we performed today. Stubbs has improved in domestic cricket, but to do it in the way he did at the international level was very good. The World Cup will be challenging but we have learnt a lot from our process from the last 18 months. The character, the way to win, guys putting up their hands is what we want.

Jos Buttler, England Captain: I thought 190 was a good score but was confident as we want to challenge ourselves. But the way we lost was disappointing. I think we lacked intent. They played well and got a good score, we did not put them under pressure and wrestle initiative. That has been a theme through white-ball the summer and it helps us realise where we are and be honest, reflect on it, we haven't performed well and what we need to do is get better, find out how we move forward as a team and get back to the style we like. I don't think the losses have clouded the issue with the world cup coming as we have gone through changes in leadership and personnel. It's not for the lack of trying. We have time to go away and we have a big tournament on the horizon. So that should bring back excitement. The (bilateral) T20 series in Australia should be when we need to be settled and ready for the tournament.

Reeza Hendricks, POTS: I am very happy with the performance and to have contributed. Was well supported by Aiden and Rilee. It was a good team performance. Everytime you step on, you want to score runs. There are a lot of guys on the sideline, so the competition is massive. So you want to stamp your mark when you get a chance. It was a tricky wicket but I was well supported and thought 190 was a good score. The last match's performance was one to forget. The drop cost us the game but it's nice to do well today.

Tabraiz Shamsi, POTM: Credit to the batters, guys who bowled before me were unbelievable. We did really well as a unit. The bigger boundaries help. It was a pounding before to put it lightly. But it was good to comeback. My wife says I should get 4 in every T20 as if it's like getting it at a supermarket but it was fun to do it this time.

Moeen Ali, Player of the Summer: I'm playing decently but it's not a high-point for the side. It was nice to get a 17-ball 50 in Bristol. That was a highlight. Jos, as a captain, wanted us to take responsibility. My job was to be a floater, be aggressive but it did not come off.

Sreenivasan K: "Again, number games: England played exactly 100 balls, scored 101 runs" Good spot.

5:57 pm: Jonny Bairstow struggled, that's how bad it was for England! South African fielders are in smiles and celebrate heartily as Buttler walks in with sombre contemplation as he walks out to shake hands. England got a wicket-maiden in the first innings and couldn't show up since. With the bat, they had a quiet powerplay. Buttler and Roy could not get gong, they went away. Apart from Bairstow, all specialist batters or allrounders coming after him ended with single-figure scores. All Bairstow could do was watch the wickets tumble at the other end. Shamsi tore apart the middle and lower orders after Maharaj, Nortje, and Ngidi kept things tight up top. There wasn't much of a plot to this car crash. All one can invoke is tamasha that Alan used in the build-up to refer to the jam-packed schedule. But the best England can do is forget this and as Afeef says: "Hey-ho, onto The Hundred we go!"

Maharaj to Bairstow, OUT

Slog-sweep, top-edge, catch taken! South Africa complete a 90-run drubbing as Bairstow fails to connect with the full ball. It went up and was taken at deep-midwicket.

Jonny Bairstow c Miller b Maharaj 27 (30b 2x4 0x6 57m) SR: 90
Maharaj to Bairstow, FOUR runs

Slog swept, not off the middle. But it finds the gap through deep square. It went along the ground and beat the fielder running to his left.

Maharaj to Bairstow, no run

Down the track, tries to slog it to the leg side. Inside edges on to pad. Falls in front.

Maharaj to Bairstow, no run

Pulls a slow, length ball to deep square. Single denied.

end of over 166 runs • 2 wickets
ENG: 97/9CRR: 6.06 RRR: 23.75 • Need 95 runs from 24b
Jonny Bairstow23 (26b 1x4)
Tabraiz Shamsi 4-0-24-5
Andile Phehlukwayo 4-0-23-1
Shamsi to Rashid, OUT

Shamsi has five as Rashid finds long-on! He's pumped, in inversely proportional levels to the quiet crowd He landed it slow on a length, Rashid made room and pulled it, it went off the bottom to Markram who ran in and took it at chest-height.

Adil Rashid c Markram b Shamsi 0 (2b 0x4 0x6 4m) SR: 0
Shamsi to Rashid, no run

Down the track, tries to slog the full ball over midwicket. Misses, it hits the pad and rebounds towards point.

Can Shamsi get a fifer? Slip in

Shamsi has become South Africa's top wicket-taker in T20Is with that wicket

Shamsi to Jordan, OUT

Jordan's beaten on the flick, it hits him on the pad. Shamsi appeals enthusiastically. Given out, England review. It was on a length, Jordan went back and tried to flick it across the line, it hit him in front of leg and is just clipping leg. Jordan walks back.

Chris Jordan lbw b Shamsi 14 (9b 2x4 0x6 12m) SR: 155.55
Shamsi to Jordan, 2 runs

Full on middle, driven aerially to the outfield. Long-off stops it after a run to his left.

Shamsi to Jordan, FOUR runs

Beats a leaping Ngidi at short third and dribbles to the fence! This was full and outside off, Jordan slashed and it ballooned but was going back. Ngidi raced to his right but it was too far away.

Shamsi to Jordan, no run

Length on the stumps, punched back gently to the bowler.

Bairstow has not been trying to farm strike, maybe he sees this as a lost cause too.

end of over 159 runs
ENG: 91/7CRR: 6.06 RRR: 20.20 • Need 101 runs from 30b
Jonny Bairstow23 (26b 1x4)
Chris Jordan8 (5b 1x4)
Andile Phehlukwayo 4-0-23-1
Tabraiz Shamsi 3-0-18-3
Phehlukwayo to Bairstow, no run

Swing and a miss! The miss is for the off stump as much it is for the bat. It was on a length, Bairstow tried to pull it and missed.

Phehlukwayo to Jordan, 1 run

Makes room, clobbers a length ball on the stumps but off the bottom of the bat. It goes into ground at midwicket, just one.

Phehlukwayo to Jordan, 2 runs

Very low full toss outside off, driven to the gap at cover for one.

Phehlukwayo to Jordan, FOUR runs

Slashes, gets an edge. It goes over short third for four. Hits the deck on a back of length but offers room, Jordan swung hard, one hand came off but got enough bat to reap reward.

Phehlukwayo to Bairstow, 1 run

Close to, if not a yorker. At the stumps and it's whipped along the ground to deep square leg.

Phehlukwayo to Jordan, 1 leg bye

Length ball coming in, beats the flick. Big appeal for LBW, turned down. South Africa review Looked like the wobble ball, coming in and hit him in front of leg but was angling in. Hawk-Eye shows the impact was umpire's call and it came in further to miss leg. The ball went off the pad to the off side and they took a single.

end of over 149 runs • 2 wickets
ENG: 82/7CRR: 5.85 RRR: 18.33 • Need 110 runs from 36b
Jonny Bairstow22 (24b 1x4)
Chris Jordan1 (1b)
Tabraiz Shamsi 3-0-18-3
Andile Phehlukwayo 3-0-15-1

Sajeel Liaqat: "England incorporating white ball in red ball, red ball in white ball. Beautiful" Reiterating Alan's bucca... something point. Buccaneer, had that bookmarked fortunately.

Shamsi to Bairstow, 2 runs

Fullish on the stumps, flicked to the acreage at midwicket and they push for two.

Shamsi to Jordan, 1 run

Tossed up on off, it's too full and Jordan pushes it to long-off. Morgan is surprised on air that mid-off is not in.

Hat trick ball brings a slip and a leg slip.

Tiaan: "Willey save England? Clearly not..."

Shamsi to Willey, OUT

Two in two, Willey swipes and gets beaten. It hits top of middle! This was full, slow as has been the staple. It pitched on off, came in and beat the attempted slog sweep. Shamsi's on the run and punches the air as he celebrates vociferously.

David Willey b Shamsi 0 (1b 0x4 0x6 2m) SR: 0
Shamsi to Sam Curran, OUT

Slapped, finds long-off! This was slow and shortish too, Curran freed his arms and swung through, it got decent distance but only far enough for Markram at long-off to take it with fingers pointing up.

Sam Curran c Markram b Shamsi 9 (8b 0x4 1x6 9m) SR: 112.5
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Over 17 • ENG 101/10

Jonny Bairstow c Miller b Maharaj 27 (30b 2x4 0x6 57m) SR: 90
South Africa won by 90 runs
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