1st Test, Perth, Dec 17 - 21 2008, South Africa tour of Australia
375 & 319
(119.2 ov, target 414)281 & 414/4
South Africa won by 6 wickets
Player Of The Match
63 & 106

3.55 pm: South Africa have pulled off the second-highest run chase in Test history. Duminy and de Villiers are hugged by their team mates as they leave the ground. It's been a stupendous effort, beating Australia in Perth, chasing 413. They did it with six wickets in hand, Smith finally shows emotion and celebrates in the dressing room.

Smith led from the front with a gritty hundred, despite having some discomfort with his elbow. Amla and Kallis made useful contributions and the job was finished by de Villiers and Duminy. It was a comprehensive performance which blunted the Australian attack. Johnson apart, none of the other bowlers consistently troubled the batsmen.

Nine of the 25 highest run-chases have come after 2000. The most recent being India's 387 for 4 against England in Chennai.

Graeme Smith's fourth-innings average is third on the all-time list, next only to Boycott and Gavaskar. And his three centuries have all been in wins. Also check this link out, the highest fourth-innings averages in victories. Ponting and Smith are right up there and they are the only batsmen with three centuries.

AB de Villiers is the Man of the Match, beating the competition from Smith and Johnson. He scored 63 in the first innings, 106 not out in the second, took four catches (three of which were outstanding) and saved lots of runs at point and gully.

Right so South Africa are 1-0 up in the series. The next Test begins on Boxing Day in Melbourne. See you then!

Johnson to Duminy, 3 runs

the debutant does it! And reaches 50! He drives the full ball through cover and sprints one, returns for the second, and then races back for the third, he leaps in the air in celebration, what a terrific effort, that's the end of the match, Australia look a little shell-shocked

Johnson to Duminy, no run

good length ball on off stump, Duminy tries to drive but gets an inside edge on to pad

end of over 1198 runs
SA: 411/4CRR: 3.45 
Jean-Paul Duminy47 (117)
AB de Villiers106 (186)
Michael Clarke 8-0-35-0
Mitchell Johnson 34-5-95-3
Clarke to Duminy, 1 run

full ball on leg stump, driven off the front foot towards midwicket

Clarke to de Villiers, 1 run

make that four, de Villiers pushes the ball wide of Symonds at short fine leg

Clarke to de Villiers, 2 runs

de Villiers moves back and flicks the ball off his pads towards deep square, five needed now!

Clarke to de Villiers, no run

driven off the front foot towards the off side

Clarke to de Villiers, 4 byes

Clarke bowls a wide ball down leg side, Haddin misses the take and the ball runs down for four byes, only seven more to get now!

Clarke to de Villiers, no run

de Villiers moves forward and blocks Clarke with a straight bat

end of over 1185 runs
SA: 403/4CRR: 3.41 
Jean-Paul Duminy46 (116)
AB de Villiers103 (181)
Mitchell Johnson 34-5-95-3
Michael Clarke 7-0-31-0
Johnson to Duminy, no run

Johnson bowls full and straight, Duminy moves across and clips the ball towards midwicket

Johnson to Duminy, no run

full ball on middle and leg stump, flicked off the pads towards the fielder at backward square

Johnson to Duminy, no run

defended on the front foot towards point

Can Duminy also reach his fifty?

Johnson to de Villiers, 1 leg bye

de Villiers misses the leg glance but the ball hits his thigh pad and goes behind square

Johnson to de Villiers, no run

defended on the leg side

He isn't done yet, de Villiers wants to see this through. What a match he's had, he scored a fifty in the first innings and has also taken some terrific catches.

Johnson to de Villiers, FOUR runs

century no 7! Take a bow AB de Villiers! He reaches his century with a superb pull to the long leg boundary, he hit that all along the ground, the players in the dressing room rise to applaud a match-winning innings

de Villiers on 99, and on strike.

end of over 1173 runs
SA: 398/4CRR: 3.40 
Jean-Paul Duminy46 (113)
AB de Villiers99 (178)
Michael Clarke 7-0-31-0
Mitchell Johnson 33-5-91-3
Clarke to Duminy, 2 runs

Duminy leans right across his stumps and sweeps the ball from outside off towards long leg, he gets two and moves on to 46

Clarke to de Villiers, 1 run

de Villiers moves on to 99 with a gentle nudge towards cover point

Clarke to de Villiers, no run

driven gently back to the bowler

Clarke to de Villiers, no run

de Villiers defends watchfully once again

Clarke to de Villiers, no run

de Villiers moves forward and blocks

Clarke to de Villiers, no run

defended on the leg side on the front foot

de Villiers two short of a 100 ... Clarke will continue.