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2nd Test, Colombo (PSS), August 04 - 08, 2006, South Africa tour of Sri Lanka
361 & 311
(T:352) 321 & 352/9

Sri Lanka won by 1 wicket

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22 wkts
South Africa 1st Innings
Sri Lanka 1st Innings
South Africa 2nd Innings
Sri Lanka 2nd Innings
Match Flow
South Africa 1st Innings 
lbw b Vaas021000.00
c Dilshan b Malinga0916000.00
b Malinga1320352065.00
lbw b Muralidaran4047767085.10
c †HAPW Jayawardene b Muralidaran8614420713059.72
c †HAPW Jayawardene b Malinga9514118218067.37
b Muralidaran3241426078.04
not out 57701065281.42
c Sangakkara b Maharoof1123332047.82
c Jayasuriya b Muralidaran622240027.27
c Maharoof b Muralidaran1327353048.14
Extras(nb 8)8
TOTAL89.5 Ov (RR: 4.01, 383 Mins)361
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Herschelle Gibbs, 0.2 ov), 2-4 (Andrew Hall, 3.3 ov), 3-31 (Jacques Rudolph, 7.4 ov), 4-70 (Hashim Amla, 20.3 ov), 5-231 (Ashwell Prince, 57.2 ov), 6-256 (AB de Villiers, 64.6 ov), 7-273 (Mark Boucher, 67.1 ov), 8-307 (Nicky Boje, 74.6 ov), 9-327 (Dale Steyn, 81.1 ov), 10-361 (Makhaya Ntini, 89.5 ov)
0.2 to HH Gibbs, what a start! Vaas signals his return with a classic delivery, pitched on middle and off and shaping back into the right-hander, Gibbs pushes forward to defend but fails to make contact and is trapped stone dead. That was hitting middle and leg and umpire Bowden had no hesitation in raising his finger. 0/1
3.3 to AJ Hall, and the inevitable! another good length delivery, pitched close to the off stump line and slanting across the right-hander, once again Hall drives away from his body, and after 6 close misses he finally makes contact, Dilshan at second slip goes low down and snaffles it cleanly - South African two down and in deep trouble here.. 4/2
7.4 to JA Rudolph, Malinga strikes again! a classic round arm delivery, good length ball, pitched on and round the off stump line and slanting in with the arm - Rudolph was clueless, goes for the drive and the ball sneaks through the gap between bat and pad. Off stump is pegged back and that's a massive wicket.. 31/3
64.6 to AB de Villiers, de Villiers departs on 95! fuller length delivery outside the off stump, the Malinga skidder as they call it - de Villiers drives away from his body with no real foot-work, looked like the bat hit the ground at it got close to the ball, hard to say if there was an edge involved - Malinga was convinced and umpire Bowden's crooked finger went pretty quickly.. 256/6
20.3 to HM Amla, Murali too joins the party! a genuine off-break, tossed up and turning in from outside the off stump, Amla makes the cardinal mistake of playing it on the back-foot, ball turns in just enough to beat the inside edge and hits the pad, impact was probably touch outside the line of the off stump but umpire Bowden adjudicates in favour of the bowler. 70/4
57.2 to AG Prince, gone! bit of a loose delivery from Murali - pitched wide outside the off stump and Murali gets the ball to turn away sharply, Prince leans back and cuts hard, ends up with a feather touch and Jayawardene holds on well to a fairly hard chance, ending a fantastic innings from the South African captain. 231/5
67.1 to MV Boucher, believe it or not! tossed up and drifting down the leg side, Boucher goes for the paddle sweep with a vertical bat and ends up dragging the ball back onto the stumps, South Africa seven down and sinking fast here.. 273/7
81.1 to DW Steyn, nine down! flighted delivery on the stumps, Steyn goes for the sweep but gets nowhere near the line, ball clips the glove and pops up behind the stumps on the leg side, Jayasuriya at leg slip makes no mistake - Murali heading towards yet another 5-for?. 327/9
89.5 to M Ntini, all over! finally the tailender inside Ntini springs out - tossed up on the stumps and Ntini slogs across the line, ball clips the leading edge and balloons up towards mid-off, Maharoof there nicely settles under it, Murali ends up with yet another Test 5-for.. 361/10
74.6 to N Boje, Maharoof strikes! fuller in length and wide outside the off stump, Boje goes for an expansive drive and the ball goes straight to Sangakkara at backward point, bat turned at the point of impact and the ball went high up towards Sangakkara, the jump was timed to perfection and he took it with both hands. 307/8
Sri Lanka 1st Innings 
c Boje b Ntini29120022.22
c Gibbs b Ntini47671118070.14
c Amla b Ntini1431363045.16
c †Boucher b Steyn1327472048.14
b Ntini45101080.00
b Boje6377899281.81
b Steyn4249916185.71
b Steyn5611015511050.90
c †Boucher b Steyn6413016110049.23
not out 810172080.00
c Hall b Steyn016000.00
Extras(lb 1, nb 5, w 2)8
TOTAL85.1 Ov (RR: 3.76, 372 Mins)321
Fall of wickets: 1-16 (Upul Tharanga, 2.3 ov), 2-43 (Kumar Sangakkara, 10.5 ov), 3-74 (Mahela Jayawardene, 20.5 ov), 4-85 (Tillakaratne Dilshan, 22.3 ov), 5-86 (Sanath Jayasuriya, 22.5 ov), 6-191 (Chamara Kapugedera, 43.2 ov), 7-191 (Prasanna Jayawardene, 44.1 ov), 8-308 (Farveez Maharoof, 81.6 ov), 9-317 (Chaminda Vaas, 83.6 ov), 10-321 (Muthiah Muralidaran, 85.1 ov)
2.3 to WU Tharanga, first blood! Ntini strikes back for South Africa - short rising delivery, pitched on the middle and off stump line and angling across, Tharanga goes for the pull and is beaten for pace, in the end he was in no position to go for the pull but went through with the shot and the top edge is snaffled by Boje at mid-on. 16/1
10.5 to KC Sangakkara, Ntini strikes again! short of a good length delivery on the middle and leg stump line, Sangakkara looking to work it away through midwicket fails to keep it down and the strategically placed Amla at short mid-wicket holds on well to a fairly hard chance. Timed his jump to perfection and took it over his head with both hands. The dangerous Sangakkara is back in the hut - Sri Lanka two down and in a spot of bother here.. 43/2
22.3 to TM Dilshan, and the bowling change works! Ntini picks up his third wicket and Sri Lanka are in trouble here. Slightly short, bowled from wide of the crease and coming in with the angle, was going well over the stumps. Dilshan offers no shot but leaves his bat hanging in the air, ball clips the toe end of the bat and crashes into the leg stump.. 85/4
22.5 to ST Jayasuriya, another one bites the dust! Ntini is on a roll here - good length delivery in the channel, bowled from round the stumps and this one held its line after hitting the deck, perfect line and length and Jayasuriya is sucked forward into the defensive prod, ball clips the shoulder of the bat and flies towards the slip cordon, Gibbs at second slip holds on well to a fairly hard chance - Sri Lanka five down.. 86/5
20.5 to DPMD Jayawardene, gone! short and wide outside the off stump, Jayawardene shuffles across and flashes hard at it, a totally unnecessary shot given the situation - ball clips the edge and goes straight to Boucher behind the stumps. Steyn's aggressive approach pays off.. 74/3
44.1 to HAPW Jayawardene, peach of a delivery and Steyn picks up another crucial wicket. Good length - pitched on and around the off stump and this one straightened a touch after hitting the deck, Jayawardene plays down the wrong line and the ball crashes into the woodwork. Sri Lankan seven down.. 191/7
81.6 to MF Maharoof, Steyn produces a beauty and finally the partnership is broken! good length delivery, on and around the off stump line, this one shaped back in a touch after hitting the deck - Maharoof is beaten by the length and the extra pace, drives off the back-foot and ends up playing all over it. Ball crashes into the off stump. End of a fantastic partnership. 308/8
83.6 to WPUJC Vaas, Steyn does it again and this time it is the short delivery that gets him a wicket - nothing special though, just short and drifting down the leg side, Vaas instinctively goes for the pull, ball clips the glove and flies behind - Bouncer dives across full length to his right and takes a fantastic low catch - Sri Lanka nine down.. 317/9
85.1 to M Muralidaran, Murali gets another golden duck to his name and it's all over for Sri Lanka. short of a good length delivery on the stumps, Murali makes room and swings across - the only shot in the book as far as he is concerned. Ball clips the top edge and balloons up towards mid-on, Hall calls for it early, quickly moves across to his left and nicely settles under it to give Steyn his fifth wicket of the innings.. 321/10
43.2 to CK Kapugedera, finally the breakthrough! flighted delivery on the middle and off stump line, Kapugedera goes low down looking to play the slog sweep, clearly a premeditated shot - ball turned away just enough to beat the bat and the off stump is pegged back - that's the wicket they were looking for.. 191/6
South Africa 2nd Innings 
c Jayasuriya b Muralidaran9219024711148.42
c †HAPW Jayawardene b Maharoof3263962150.79
run out (Tharanga)1533621045.45
run out (Kapugedera)829360027.58
c & b Muralidaran17761292022.36
c Dilshan b Muralidaran3363795052.38
c Dilshan b Muralidaran651021237263.72
c Tharanga b Muralidaran1432311043.75
c †HAPW Jayawardene b Muralidaran1543543034.88
lbw b Muralidaran0710000.00
not out 510211050.00
Extras(b 9, lb 4, nb 1, w 1)15
TOTAL107.5 Ov (RR: 2.88, 446 Mins)311
Fall of wickets: 1-76 (Andrew Hall, 22.5 ov), 2-119 (Jacques Rudolph, 36.4 ov), 3-131 (Hashim Amla, 44.6 ov), 4-161 (Herschelle Gibbs, 57.5 ov), 5-206 (Ashwell Prince, 75.1 ov), 6-207 (AB de Villiers, 75.4 ov), 7-235 (Shaun Pollock, 85.1 ov), 8-280 (Nicky Boje, 99.5 ov), 9-282 (Dale Steyn, 101.6 ov), 10-311 (Mark Boucher, 107.5 ov)
22.5 to AJ Hall, Maharoof strikes! fraction short and close to the off stump line, the one that goes straight on. No real width there but Hall goes for the drive off the back-foot and gets beaten by the extra bounce, ball clips the shoulder of the bat and goes straight to Prasanna Jayawardene behind the stumps.. 76/1
57.5 to HH Gibbs, gone on 92! tossed up on the middle and leg stump line, turning in - Gibbs goes for the sweep as he has done all day but for once the shot is not timed well enough the top edge balloons up towards short fine leg. Jayasuriya moves in quickly from the edge of the circle, dives forward full length and takes it inches away from the ground. That's a stunning effort from the veteran.. 161/4
75.1 to AG Prince, and Prince departs! tossed up and turning away, Prince comes down the track and drives hard but miserably fails to keep it down, ball goes right back and Murali takes it over his head with both hands. South African five down.. 206/5
75.4 to AB de Villiers, Murali does it again! tossed up and turning in, de Villiers goes low down in an attempt to slog sweep it, ball clips the top edge, crashes into his helmet and pops up straight to Dilshan at short leg - that's Murali's 100th wicket against South Africa. 207/6
85.1 to SM Pollock, it was a hopeless long-hop until Pollock pulled it straight to Tharanga at square leg - what a mess!. 235/7
99.5 to N Boje, got'm! genuine off-break - tossed up close to the off stump line and this one turned away sharply, Boje pushes forward to defend, puts his bat in place and waits for the ball to come. Ball grips the surface and spins away just enough to clip the outside edge. Jayawardene holds on well to a fairly hard chance. Murali gets another 5-for to his name and this is his 4th consecutive 10 wicket haul in Test cricket - take a bow.. 280/8
101.6 to DW Steyn, good length delivery, pitched close to the off stump line and turning in, Steyn goes back to defend but is beaten by the lack of bounce and the ball hits the pad plumb in front of the stumps - loud appeal and up goes the finger. South Africa nine down and that's Murali's 6th wicket of the innings. 282/9
107.5 to MV Boucher, unbelievable stuff! tossed up and turning in, Boucher goes for the sweep and gets it on the middle, hammer of a shot but Dilshan at short leg somehow manages to hold on to it.. 311/10
Sri Lanka 2nd Innings (T: 352 runs)
c Gibbs b Ntini0710000.00
c Amla b Boje73741319398.64
c Amla b Pollock3964828060.93
c Gibbs b Boje12324835911249.59
c Gibbs b Boje1829434062.06
c de Villiers b Boje1340411032.50
lbw b Hall30791103037.97
not out 291181592024.57
c de Villiers b Hall420240020.00
b Hall2560040.00
not out 11400100.00
Extras(b 4, lb 8, nb 4, w 4)20
TOTAL113.3 Ov (RR: 3.10, 488 Mins)352/9
Fall of wickets: 1-12 (Upul Tharanga, 2.1 ov), 2-94 (Kumar Sangakkara, 19.6 ov), 3-121 (Sanath Jayasuriya, 27.6 ov), 4-164 (Tillakaratne Dilshan, 38.2 ov), 5-201 (Chamara Kapugedera, 49.4 ov), 6-279 (Prasanna Jayawardene, 78.1 ov), 7-341 (Mahela Jayawardene, 107.1 ov), 8-348 (Chaminda Vaas, 112.1 ov), 9-350 (Muthiah Muralidaran, 112.6 ov)
2.1 to WU Tharanga, short of length ball on the middle and off stump, nipping away and good climb off the wicket, Tharanga moves back and pushes at it away from his body, ball takes the edge and flies to Gibbs at second slip. Sri Lanka one down!. 12/1
27.6 to ST Jayasuriya, jaffer! tossed up delivery, pitched close to the off stump line and turning in, reared off a good length - Jayasuriya looking to defend it on the back-foot is beaten by the extra bounce, ball clips the glove and pops up on the leg side. Amla at short leg dives forward full length and takes it inches away from the ground - amazing one handed effort. 121/3
38.2 to TM Dilshan, and Dilshan throws it away! flat delivery on the middle off stump line, turning away - Dilshan comes down the track, looking to drive it away through covers, ball clips the edge and flies low towards Gibbs at first slip and he takes it diving across to his right. Boje picks up another crucial wicket and this match is back in the balance.. 164/4
49.4 to CK Kapugedera, It is that man Boje again! fuller length delivery on the stumps, bowled from round the wicket and drifting in with the arm, Kapugedera gets well forward and drives inside out but fails to keep it down. de Villiers at covers dives across full length to his left and a fantastic low catch. Sri Lanka five down and in a spot of bother here.. 201/5
107.1 to DPMD Jayawardene, got'm! tossed up outside the off stump, turning away - Jayawardene comes down the track looking to go inside out over extra cover, ball grips the surface and turns away just enough to clip the outside edge and Gibbs at first slip takes a blinder. Boje with the breakthrough - Sri Lankan seven down.. 341/7
19.6 to KC Sangakkara, Pollock strikes back! another fuller length delivery outside the off stump, Sangakkara goes for the drive and ends up hitting it in the air towards point, didn't get his foot to the pitch of the ball but went through with the shot - Amla swoops forward and takes it inches away from the ground. That's the wicket they were looking for.. 94/2
78.1 to HAPW Jayawardene, Hall strikes back! perfect line and length - good length delivery, pitched on middle and off and reversing in nicely, too good a delivery for Prasanna Jayawardene - he plays down the wrong line and the ball hits the pad right in front of the stumps. Loud appeal and up goes the dreaded finger. Hall with the breakthrough - Sri Lanka six down.. 279/6
112.1 to WPUJC Vaas, this is not over yet! fuller length delivery outside the off stump, inviting Vaas to go for the drive and he falls right into the trap - thick edge and the ball flies away towards the slip cordon, de Villiers at third slip drives across full length to his left and takes it inches away from the ground - that's an amazing one handed effort, could this be the turning point?. 348/8
112.6 to M Muralidaran, bowled'm! good length delivery on the middle and off stump line, that's the line to Murali - huge swing of the bat and he misses the target by miles, ball crashes into the woodwork - Sri Lanka nine down. It's all happening here!. 350/9
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Fri, 04 Aug - day 1 - South Africa 1st innings 361
Sat, 05 Aug - day 2 - South Africa 2nd innings 6/0 (Herschelle Gibbs 4*, Andrew Hall 2*, 2 ov)
Sun, 06 Aug - day 3 - South Africa 2nd innings 257/7 (Mark Boucher 28*, Nicky Boje 5*, 92 ov)
Mon, 07 Aug - day 4 - Sri Lanka 2nd innings 262/5 (Mahela Jayawardene 77*, Prasanna Jayawardene 27*, 72 ov)
Tue, 08 Aug - day 5 - Sri Lanka 2nd innings 352/9 (113.3 ov) - end of match
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
  • DPMD Jayawardene: 100 off 187 balls (11 x 4, 2 x 6)
  • Drinks: Sri Lanka - 298/6 in 86.0 overs (DPMD Jayawardene 104, MF Maharoof 4)
  • Sri Lanka: 300 runs in 87.3 overs (531 balls), Extras 17
  • 7th Wicket: 50 runs in 119 balls (DPMD Jayawardene 26, MF Maharoof 22, Ex 2)
  • Lunch: Sri Lanka - 333/6 in 100.0 overs (DPMD Jayawardene 117, MF Maharoof 24)
  • Sri Lanka: 350 runs in 112.5 overs (685 balls), Extras 20
  • Test Match Commentator: Sajan Nair
P Saravanamuttu Stadium, Colombo
TossSouth Africa, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
Series resultSri Lanka won the 2-match series 2-0
Match numberTest no. 1812
Hours of play (local time)10.30am start, Lunch 12.30-1.10pm, Tea 3.10-3.30pm, Close 5.30pm
Match days4,5,6,7,8 August 2006 - day (5-day match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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