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3rd T20I (N), Lahore, October 09, 2019, Sri Lanka tour of Pakistan
(20 ov, T:148) 134/6

Sri Lanka won by 13 runs

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8 wkts
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end of over 2014 runs
PAK: 134/6CRR: 6.70 
Iftikhar Ahmed17 (8b 1x4 1x6)
Wahab Riaz12 (6b 1x6)
Lahiru Madushanka 4-0-36-0
Kasun Rajitha 4-0-17-1

10:52pm A grateful Shanaka lines up to lift the trophy on behalf of his team. There are some Lankan flags in the stands. A nice, warm end to the tour for the visitors. And that is also the end of our coverage tonight. Thanks for joining us and don't forget to look out for the post-match coverage. Have a good night!

Shanaka: It's really a good victory. We should thank the Pakistan people, they supported us, not just Pakistan. It's a big honour. All the players were bonded, that was the key to our success. Bonding is the key - they do the right things in the middle. There are no extraordinary players here - they're all equally talented, but the unity was the secret. If we play smart cricket, there's always a possibility to win. The decisions were taken smartly today, each and every one of us.

Sarfraz: I think we recovered well in the bowling, but we needed another good partnership in the middle. We knew if it gets more than 8-9 per over, it would get tough. We were subdued, we didn't express ourselves throughout this series. [Batting order] We've been using this line-up for a while. We just wanted to try out as many players as possible before Australia. We need to work a lot on all three fronts, especially fielding. We can't beat any team if we drop catches like that in the middle overs.

Hasaranga: Yes this is the best I've bowled. I tried to get wickets. My wrong'un is what I use to get wickets. I try to absorb the pressure by bowling as many dot balls as I can.

Wanindu Hasaranga is the Man of the Match and the Man of the Series.

Ahmad: "Thanks for comming SL. You deserved this win. "

Mustafa Moudi: "Congratulations to SL for their Unbelievable Performance. Nobody must have expected such a terrific outcome from a Second String Side. This is beginning of a New Era in Sri Lanka !!!"

Sarat: "wrist spinners are impact players in t20i's, Shadab Khan's below-par performance in this series must have been one of the reason for this Pak's failure in this series"

Faizan: "Baber and haris just consumes so many balls .....the reason why we lost today against a no. 8 team"

Mubbashir: "Probably one of the worst bits of cricket I've seen from Pakistan since ct17."

Aamir: "Sarfaraz failed in same pattern in all matches should have given chance up the order to specialist batsmen. ."

10:31pm Sri Lanka's infielders have run to grab onto stumps before that ball is even fielded. What a superb, superb end to this tour for them. Dasun Shanaka with a relieved smile as he leads his team off. His captaincy has been a revelation tonight. Used his bowlers aggressively and to perfection. He had a horrid time with the bat earlier, as did most most of his team-mates. But they've come back with force to defend a modest total - and to defend it by 13 runs. Oshada Fernando added to his international CV with a superlative innings on debut. Rajitha started off superbly, gave them nothing in the Powerplay. The wickets didn't come, but the others kept it tight as Pakistan's two solid batsmen looked to go about it their way. And then Wanindu came back on, and turned it on yet again. Such an exciting allrounder he's turning out to be. Three wickets and a catch at long-on. And he can hit them long too. There's much to take away for these youngsters tonight. Most important of all - they've beaten the No. 1 team 3-0 in their backyard. Whether young or old - this is the year Sri Lanka will keep springing surprises. Pakistan have lots to ponder. The approach to this chase was rather old-fashioned, and they left themselves nothing but swishing and swaying and panic in the end. 79 off 83 between their top three - questions must be asked. And they will be after such a comprehensive loss.

Madushanka to Iftikhar, 1 run

out to sweeper cover. Short of a length slower ball on off stump, punches it along the floor to that fielder

Smiles on the grounds, smiles in the dugout. This young side has a lot to celebrate tonight...

Madushanka to Wahab Riaz, 1 run

full and at the stumps. Clubs it down to long-on along the floor

Madushanka to Wahab Riaz, 2 runs

won't get it. Full toss on leg stump, swings across this, gets it off the thick inside edge to deep midwicket

Three sixes then

Madushanka to Wahab Riaz, 2 runs

sliced out to deep backward point. Full ball wide outside off, swishes underneath it but can't connect on this. The fielder allows that to come to him gently and lobs it back

Madushanka to Wahab Riaz, SIX runs

crunches this over the bowler! Overpitched just outside off, not the greatest delivery, but some composure to send this there. Stood still and swung from underneath

Pakistan need at least three sixes to stay alive

Madushanka to Iftikhar, 1 run

yorker just outside off, drilled out to sweeper cover

Madushanka to Iftikhar, 1 wide

starts wide. Very wide and full outside off, left alone

Aman Bansal: "I really wish to applaud Shanaka for realizing how no Pakistani batsman can read Hasaranga's googly and made them slog against him.. Brilliant!!"

end of over 199 runs
PAK: 120/6CRR: 6.31 RRR: 28.00
Wahab Riaz1 (2b)
Iftikhar Ahmed15 (6b 1x4 1x6)
Kasun Rajitha 4-0-17-1
Wanindu Hasaranga 4-0-21-3

Good recovery after that first ball. And a good spell altogether. Got Fakhar first ball, finishes with 1 for 17. Madhushanka will bowl the last over. He has 28 to defend.

Rajitha to Wahab Riaz, no run

beaten! Full and just outside off. Late swing in, but Wahab is still a long way inside the line as he has a swing at this

Rajitha to Iftikhar, 1 run

full indipper at off stump. Keeps the front leg out of the way and times this nicely from inside the line, but it's along the floor to sweeper cover

Rajitha to Wahab Riaz, 1 run

length ball just outside off, shuffles and has a swipe at this. It comes back to the bowler on the bounce and he sticks his left hand out

Rajitha to Iftikhar, 1 run

short of a length and at the stumps. Another slower ball it appears. Waits on it and punches aerially, but with little force, out to long-on

Rajitha to Iftikhar, 2 runs

slower ball at a length on off, backs away and slaps it firmly to long-off's left. Steals the second

Rajitha to Iftikhar, FOUR runs

muscles! That's what! Low full toss on off stump, stays very still and absolutely crunches this over this partner's head. Long-on didn't have a chance

Right, what does Ifthikar have?

end of over 187 runs • 2 wickets
PAK: 111/6CRR: 6.16 RRR: 18.50
Iftikhar Ahmed7 (2b 1x6)
Wanindu Hasaranga 4-0-21-3
Lahiru Kumara 4-0-24-2

3 for 21 in four overs for Wanindu.

Hasaranga to Sarfaraz, OUT

and now he's through him. Sri Lanka's newest star has put them on the brink. Short of a length, googly. Sarfraz static and upright this time - but still playing a slog. It's past the inside edge and tonks the top of off

Sarfaraz Ahmed b de Silva 17 (16b 1x4 0x6) SR: 106.25
Hasaranga to Sarfaraz, no run

inside edge onto pad again. This is great from Wanindu, but not the greatest strategy from Sarfraz. Another slow googly outside off, another attempted slog

Hasaranga to Sarfaraz, no run

inside edge onto pad as he teases with that slow googly. Outside off, Sarfraz wants to lace this through midwicket with a slog sweep. Can only get it pitch side off his pad

Hasaranga to Iftikhar, 1 run

googly cutting in, backs away and chops to point

Hasaranga to Iftikhar, SIX runs

just evades long-off! Another mis-hit, but there's just enough. Tossed up outside off, his feet are pointing midwicket, his head has whip-lashed into the fine leg direction, and his bat has turned. But he's managed to squeeze it over the boundary

Hasaranga to Asif Ali, OUT

dragged it straight to long-on! Arguably Pakistan's biggest hitter is gone second ball. This is a googly, but lobbed up very slowly outside off. He stays put in the crease because that's in the zone, but it appears he's too eager to send this a long way. The loopy delivery ends up coming off the toe-end and it's Wanindu again, clogging it up for Pakistan

Asif Ali c Gunathilaka b de Silva 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50

Tanuj: "Can Pakistan somehow get Dre Russ for the last 3 overs???"

end of over 177 runs • 1 wicket
PAK: 104/4CRR: 6.11 RRR: 14.66
Sarfaraz Ahmed17 (13b 1x4)
Asif Ali1 (1b)
Lahiru Kumara 4-0-24-2
Wanindu Hasaranga 3-0-14-1

That's the end of Kumara's spell. 2-24 for him. Sri Lanka have invested in him patiently since he burst onto international cricket. He's looked class today. 44 needed off 18.

Lahiru Kumara to Sarfaraz, no run

beaten the under-edge. Slower short ball outside off, he waits and waits for the cut but this sneaks through from under the bat

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