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1st ODI, Karachi, June 01, 2022, Sri Lanka Women tour of Pakistan
(41.5/50 ov, T:170) 170/2

Pakistan won by 8 wickets (with 49 balls remaining)

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Today's game had moments that faintly promised ebbs and flows but Sri Lanka could not get going to drive home any significant advantage. Pakistan were clinical and will take lead. The two teams will be back day after tomorrow for the second game in Karachi. We'll bring you the live action here on ESPNcricinfo. For now, it's goodbye from me, Ekanth, on behalf of my fellow commentator, Danyal Rasool, and our scorer, K Vairavan.

Bismah Maroof, Pakistan Captain: We want these points and we worked hard on a hot day. Credit to Sidra. It got low when we were batting, the bowling was excellent too. I'm trying to finish the job and support Sidra, who played really well. We'll look to keep up the intensity and win the following matches too.

Chamari Athapaththu, Sri Lanka Captain: Our batters did not play positively. The wicket is excellent but we lost early wickets, the run outs were bad. Kavisha played a good knock and is a positive. We have to stick to our plans and play freely - that's my message for the team.

Ghulam Fatima is POTM for the spell of 10-2-4-21: I had a wish to play in a home series. I was trying to execute what I knew and it came off. I draw inspiration from Shane Warne.

4:11 pm: The players shake hands before making their way back. Pakistan chase down the score with minimum fuss and take the first match to get points on the ICC Women's Championship 2022-25 Table. With the bat, it was brought about by Sidra Amin who effectively took it to the end and skipper, Bismah Maroof, who literally did it. Their 143-run partnership should be a confidence-booster for the team going forward. It came on the back of Muneeba Ali who started promisingly but got out attempting a big shot. Nothing really of note for the Sri Lankan bowlers. Oshadi Ranasinghe's approach of bowling around the wicket and bowling into the wicket looked interesting but wasn't as effective. The balls did not keep low as frequently as it may have threatened to do early on and their fielding was subpar. Presentation ceremony coming soon.

Ranasinghe to Omaima Sohail, 1 run

Length on fourth stump, pulled along the ground to deep-midwicket and Pakistan get a 1-0 series lead.

Ranasinghe to Omaima Sohail, no run

Good length ball outside off sits up, cut to point

Ranasinghe to Omaima Sohail, no run

Full outside off, defended to cover

Ranasinghe to Omaima Sohail, no run

Full outside off, pushed to mid-off

Ranasinghe to Omaima Sohail, 1 wide

Full ball just down leg. The batter was on off and on one knee trying to sweep it. Being beaten allowed the extra

Ranasinghe to Sidra Ameen, OUT

Sri Lanka get a consolation wicket as Sidra chops on trying the cut. It was on a length and coming in to middle, Sidra made room and tried to hit it on the move. Got the bottom edge, it bounced and hit the top of the stumps

Sidra Ameen b Ranasinghe 76 (119b 7x4 0x6 163m) SR: 63.86

This should be the last over

end of over 414 runs
PAK-W: 168/1CRR: 4.09 RRR: 0.22 • Need 2 runs from 54b
Bismah Maroof62 (101b 5x4)
Sidra Ameen76 (118b 7x4)
Inoka Ranaweera 9-0-30-0
Oshadi Ranasinghe 8-0-33-0
Ranaweera to Bismah Maroof, no run

Shows her stumps and is followed by a full ball on the boot, swept to short fine leg

Ranaweera to Bismah Maroof, no run

Full ball around off, clipped to the left of the bowler

Ranaweera to Bismah Maroof, FOUR runs

Bismah connects with the reverse sweep and gets it in the gap to the left of backward point. It was a low full toss and middle and she hit it along the ground

Ranaweera to Bismah Maroof, no run

Comes down the ground and pushes the manufactured full ball to the left of the bowler

Ranaweera to Bismah Maroof, no run

Tucks a fullish ball gently in front of square

Ranaweera to Bismah Maroof, no run

Length on fourth stump, gently pushes it towards cover. She seemed to be a bit too early on it.

end of over 409 runs
PAK-W: 164/1CRR: 4.10 RRR: 0.60 • Need 6 runs from 60b
Bismah Maroof58 (95b 4x4)
Sidra Ameen76 (118b 7x4)
Oshadi Ranasinghe 8-0-33-0
Inoka Ranaweera 8-0-26-0
Ranasinghe to Bismah Maroof, 1 run

Full outside off, driven to long-off

Ranasinghe to Bismah Maroof, no run

Full outside off, tries driving it through cover. Takes the inside edge and goes to the left of the bowler

Ranasinghe to Sidra Ameen, 1 run

Whips a full ball outside off. It goes off the bottom and in the gap at midwicket where it falls safely

Ranasinghe to Sidra Ameen, 2 runs

Full on the stumps, swept behind square in the gap for two

Ranasinghe to Bismah Maroof, 1 run

Makes ample room and clips a full ball following her to midwicket

Ranasinghe to Bismah Maroof, FOUR runs

Full outside off, Bismah comes down the track and chips it straight. It went up and long-off ran to her diagonal left and flew forward but could not reach it. It went past her for four

end of over 392 runs
PAK-W: 155/1CRR: 3.97 RRR: 1.36 • Need 15 runs from 11 overs
Bismah Maroof52 (91b 3x4)
Sidra Ameen73 (116b 7x4)
Inoka Ranaweera 8-0-26-0
Oshadi Ranasinghe 7-0-24-0
Ranaweera to Bismah Maroof, 1 run

Goes back to a good length ball outside off and punches it past the diving bowler to long-on

Ranaweera to Bismah Maroof, no run

Length ball outside off keeps low. Bismah gets down after going across and manages to brush it straight

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