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2nd Semi-Final, Sydney, January 19, 2019, Women's Big Bash League

Match tied (Sixers Wmn won the one-over eliminator)

Player Of The Match
54* (59) & 1/20
Match centre 
Scores: Binoy George
Scorecard summary
Sydney Sixers Women 131/4(20 overs)
Melbourne Renegades Women 131/6(20 overs)
Jess Duffin 41 (34)
Ellyse Perry1/20 (4)

If you missed it earlier today, I'll leave you with this cracking piece by Geoff Lemon on Ellyse Perry and her reinvention. Thank me later for it. Don't forget to tune in to the grand finale on Australia Day. Both sides have a week off, not sure if they'd really want that with so much excitement around. Thanks for joining us, cheers.

Ellyse Perry is the Player of the Match. "It's hard to take you through anything at the moment, phenomenal team effort to win the game, win crucial moments. We've focused on for four years, to build this kind of resilience to step up when it counts. Dane van Niekerk was phenomenal with the bat.

Sixers were in all sorts of trouble, but were bailed out by an unbeaten 98-run stand to lift them to a par score. On a surface where there was turn and grip, they were always going to be in with a chance if they played their cards right. Perry's captaincy was spot on, her bowling changes tactical. Yet. it may have not been enough but for that stupendous effort off the final delivery, right at the ropes to push the ball back into the field of play, followed by a flat throw that was relayed onto the stumps at the bowler's end by Alyssa Healy. Nerveless under pressure. There's a reason why Australia are the T20 World Champions. Such depth, the ability to deliver with pin-point precision under pressure. What a game, what a tournament.

Both the losing semifinalists - Sydney Thunder and Melbourne Renegades - can look back and reflect on a superb campaign. A story of being so-near-yet-so-far.

Strano to Perry, SIX runs

steps out, swings this up and over the ropes at wide long-on. Sydney Sixers are into their fourth WBBL final, plucking victory when a defeat loomed at one stage. Who else but Perry with the final blow to finish it off. What a game, what a final it promises to be. Brisbane Heat v Sydney Sixers

Strano to Healy, 1 run

steps out and whips this full toss to deep midwicket

Strano to Perry, 1 run

goes full, gets this to drift in, Perry steps out and squeezes this to midwicket. Cramped her for room, didn't allow her a free swing. 5 off 4

Strano to Healy, 1 run

slider on a length, bunted to short third man for a quick single.

Healy and Perry, Australia's super stars, will as expectedly come out to try and polish these runs.

keeper is standing up to the stumps. Moly Strano with her offspin, so it's a brave call.

SUPER OVER 1 - END OF OVER6 runs • 1 wicket
MR-W: 6/1CRR: 6.00 

Will Renegades hand the ball to Tahuhu? Ideally, they'd want to take pace off the ball. The surface is a little up and down, there's grip and bounce, but it will be too much of a gamble to give the ball to a spinner as they're defending just 6.

Remember, if this is a tie again, Renegades will win because they have more boundaries.

Kapp to Duffin, 2 runs

steps out to go long-on, drags this to midwicket but they scamper back for the second as the throw from the deep is weak. It's advantage Sixers going into the break. Renegades have won just one out of their four previous super overs. They'll need a superb super over to have any chance here

Kapp to Wyatt, OUT

slower length ball outside off. Wyatt looks to cut, but gets a thick edge that Healy takes on the bounce as she dives forward, but has the presence of mind to quickly collect the ball and hurl the ball at the stumps at the striker's end, Wyatt looking for a run is miles outside the crease.

Kapp to Molineux, 1 run

superb length, full and straight on middle, looks to play an ugly hoick, gets a thick inside edge to short fine leg. That's now four singles in a row

Kapp to Wyatt, 1 run

slower ball, slipped out of her hand perhaps, very close to being called waist-high no-ball, she advances down, meets it on the full but can only hit it straight to long-off

Kapp to Molineux, 1 run

yorker-length, just outside off, squeezed to short third man as they scamper a single. Two superb deliveries

Kapp to Wyatt, 1 run

steps out and crunches this full delivery to deep point

Molineux and Wyatt will come out. Both biffers of the ball, Sixers should bowl length to either, they're both strong square of the wicket. One boundary, especially on the leg side from the end they'll bowl, is super short. Here we go

Marizanne Kapp can swing the new ball. Will she go full and straight? Wyatt takes guard. Surely she's eyeing that leg side boundary.

end of over 2012 runs • 1 wicket
MR-W: 131/5CRR: 6.55 
Claire Koski19 (14b 3x4)
Ellyse Perry 4-1-20-1
Marizanne Kapp 4-0-24-1

5.17pm Renegades to bat first in the super over since they were chasing originally. In the event of a tie even in the Super Over, the side with most boundaries in the game will qualify for the final

Perry to Molineux, 2 runs, OUT

we have a super over. Length on off, swung over the off side infield, it looked four for all money but the deep cover put in a full length dive to keep the ball in play and hurled it back to the bowler's end to find Molineux well short despite a dive. Brilliant innings that kept the Renegades in the hunt, however

Sophie Molineux run out (Aley) 55 (54b 4x4 0x6) SR: 101.85
Perry to Molineux, 2 runs

length on middle, lofts it down the ground for another couple that leaves Renegades three to get off one

Perry to Molineux, 2 runs

length on middle, shuffles and swings over midwicket to bring up her fifty with a couple

Perry to Koski, 1 run

full and angled in, makes room and gets a single to cover

Perry to Molineux, 1 run

length on middle, swings hard but gets an inside edge onto her pad and they scamper

Perry to Molineux, FOUR runs

length outside off and swatted over point to start the final over with a boundary

end of over 1910 runs
MR-W: 119/5CRR: 6.26 RRR: 13.00
Claire Koski18 (13b 3x4)
Sophie Molineux44 (49b 3x4)
Marizanne Kapp 4-0-24-1
Erin Burns 3-0-13-2
Kapp to Koski, no run

length outside off, swings wildly but has to fetch it from a long way outside off, ends up spooning it to cover who spills the simplest chance

Kapp to Koski, FOUR runs

full toss and she picks it up wide of long-on to keep the Renegades in the hunt

Kapp to Koski, no run

length outside off, swings to the leg side but misses

Kapp to Molineux, 1 run

length outside off, slower ball, swings hard and gets an edge to short third

Kapp to Molineux, FOUR runs

full toss, shuffles across and hammers it to the right of long-on

Kapp to Koski, 1 run

length outside off, swatted down to long-on

end of over 1810 runs
MR-W: 109/5CRR: 6.05 RRR: 11.50
Claire Koski13 (9b 2x4)
Sophie Molineux39 (47b 2x4)
Erin Burns 3-0-13-2
Dane van Niekerk 4-0-33-0
Burns to Koski, 1 run

length on off, slower, another slog sweep attempted but she was too early into the stroke, resulting in an inside edge to short fine

Burns to Koski, FOUR runs

length on middle, and slog swept to the right of deep squareleg for a crucial boundary

Burns to Koski, no run

full on off, driven straight to cover

Burns to Molineux, 1 run

full toss, tries to go inside out but but can't find the gap past point

Burns to Molineux, 2 runs

full toss, she goes straight down the ground, not perfectly timed, the diving long-off can't complete the catch but hurls a throw back that has the third umpire interested but the non striker made it comfortanbly

Burns to Molineux, 2 runs

length on off, skips down and drills it through cover

end of over 1712 runs
MR-W: 99/5CRR: 5.82 RRR: 11.00
Claire Koski8 (6b 1x4)
Sophie Molineux34 (44b 2x4)
Dane van Niekerk 4-0-33-0
Erin Burns 2-0-3-2
D van Niekerk to Koski, FOUR runs

length on middle and she hammers it to the right of deep midwicket for a boundary

D van Niekerk to Molineux, 1 run

short on leg, rocks back and pulls but straight to deep midwicket

Match details
Drummoyne Oval, Sydney
TossSydney Sixers Women, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Sixers Wmn
Ellyse Perry
Series resultSydney Sixers Women advanced
Match days19 January 2019 - day (20-over match)
Claire Polosak
Donovan Koch
TV Umpire
Ben Treloar
Match Referee
David Talalla
Renegades Wm Innings
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