2nd ODI, Edinburgh, May 21, 2019, Sri Lanka tour of England and Scotland
(33.2/34 ov, T:235) 199

Sri Lanka won by 35 runs (D/L method)

Player Of The Match
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7.50pm The rain's beginning to come down again. Looks like we won't have a presentation ceremony. We can tell you, however, that Nuwan Pradeep is the Player of the Match. That's all from us. Hope you've enjoyed our coverage. Until next time, it's good night from me and Saurabh.

Haamidh Uwais: "A relief for Sri Lanka after winning a bilateral ODI series after 3 years. Will they be able to continue this in World Cup as well? Well I do think so. Though Sri Lanka are minnow bashers, they have always had the luck and chances to go to the knockouts in World Cups."

DanielAlexander: "This is Sri Lanka's first bilateral ODI series win after June 2016."

7.39pm Sri Lanka finally break their win-less sequence in ODIs. The last time they won in the format was in October 2018 against England. They've had eight straight defeats and one match abandoned since then, before today's victory.

Dhananjaya to Watt, OUT

down the track, shortens his length a little and he slaps to extra-cover. And what's happened here? They've looked to run a single and there's been a run-out. And that is that for Scotland

Brad Wheal run out (Karunaratne/de Silva) 0 (0b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Dhananjaya to Watt, 1 run, OUT

Down the track, can't get close enough to the pitch, swings hard but can only send it to long-off on the bounce. Looks to keep strike even when two runs were out of the question, and poor Alasdair Evans is run out by yards at the danger end

Alasdair Evans run out (Perera/de Silva) 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50

37 off 7, six sixes to tie. Dhananjaya to finish. Round the wicket to Watt.

end of over 337 runs • 1 wicket
SCOT: 198/8CRR: 6.00 RRR: 37.00
Mark Watt7 (4)
Alasdair Evans1 (2)
Thisara Perera 7-1-46-1
Nuwan Pradeep 7-0-34-4
Perera to Watt, 1 run

leg-stump yorker. Makes a bit of room and jabs into the covers

Perera to Watt, FOUR runs

shot. Walks right across and flicks the full one on off stump over the man at short fine leg

Perera to Evans, 1 run

bangs it in short on off stump. Looks to open up and pull, the ball hits high on his bat and pops up and plops down in the midwicket area

Perera to Evans, no run

length ball outside off. Clears his front leg, slogs, misses

Alasdair Evans is on strike for the first time.

Perera to Watt, 1 run

full on middle and leg. Looks to slog over mid-on and drags it through backward square leg off the inside half of his bat

Stays over the wicket to Watt.

Dilesha: "Was there a bit of reverse swing for Nuwan Pradeep? Nice to see the good old yorker though " -- A couple of those yorkers definitely seemed to tail in late.

Perera to Sole, OUT

slower length ball on off stump. Makes room and tries to go over mid-off. Ends up slicing it instead, high in the air to the fielder at extra-cover

Tom Sole c Karunaratne b Perera 5 (3b 1x4 0x6) SR: 166.66

Thisara Perera returns with Scotland needing 44 off the last two. Over the wicket to Sole.

end of over 326 runs • 2 wickets
SCOT: 191/7CRR: 5.96 RRR: 22.00
Tom Sole5 (2)
Mark Watt1 (1)
Nuwan Pradeep 7-0-34-4
Suranga Lakmal 7-0-55-2
Pradeep to Sole, 1 run

sees Sole looking to make room and nails the yorker on leg stump. Jams his bat down and squeezes it down the ground into the mid-on region

Over the wicket to Sole.

Pradeep to Watt, 1 run

in the blockhole again, angling into off stump, jabbed away into the covers

Fourth wicket for Pradeep. He's bowled really well today. All four wickets off really good balls - the bouncer to Coetzer and the in-ducker to Macleod before this. Now he's on a hat-trick with Mark Watt on strike. Round the wicket to the left-hander.

Pradeep to Sharif, OUT

another yorker, another wicket. Right up at the base of middle and leg stumps, and he makes room to jab through the off side and misses

Safyaan Sharif b Pradeep 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Safyaan Sharif is the new batsman. Pradeep goes over the wicket to the right-hander.

Hiran G: "Not sure why Jeevan Mendis has not bowled so far. If he is playing then we should try out his leg breaks!"

Pradeep to Munsey, OUT

gone, he's found a way through. Again he clears his front leg and looks to go inside-out, over the covers. This ball, however, is too full for that, and angling too far in to give him any room. Past the inside edge of his angled bat, and into middle stump

George Munsey b Pradeep 61 (42b 6x4 3x6) SR: 145.23
Pradeep to Munsey, no run

ooh, nearly takes out off stump. Up in the blockhole again, and Munsey makes room and misses the big hit over the covers

Round the wicket.

Pradeep to Munsey, FOUR runs

wow, he's really rattled Sri Lanka here. Jumps deep in his crease to the attempted leg-stump yorker, and he ends up creating the leverage to whip it round to the backward square leg boundary. Top shot

Still Dre Russ territory. 50 off 18, with Munsey on strike. Pradeep returns, from over the wicket.

end of over 3117 runs • 1 wicket
SCOT: 185/5CRR: 5.96 RRR: 16.66
Tom Sole4 (1)
George Munsey57 (39)
Suranga Lakmal 7-0-55-2
Isuru Udana 7-0-31-1
Lakmal to Sole, FOUR runs

what a way to get off the mark! Length ball angling into off stump, and he shuffles across and scoops it over his shoulder and over the keeper's head

Over the wicket to Sole.

Lakmal to Munsey, 1 run

makes a lot of room and goes deep in his crease as well. Lakmal does very well to follow him with the yorker at the feet. Looks to whip it over the leg side but can only get an inside edge into his pads. Rolls away a short distance into the off-side half of the pitch

Lakmal to Munsey, 2 runs

in the blockhole, right at Munsey's feet. Digs it out and clips it down the ground towards long-on. Rolls fairly slowly an the man has to come in off the rope, so they can run a quick two

Lakmal to Munsey, SIX runs

length ball, angling into the stumps, and Munsey clears his front leg and hoicks it high over wide long-on to bring up a 37-ball fifty

Lakmal to Munsey, 1 wide

again he slips one down the leg side, looking to cramp Munsey up. Slogs and misses

Tom Sole is the new man in. Lakmal goes round the wicket to Munsey, who's on strike because they crossed over.

Lakmal to Leask, OUT

full outside off, goes for the big hit, tries to take on long-off, and can't clear the fielder. Avishka Fernando moves a few steps to his left and takes it well

Michael Leask c Fernando b Lakmal 8 (4b 0x4 1x6) SR: 200

Over the wicket to Leask.

Lakmal to Munsey, 2 wide

whangs the bouncer down the leg side, and he misses his hook. Mendis can't collect cleanly, moving to his right, and they pick up another run

Lakmal goes round the wicket to Munsey

Interesting. The umpires have called for a change of ball. Apparently it's got too slick on a damp outfield.

Lakmal to Leask, 1 run

full outside off, slower ball. Slices the big hit over mid-off, doesn't middle it at all. The fielder turns around and runs towards the boundary to try and catch it, and can't get there. The batsmen think of a second run, but Munsey slips a little while completing the first, and they decide against it

67 off the last four, this is Andre Russell territory. Lakmal continues.

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