2nd match, Windhoek, Feb 8 2018, ICC World Cricket League Division Two
(49.2/50 ov)139/9
Nepal won by 1 wicket (with 4 balls remaining)
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• Peter Della Penna in Windhoek

Lamichhane, Basant help Nepal pull off one-wicket heist

Canada's seamers skittled Oman for 106 in 27.4 overs and set up a thumping eight-wicket win while a trio of fifties helped UAE vault past Kenya by 218 runs

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Scorecard summary
Namibia138/10(34.2 overs)
Nepal139/9(49.2 overs)

Nepal team dash to the middle to greet the batsmen. Heartbreak stuff for Namibia but that's the way it goes. A couple of easy chances were missed by Namibia and in the end I think that was the difference between these two teams today.

Sandeep Lamichhane is the man of the match .

Frylinck to Regmi, 1 wide

Nepal win! wide delivery down the leg side.

Frylinck to Regmi, FOUR runs

is that the game? bit of width outside the off stump and Regmi slices it down to third man and beats the diving fielder in the deep. Scores tied

Frylinck to Regmi, 2 runs

cuts way behind square on the off side, gets it wide of the fielder in the deep

7 need off the last over - Regmi on strike. Frylinck to bowl the last over

end of over 499 runs
NEPAL: 132/9CRR: 2.69 RRR: 7.00 • Need 7 from 6b
Sandeep Lamichhane1 (6)
Basant Regmi18 (22)
Sarel Burger10-3-15-0
JJ Smit10-0-30-1
Burger to Lamichhane, no run

Lamichhane keeps this one out.

Burger to Regmi, 1 run

played away on the off side for a quick single, good over for Nepal so far

Burger to Regmi, 1 wide

down leg, this is loose bowling...nerves i guess

Burger to Regmi, SIX runs

shot boy! pitched up outside the off stump. Regmi is quickly behind this one and lofts it over long-off for a six. Took on the fielder in the deep and cleared him comfortably

15 more to get

Burger to Lamichhane, 1 run

played away to covers, the fielder slips a bit and they scamper through for a single

Burger to Lamichhane, no run

wayward delivery outside the off, looks like a set pattern... will see the fuller one soon, i guess

Burger to Lamichhane, no run

outside the off stump and beaten

Burger in to the attach now. No 11 on strike

end of over 482 runs
NEPAL: 123/9CRR: 2.56 RRR: 8.00 • Need 16 from 12b
Basant Regmi11 (20)
Sandeep Lamichhane0 (2)
JJ Smit10-0-30-1
Craig Williams10-2-32-3
Smit to Regmi, no run

swing and a miss outside the off stump. Regmi would have loved a single there to keep the strike

Smit to Regmi, 2 runs

pitched up on the pad, driven to the deep and gets in between the fielders in the deep, they come back for the second

Smit to Regmi, no run

take that! good short ball from Smith. Regmi does well to sway away

Smit to Regmi, no run

length to drive, Regmi keeps it down but finds the fielder at cover

Smit to Regmi, no run

full and on the stumps, Regmi gets hit on the pad. Loud appeal turned down

smith is on his last over as well

Smit to Regmi, no run

down leg, hit on the pad.

end of over 47Wicket maiden
NEPAL: 121/9CRR: 2.57 RRR: 6.00 • Need 18 from 18b
Sandeep Lamichhane0 (2)
Basant Regmi9 (14)
Craig Williams10-2-32-3
JJ Smit9-0-28-1
Williams to Lamichhane, no run

played back to the bowler. Nepal require another 18 runs with 1 wicket and 18 balls remaining

Williams to Lamichhane, no run


that was nicely set-up. A few wide ones and then the one that was full and straight.

Williams to Sompal Kami, OUT

bowled'm! this one is full and this one is on target. Sompal swings hard but fails to make contact. Off stumps shattered...Nepal 9 down

Sompal Kami b Williams 13 (29b 1x4 0x6) SR: 44.82
Williams to Sompal Kami, no run

pitched up on middle and leg, driven down to mid-on. sounded like the ball hit the inner half of the bat

Match details
Affies Park, Windhoek
TossNepal, elected to field first
SeriesICC World Cricket League Division Two
Player Of The Match
Sandeep Lamichhane
Sandeep Lamichhane
Hours of play (local time)09.30 start, First Session 09.30-13.00 Interval 13.00-13.45, Second Session 13.45-17.00
Match days08 February 2018 - day(50-over match)
List A debut
Rohit Paudel
Rohit Paudel
U.A.E. Image
Akbar Ali
Singapore Image
Sarika Prasad
Reserve Umpire
Kenya Image
David Odhiambo
Match Referee
South Africa Image
Dev Govindjee
PointsNepal 2, Namibia 0