4th Test, Leeds, Jul 21 - 26 1988, West Indies tour of England
201 & 138
(14.3 ov, target 65)275 & 67/0
West Indies won by 10 wickets
player of the match
Curtly Ambrose
West Indies
England 1st INNINGS
Graham Gooch c †Dujon b Marshall927372033.33
Tim Curtis lbw b Benjamin1271941016.90
Bill Athey lbw b Ambrose16751091021.33
David Gower c †Dujon b Benjamin1316171081.25
Allan Lamb retired hurt 64911589070.32
Robin Smith c †Dujon b Ambrose38911315041.75
Chris Cowdrey (c)lbw b Marshall01214000.00
Jack Richards  b Ambrose213180015.38
Derek Pringle c †Dujon b Marshall035000.00
Neil Foster not out 811221072.72
Graham Dilley c Hooper b Ambrose816171050.00
Extras(b 1, lb 18, nb 6, w 6)31
TOTAL(69.1 Ov, RR: 2.90)201
Fall of wickets: 1-14 (Graham Gooch), 2-43 (Tim Curtis), 3-58 (David Gower), 4-80 (Bill Athey), 4-183* (Allan Lamb, retired hurt), 5-183 (Robin Smith), 6-183 (Chris Cowdrey), 7-185 (Derek Pringle), 8-185 (Jack Richards), 9-201 (Graham Dilley)
Malcolm Marshall2385532.39---00
Curtly Ambrose25.185842.30---00
Winston Benjamin922723.00---00
Courtney Walsh1244203.50---00
West Indies 1st INNINGS
Desmond Haynes lbw b Pringle541101537049.09
Jeff Dujon c Smith b Dilley1314142092.85
Carl Hooper lbw b Foster1957733033.33
Viv Richards (c)c Curtis b Foster1820254090.00
Gus Logie c Foster b Pringle4451598086.27
Keith Arthurton c †Richards b Pringle2771894038.02
Roger Harper c Gower b Foster561121618050.00
Malcolm Marshall c Gooch b Pringle3780042.85
Curtly Ambrose lbw b Pringle88920100.00
Winston Benjamin run out 918241050.00
Courtney Walsh not out 921482042.85
Extras(lb 15)15
TOTAL(81.2 Ov, RR: 3.38)275
Fall of wickets: 1-15 (Jeff Dujon), 2-61 (Carl Hooper), 3-97 (Viv Richards), 4-137 (Desmond Haynes), 5-156 (Gus Logie), 6-194 (Keith Arthurton), 7-210 (Malcolm Marshall), 8-222 (Curtly Ambrose), 9-245 (Winston Benjamin), 10-275 (Roger Harper)
Graham Dilley2055912.95---00
Neil Foster32.269833.03---00
Derek Pringle2779553.51---00
Chris Cowdrey20804.00---00
England 2nd INNINGS
Graham Gooch c Hooper b Walsh501001206050.00
Tim Curtis  b Ambrose1263901019.04
Bill Athey c †Dujon b Walsh1122490050.00
David Gower c †Dujon b Marshall212130016.66
Robin Smith lbw b Marshall1126421042.30
Chris Cowdrey (c) b Walsh536410013.88
Jack Richards  b Ambrose823390034.78
Allan Lamb c †Dujon b Ambrose1959873032.20
Derek Pringle  b Benjamin313180023.07
Neil Foster c Hooper b Benjamin01722000.00
Graham Dilley not out 2570040.00
Extras(b 3, lb 8, nb 4)15
TOTAL(61.5 Ov, RR: 2.23)138
Fall of wickets: 1-56 (Tim Curtis), 2-80 (Graham Gooch), 3-85 (David Gower), 4-85 (Bill Athey), 5-105 (Robin Smith), 6-105 (Chris Cowdrey), 7-127 (Jack Richards), 8-132 (Derek Pringle), 9-132 (Neil Foster), 10-138 (Allan Lamb)
Malcolm Marshall1744722.76---00
Curtly Ambrose19.544032.01---00
Courtney Walsh2093831.90---00
Winston Benjamin54220.40---00
West Indies 2nd INNINGS (target: 65 runs)
Desmond Haynes not out 2543542058.13
Jeff Dujon not out 4044547090.90
Extras(lb 2)2
TOTAL(14.3 Ov, RR: 4.62)67
Graham Dilley401604.00---00
Neil Foster713605.14---00
Chris Cowdrey3.301303.71---00
Headingley, Leeds
TossWest Indies, elected to field first
SeriesWest Indies tour of England
Player Of The Match
Curtly Ambrose
Curtly Ambrose
Series resultWest Indies led the 5-match series 3-0
Match numberTest no. 1101
Match daysday(5-day match)
Test debut
Keith Arthurton
Keith Arthurton
Robin Smith
Robin Smith
Tim Curtis
Tim Curtis
England Image
David Shepherd
England Image
Dickie Bird
Thu, 21 Jul - day 1 -England 1st innings 137/4 (Allan Lamb 45*, Robin Smith 23*, null ov)
Fri, 22 Jul - day 2 -West Indies 1st innings 156/5 (Keith Arthurton 1*, Roger Harper 0*, null ov)
Sat, 23 Jul - day 3 -West Indies 1st innings 238/8 (Roger Harper 31*, Winston Benjamin 7*, null ov)
Sun, 24 Jul - rest day
Mon, 25 Jul - day 4 -West Indies 2nd innings 27 (Desmond Haynes 10*, Jeff Dujon 17*, null ov)
Tue, 26 Jul - day 5 -West Indies 2nd innings 67 (14.3 ov) - end of match
  • Attendance: 44,350
  • AJ Lamb retired hurt at 183/4