1st T20I (N), Derby, Sep 21 2020, West Indies Women tour of England
(20 ov, target 164)116/6
ENG Women won by 47 runs
player of the match
Tammy Beaumont
England Women
end of over 203 runs
WI-W: 116/6CRR: 5.8 
Britney Cooper0 (3)
Aaliyah Alleyne3 (5)
Katherine Brunt 4-1-8-0
Sophie Ecclestone 4-0-19-2

9.24pm: That will be that from us tonight. Valkerie's report will appear here very shortly, and we'll be back on Wednesday evening for the 2nd T20I. Thanks for your company!

Tammy Beaumont is player of the match: "It's been a very long time. It was good to be back at the top of the order after a very, very long lay-off. I feel like I've been playing for my place since January time, so it's made me look at my game and be more aggressive at the top. At the minute it's going quite well and it was good to put that into action in a real game rather than one against each other. It seemed to skid on quite nicely - hopefully it'll be good for the next four games."

Heather Knight: "Really pleased, delighted to be back and thought it was a really good performance. We ideally would have got a few more, but we were outstanding with the ball. Tammy was great - got us off to an amazing start. She'd done it in the warm-up games, so really pleased she did well. We're looking to win the series, but to keep improving all the time."

Stafanie Taylor: "It's not one of our best [performances]. We didn't adapt well to the pitch. Tammy batted really well and set the game up nicely for them. Looking back at that, we thought we were always behind and had to gain some momentum going into the batting. Some bowlers bowled well in patches but... not the best, really. Deandra batted well, but she needed someone to stay there with her. We thought too many dot balls strangled us a bit. We needed to go back to the footage and assess it, and see areas we can improve on. We have a training day tomorrow just to fine tune for Wednesday's game. I'm not sure if there will be many changes."

9.12pm: Well, a routine win for England in the end. They got off to such a good start with the bat, thanks primarily to Tammy Beaumont, that their late-innings slump mattered little. West Indies never really looked in the game, despite some lusty blows from Deandra Dottin - in particular, that towering 88m six over the leg side. But with nobody else reaching double figures, their run chase never got started, and Dottin put her foot down too late in the piece to get them close. Anya Shrubsole was expensive, but other than that England were excellent with the ball, and their extensive pre-series preparation has clearly paid off. Stick around for the presentation, coming up shortly.

Brunt to Cooper, no run

banged in on a length, nudged to short extra cover, and England win the first T20I by 47 runs

48 off 1 ball. Just keep your foot behind the line!

Brunt to Alleyne, 1 run

banged in halfway down, and pulled out to long leg

Brunt to Alleyne, no run

back-of-the-hand slower ball, nudged to short fine leg. Alleyne considers a single, but decides against

Brunt to Cooper, 1 leg bye

eventually the third ball of this over is bowled! Tickled off the pads to fine leg in the circle

And now dead ball is called halfway through Brunt's run-up! One fielder too many outside the ring, this time

Bit of a delay here... some problem for Brunt, by the looks of it? They're looking for some sawdust, apparently! Four balls to go, 50 runs needed, and Brunt is insisting that she needs some sawdust! Can you believe it? A member of the Derby groundstaff has come out with a bucket, at snail's pace... he's finally broken into a jog! And is now walking again. I'm not sure this actually is sawdust, it's bright blue for a start! And now the Benny Hill music as he sprints off... surreal stuff

Brunt to Alleyne, 1 run

rears sharply from a length, and Alleyne swivel-pulls out to deep backward square, riding the bounce

Brunt to Alleyne, no run

offcutter, nudged towards midwicket

Brunt to finish the job for England.

51 needed off the last. Coach Keightley has a hot water bottle down in the dugout... reckon it's a chilly one in Derbados!

end of over 191 run • 2 wickets
WI-W: 113/6CRR: 5.94 RRR: 51
Aaliyah Alleyne1 (1)
Britney Cooper0 (1)
Sophie Ecclestone 4-0-19-2
Anya Shrubsole 4-0-36-0
Ecclestone to Alleyne, 1 run

punched out to long-off to get off the mark and retain the strike

Alleyne at No. 8.

Ecclestone to Henry, OUT

length ball, struck on the back pad this time and umpire Burns puts his finger up! Henry reviews, and why not? Looked good to the naked eye... her only hope is that it was too high, I reckon. Ultra-Edge confirms no bat involved. Hitting in-line, and smashing into the top of middle stump! Ecclestone has her second

Chinelle Henry lbw b Ecclestone 0 (4m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Ecclestone to Henry, no run

length ball, skids on with the angle, and Henry is struck on the thigh pad shaping to work into the leg side

Chinelle Henry is in at No. 7

Ecclestone to Dottin, OUT

skids on from round the wicket, and Dottin loses her off stump as she gives herself room to cut! Lost shape in the shot, shifting over to the leg side, and Ecclestone's arm ball knocks her over. Dottin goes for 69, and any faint, lingering hopes of a West Indies win depart with her

Deandra Dottin b Ecclestone 69 (78m 59b 6x4 2x6) SR: 116.94
Ecclestone to Dottin, no run

down the leg side as Dottin looks to work to leg, but can't get bat on it. Half-hearted appeal from Ecclestone... might have been worth a review?

Ecclestone to Dottin, no run

sharp turn from a length as Dottin shapes to clobber over the leg side, but can't lay bat on it

Ecclestone to bowl the 19th. 52 off 12 balls required. Five sixes this over and it's on!