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2nd T20I, Adelaide, January 22, 2022, Women's Ashes

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So that's it for today. On behalf of Alex, Andrew and Vairavan, this is Srivathsa signing off from comms. Do catch up on all the action and analysis on this platform. We will be back tomorrow for game 3. Till then take care and stay safe. Ta, ta!

3:30pm local: The game has been abandoned. A steady band of rain has put an end to proceedings. Both teams get a point each from this game and we move onto the next one which is on the same ground tomorrow. Let's hope the weather does not play spoilsport in that one.

Jack: "Still raining pretty steadily here in Adelaide. Think this one is all over unfortunately."

Thanks Alex! Let's hope the rain clears soon and we can get in a shortened game at least.

3pm The latest start time we can recommence is 3.53pm. We need a minimum of five overs per side to constitute a match. Srivathsa Vennelaganti will step into commentary while the rain falls.

2.48pm Rain halts play. It is coming down hard now. Full covers are coming on. Here is the band of rain coming through. There is a clear patch behind it but this will be here for a little bit.

King to Beaumont, 1 leg bye

drifting into leg, it hits the pad and rolls into the off side as they pinch one

Rain falling. Alana King on

end of over 48 runs
ENG-W: 24/0CRR: 6.00 
Danni Wyatt14 (12)
Tammy Beaumont6 (13)
Megan Schutt 1-0-8-0
Tahlia McGrath 1-0-6-0

Powerplay done. 0 for 24

Schutt to Wyatt, no run

skips out and it bounces from a length and jumps off the gloves safely into the off side. Wyatt was surprised by the bounce

Schutt to Wyatt, FOUR runs

sliced over backward point! Full and wide, Wyatt moved legside and lifted it over backward point with ease

Schutt to Wyatt, no run

nearly bowled! Good length on middle, she tried to launch over long on but missed and it bounced over middle stump

Schutt to Beaumont, 1 run

108kph, good length, she mistimes a square drive to the left of cover for a single

Schutt to Wyatt, 3 runs

advances and flicks it fine past the fielder at short fine with the swing. Carey has a long chase from backward square and dives to haul it in well

Schutt to Wyatt, no run

105kph, back of a length, she advances and checks her shot, pushing to cover

Last over of the powerplay. Schutt into the attack

end of over 36 runs
ENG-W: 16/0CRR: 5.33 
Tammy Beaumont5 (12)
Danni Wyatt7 (7)
Tahlia McGrath 1-0-6-0
Darcie Brown 1-0-3-0

PeterWarrington: "Surprised to see England go with only the two pace bowlers and Sciver again. 4 spinners seems excessive?" Clearly a bit spooked by the ease of Australia's chase the other night.

McGrath to Beaumont, no run

full and straight, she clips this powerfully off her pads straight to midwicket

McGrath to Beaumont, no run

shapes to scoop, it's a full inswinger that hits her foot

McGrath to Beaumont, no run

short and wide, she hammers a cut straight to backward point

McGrath to Beaumont, FOUR runs

advances and whips square of midwicket! She got a shin high full toss as she skipped down and swatted it square. Wasn't well timed but hit well enough

McGrath to Beaumont, no run

back of a length, 108kph, she tries to pull but checks the short and bunts it back to the bowler

McGrath to Beaumont, 1 wide

shapes to scoop, it's fired down leg and another wide

McGrath to Beaumont, 1 wide

112kph, back of a length shaping down leg and Healy takes it with the one hand

McGrath to Beaumont, no run

110kph, Beaumont charges and swings wildly at a length ball outside off and misses completely

Tahlia McGrath

end of over 24 runs
ENG-W: 10/0CRR: 5.00 
Danni Wyatt7 (7)
Tammy Beaumont1 (6)
Darcie Brown 1-0-3-0
Ashleigh Gardner 1-0-6-0
Brown to Wyatt, 2 runs

113kph short, she pulls straight down the ground, it just checks up on the wet outfield and it's hauled in

Brown to Wyatt, no run

she charges and moves leg side, it swings well wide and out of reach but because Wyatt moved she gets away with it

The lights are on. It is dark

Brown to Wyatt, no run

full and wide swinging away, she toes a square drive to backward point

Brown to Wyatt, no run

full swinging yorker wide of off and beats the edge

Slip out for the free hit

It was a no-ball too! Free-hit coming

Brown to Beaumont, (no ball) 1 bye

short and swinging way wide of off, Healy can't glove it cleanly and they pinch an extra run. That ball swung prodigiously

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