9th Match, Group A, Melbourne, Feb 27 2020, ICC Women's T20 World Cup
(20 ov, target 134)130/6
IND Women won by 3 runs
player of the match
Shafali Verma
India Women
end of over 2012 runs • 1 wicket
NZ-W: 130/6CRR: 6.50 
Amelia Kerr34 (19)
Shikha Pandey4-0-21-1
Poonam Yadav4-0-32-1

From the cracker in Melbourne, we move to Canberra for another crucial Group A game between hosts Australia and Bangladesh. Alex and Peter Della Penna wait for you there. This is Ankur Dhawan signing off.

Harmanpreet Kaur: It's a great feeling when your team performs day in day out. Still we made the same mistakes after a good first ten overs, we got a good start but couldn't carry the momentum. We can't make silly mistakes with harder games coming up. Shafali is giving us good starts, her initial runs are crucial for us.

Sophie Devine: I thought we did a fantastic job to restrict them after Shafali's start. We adapted to the conditions, adjusted our lines and lengths, tied them down. The way the team nearly closed out the game was fantastic, Amelia Kerr did a fantastic job to nearly win it for us in the end. We certainly can't dwell on this or sulk about it for too long, we have Bangladesh next.

Shafali Verma is the player of the match: Feeling good, very happy with the performance, want to continue doing this. I waited for the loose balls and converted those. Credit goes to my father and academy to have helped me get here

India just hang on by 3 runs!. They might have some middle-order problems to address but this win takes them into the semi-finals, the first team to do so. Bowlers to the party again as India defend another lowish total, narrowly this time. Amelia Kerr brought New Zealand within touching distance taking 18 from the penultimate over and kept them in the game till the very last ball, but couldn't quite get a well executed yorker away.

Pandey to Kerr, 1 leg bye, OUT

Pandey nails the yorker! Kerr stepped outside off to scoop again, Pandey followed and jammed the yorker under the bat, it hits the pad and all they get is a leg bye. Jensen strangely tried to run for a second and was run out while Kerr was looking away at the other end distraught having not got bat on ball. The throw came to the keeper and Jensen didn't try to get back. It matters little

Hayley Jensen run out (Pandey) 11 (7b 1x4 0x6) SR: 157.14
Pandey to Kerr, FOUR runs

a scoop over short third man! Incredible shot! Stunning. It was full outside off, she shaped to scoop early, Pandey went wide and she scooped it the other way over short third man!

Two boundaries for a super over

Pandey to Jensen, 1 run

yorker length on middle, she digs this out to midwicket

Pandey to Kerr, 1 run

104kph, low full toss, she skips out and drives straight to Mandhana at midwicket for just one

Pandey to Jensen, 1 run

full outside off, she drills it flat and it goes through the hands of Pandey! That was a tough chance above her head. They get one

Pandey to Jensen, FOUR runs

thick inside edge runs fine for four! Fine leg was up. It was full on off, she cleared the front leg, swung hard and got a thick inside edge, it runs past leg and away for four!

Shikha Pandey will bowl the final over

end of over 1918 runs
NZ-W: 118/5CRR: 6.21 RRR: 16.00 • Need 16 runs from 6b
Amelia Kerr29 (16)
Hayley Jensen5 (4)
Poonam Yadav4-0-32-1
Deepti Sharma4-0-27-1

Just 16 needed off the last over now

Poonam to Kerr, FOUR runs

thumped over cover! What batting from Kerr! Tossed up, she skipped down and lofted inside out over cover to find the rope!

Poonam to Kerr, FOUR runs

full toss, she advances and square drives past point! Brilliant batting. Poonam Yadav under pressure for the first time in the tournament

Poonam to Kerr, no run

wrong un, she stepped outside off to pull fine again but missed this one. It was too full

Deep square goes back now

Poonam to Kerr, FOUR runs

shorter length, she steps way inside the line and pulls up and over short fine leg again! Clever batting. Just sitting back and waiting and clubbing it over short fine

Poonam to Kerr, 2 runs

she drives powerfully wide of long off, Sharma has to work hard on the rope to make the save

Poonam to Kerr, FOUR runs

shorter on middle, she stepped inside the line and pulled up and over short fine leg!