Freddie won the Ashes on a Monday; his book was serialised on a Tuesday; there were further revelations on Wednesday and Thursday and no doubt there will be more on Friday and Saturday and Sunday, too.

Andrew Flintoff s revelations, like that irritating Craig David song, look set to run and run.

Today s startling news is that he (Freddie, not Craig) fears his career may be precariously positioned.

"Every day I bowl I wonder how much longer it is going to last," Flintoff writes in The Times, "because I am never quite sure what is going to happen with my back." Read that article here. The newspaper does say that today's extract is the last - but just wait until the book itself comes out.

And if you want to know what Cricinfo make it of it all, then click here for Andrew Miller's comment on fantastic Freddie's candid cameos.