Australia v Ireland - Turning points

0.1 Watson to Porterfield, OUT, 80.4 mph, gone! First ball. Perfect start for Australia. Was dropped in short, Porterfield responded with a hook, gets a top edge and it is comfortably taken by long leg

5.5 Maxwell to Joyce, OUT, 58.1 mph, very soft...tossed up on off stump, Joyce tries to go over the top but can only lob his drive straight to mid-off who was inside the circle

14.6 Watson to KJ O'Brien, OUT, 79.9 mph, big wicket! Excellent over from Watson. A short ball, Kevin tried to upper-cut it down to third man and was a little half-hearted in the short which led to an edge to Wade.

3.6 Johnston to Watson, SIX, poor line again, on leg stump and flicked effortlessly over deep square-leg...didn't use brute force there, just timing Australia on the charge as that over costs 19

9.4 Dockrell to Watson, SIX, 54.3 mph, that's massive! Watson deep in his crease again and pulls it high and handsome over deep midwicket to take him to a 28-ball fifty