Canada and the Marylebone Cricket Club have a long association going back to June10, 1880 when the two sides met at Lord's during the Canadian tour of the British Isles. The tourists fielded 15 players but went down to a crushing defeat by an innings and 123 runs.

However, the Canadian team of 1880 was not considered to be official and during the match against Leicestershire on Jun2 & 3, the Canadian captain, Thomas Jordan was arrested and charged with desertion from the British Army. His real name was Thomas Dale. Soon after this event the tour collapsed and the hapless Canadians returned home.

The first official match between the two sides took place at Lord's during the 1887 Canadian tour of the United Kingdom, which was led by Dr. E. R. Ogden. The game was played on August 1 & 2 and the result ended in a draw. The M.C.C. was led on this occasion by I.D. Walker of Middlesex.

The first game between the two sides on Canadian soil took place at Ottawa on October 2 & 3 during the M.C.C. tour of 1907 which was led by H.K. Hesketh-Prichard of Hampshire. Canada was captained by the famous fast bowler Hal McGiverin of Hamilton and the result was a draw.

During the 1936 Canadian tour of England under the leadership of W.E.N. (Billy) Bell, the Canadians managed their first victory over the M.C.C. at Lord's on July 23 & 24 when they were victorious by 13 runs, due mainly to the efforts of spinner Ted Carlton who bagged 5 for 32. The M.C.C. was led by Major R.T. Stanyforth of the British Army.

The M.C.C. toured Canada in 1967 led by Dennis Silk of Somerset as part of the Canadian Centenary celebrations and a gala match was staged at Ottawa on July 29, 30, 31. H.A. (Tony) Clarke captained the strong Canadian side on this memorable occasion, but the visitors won easily by an innings and 22 runs.

The most recent tour of Canada by the M.C.C. took place in 1985 under the captaincy of Nick Pocock of Hampshire. During a three-day match against Canada led by Farouk Kirmani of Toronto on September 20, 21, & 22 a total of 1142 runs were scored to set a match record for Canadian cricket but once again the result was a draw.