Stuart Broad removed David Warner for the seventh time in the series in Australia's second innings at The Oval to complete one of the more one-sided contests between a batsman and a bowler you will see, causing havoc with his around-the-wicket line. Here's how it's been recorded by our commentary team

Edgbaston, 1st innings

3.5 NOW THAT'S OUT!! Full and fast, pinned in front of middle and leg! Warner is gone, no attempt even to review - Broad has burst through in the fourth over of the morning, and Edgbaston is all over this! "Cheerio, cheerio!" they crow, as Warner grits his teeth and heads for the dressing rooms. But hang on, because Hawk-Eye now has its say: and the ball was missing leg!! So a Tale of Two Missed Reviews ends with Warner back in the hutch for spit

Edgbaston, 2nd innings

2.6 huge appeal from Bairstow and the slips! Broad isn't so sure, but the cordon is adamant there was a noise as Warner flirted outside off! It's gone to a review and the crowd like what they've seen already! Almost off the back of the bat as Warner tried to leave that uncomfortable kicking back-of-a-length, and that's 450 wickets for Broad, and a massive one at that!

Lord's, 1st innings

4.2 bowled 'im, shaves the leg bail! Big nip-backer from round the wicket and Warner goes cheaply again! Broad the man to get him for the third time in a row this series, slightly rickety defensive shot but that was a sweet cherry - and England have their opening

Headingley, 2nd innings

1.2 big appeal... given! Wilson looked like he shook his head, and then stuck the finger up - utterly bizarre - and Warner sends it upstairs... impact umpire's call, and smashing into leg stump on with the angle! Warner's struggles against Broad continue! Wide on the crease again from Broad - you know the drill now when he's bowling to Warner - and moved in off the seam to thwack him on the pad

Old Trafford, 1st innings

0.4 caught behind! Five times for Broad! Warner trying to leave made his decision to late! Got a little outside edge before withdrawing the bat. Easy catch for Bairstow! It was a good length but way wide of off. It didn't shape away much. The tightness of the previous leave maybe caused doubt for Warner and he was too late to withdraw the bat!

Old Trafford, 2nd innings

0.6 given lbw! Broad's done it again! A straighter delivery, good length, spears into the pads and Warner is trapped deep in the crease. A pair for Warner, his first in Tests and three ducks in a row

The Oval, 2nd innings

6.4 gone! Do not adjust your monitors, Stuart Broad has got David Warner again! Again, you know the drill. Round the wicket, on a length, Warner has a nibble at it, and edges it to slip where Burns takes a good catch. Seven times in the series!