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How RCB finished so near and yet so far against KKR

A ball-by-ball account of the last over in RCB's chase of 223 against KKR at Eden Gardens

RCB needed 21 off the last over against KKR, with Mitchell Starc bowling to Karn Sharma and Mohammed Siraj. Here's how ESPNcricinfo called the tense finish at Eden Gardens
19.1 Starc to Karn, SIX runs Tonks it for six! Would you believe it? Starc the bowler, Karn the batter. And he starts the over with a six. Full and wide outside off, he slices it over deep backward point.
19.2 Starc to Karn, no run Was there an edge? Starc thinks so, Salt joins in belatedly, and KKR review. Full and wide outside off, 140.4kph, Karn looks to go over off again. Snicko shows a spike as the ball passes the bat. Now, did the ball carry? Does not look like that. The ball is grounded rules the TV umpire. Salt is unhappy and has a good long word with the leggie. Seems to suggest they just looked at one angle.
19.3 Starc to Karn, SIX runs Starc vs Karn tonight - two sixes in three balls! Once again he goes length, at full pace outside off, 135kph, Karn anticipates it, gets his front foot out and thumps it over extra cover.
19.4 Starc to Karn, SIX runs Karn is doing unbelievable things at Eden Gardens! KKR are shell-shocked. Russell cannot believe it. A large section of the crowd cannot, too. Once again opts for pace, outside off, Karn slices it well over backward point and gets six more.
19.5 Starc to Karn, OUT Terrific catch from Starc in his follow-through! Karn is on his haunches. Siraj has run all the way to the other end. Low full toss just outside off, Karn smacks it right back, but off the toe end. Starc gets low down in his follow-through and it sticks in his right hand. He has his arm aloft. Another twist!
19.6 Starc to Ferguson, 1 run, OUT Is Ferguson run-out? Or are we in for Super Over? Ferguson is well short and KKR sneak home! Starc went around the wicket and bowled a very full one outside off, he squeezed it through cover. The sweeper fielded the ball and returned a wide throw - that Pommie Mbangwa on-air termed "rubbish" - to Salt, who did well to collect it and dive on the stumps. Scenes at the Eden Gardens!