The missile
The death overs are generally cause for "throwing one's bat", but Chris Hartley took that cliché a little literally in the 19th over, when aiming a slog at Jason Holder. The bowler pitched a length ball outside off stump, and Hartley wound up a big shot over midwicket, only to miss the ball completely and lose his grip on the bat at the top of his follow through. The blade went some distance in the air and ended up some way to the 30-yard circle, just behind square on the leg side.
The miss
MS Dhoni has had a fine tournament so far, but was generous today to Chris Lynn, who should have been out in a straightforward manner for 27. R Ashwin bowled two dot balls to Lynn to begin the third over, and when he drew a thick top edge off the third delivery, the ball flew high into the air behind the batsman. Dhoni went after it immediately and called early, waving away Suresh Raina who had run in from short leg. But despite having a manageable distance to cover, Dhoni misjudged the ball's trajectory and let it fall to the ground without even laying a glove to it.
The debutant's journey
Imran Tahir had made his Champions League debut on Friday for his 27th professional side, but while Brisbane Heat's debutant on Saturday did not have such a thorough CV, his path to the Champions League this year is just as interesting. Exactly a month ago, 25-year-old Dom Michael was playing a three-day match for Surrey 2nd XI, and a week before that, for Kent 2nd XI. Seven days prior to that, even more remarkably, Michael was playing List A cricket for Netherlands.
The relief
M Vijay came into the match with three consecutive ducks behind him, and he was almost made to wait before he snapped that streak in the first over. The ball went off Vijay's pad and the batsmen crossed for a run, but thankfully the umpire had spotted the inside edge and did not signal leg byes. The run was enough cause for Hussey to come down the pitch and offer congratulations, and Vijay went on to make 42.

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