Australia news April 4, 2013

Pattinson out of IPL for abdominal surgery


James Pattinson, the Australia fast bowler, is out of the IPL and may also miss the Champions Trophy that precedes the Ashes after he was compelled to have surgery on what Cricket Australia has described as "a non-cricket related medical condition in his lower abdominal region."

The departure of Pattinson to India for his stint with Kolkata Knight Riders was initially delayed until Friday as medical staff awaited the results of tests and the advice of specialists. However, on receipt of opinion that Pattinson should undergo surgery immediately, he has been ruled out of competing in the Twenty20 event, joining the national captain Michael Clarke on the sidelines.

Pattinson wishes to keep the condition private, but it is not believed to be serious, nor likely to affect his cricket future beyond the time required to recover from the surgery.

"James Pattinson will be having surgery tomorrow for a non-cricket related medical condition in his lower abdominal region that has been troubling him during the latter part of the recently concluded tour of India," CA's chief medical officer Justin Paoloni said. "James has undergone tests and consulted specialists since returning from India, and it was felt that surgery is absolutely necessary at this time.

"The recovery times will [be] determined once the surgery is completed but James is expected to return to training in approximately four weeks. His preparation for The Ashes is not expected to be affected but his availability for the ICC Champions Trophy will be determined at a later stage."

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  • P on April 7, 2013, 11:11 GMT

    Pattinson is a good young fast bowler and did well even on the dead pitches in India. Australia needs to 'mother' its new pacers well, by rotation and rehab. Even then, it will be tough against England, just because except one, the other Aussie batsmen won't have made the australian team's short list 5 years back.

  • Dummy4 on April 7, 2013, 5:04 GMT

    @Mitty2 "bairstow's innate ability to play the short ball will truly leave England in great hands when the aforementioned retire. :)

    Can't wait to see bairstow face Cummings. I'm sure you'll feel the same. "

    If Cummins ever took the pitch we might find out, although Bairstow stood in for KP in the third Test against SA and scored 95, against an attack far superior to Australia's, so I doubt anyone's that worried.

  • j on April 6, 2013, 15:00 GMT

    @Mitty2: Credit where it's due, those endless Ashes thrashing do seem to have stung you somewhat. I sat through every hour of the 2009, 2010/11 Ashes as well as the 2012 Whitewash. Anderson settled your little internal debate back then, you should've seen it, it was wonderful bowliing to watch. Check out his flat deck bowling in India too if you like, where the Australia bowlers you mentioned showed they weren't half the bowler he is. Embarrassing, I think you'll find is the only word.

  • Hamish on April 6, 2013, 8:28 GMT

    @FFL, Anderson has an average of above 30, he deserves little plaudits for that. Places like England and Australia are conducive for pace bowling, especially in England which is a place especially renowned for swing. Which is incredibly funny considering he averages above 30 lol. And on flat decks... He averaged 30 when he had three walking wickets in yuvraj Singh, gambhir and sehwag... Even a trundler like Finn and broad could get wickets against those regressed players (lol they were even worse they both didn't take a single wicket hah). Compare that with pattinson, who bowls 15km/h quicker than Anderson and also swings it; he averaged 27 when he had none of gambhir and Singh to bowl to.

    Oh and Anderson averaged 37 against new Zealand. That's right, new Zealand. The infamous '45' batting line up and they are ranked eighth. You see, if we played NZ, pattinson, bird and starc wouldve got them out for less than 250 every innings, want to know why? Because they bowl over 130!!!!

  • Tim on April 5, 2013, 22:08 GMT

    England's batsmen are only going to see one bowler they've ever faced before this series (Siddle who is 1000% improved) and their aging batting lineup haven't been great of late. I'm expecting both sides to be shot out for some low scores but as far as confidence goes Australia have nowhere to go but up and England will have nowhere to go but down. Once both teams realise they're in a fight it'll be advantage Australia. Very close series coming up, 5 tests may be too many for the old men of England.

  • shajudeen on April 5, 2013, 21:30 GMT

    Hi Kolkata Guys, lets sign Philander - he will be a revelation like famous 'Gayle Sign for RCB' he developed all his skills from T20 matches - yes am not kidding

  • Moz on April 5, 2013, 19:12 GMT

    Front-Foot-Lunge - there has only been one whitewash of late between Australia and England, and that was in 2006/07. And England didn't win that one.

  • j on April 5, 2013, 17:13 GMT

    Australia have no one close to Anderson, the bowler that sent so many Aussie 'batsmen' back to the pavilion in last Ashes and the whitewash last year. Aussie seamer can't even swing it back in accidently, Anderson has famously been doing it at will for years. 300 test wickets and average of 27 in the last five years in an era of flat pitches and carbon fiber bats speaks volumes. A decade or so down the line, after Aus have started their 'transition phase' they may produce someone similar. But they sure don't now and sure don't look like producing one any time soon. The fact that the same Indian team England thrashed just whitewashed Aus show us, amongst many many other things, the fact that Australia don't have a flat-deck/green-top specialist. Australia really need to give some new blood a chance from the academies, a bit like India did in the previous few decades, as the Ashes look very safe at the home of cricket for a long time yet.

  • Sean on April 5, 2013, 5:08 GMT

    @mitty2 Just like i cant wait to Swann v the aussie left handers & Jimmy v Hughes & Warner & Cowan & Watson & Wade

  • Hamish on April 5, 2013, 4:57 GMT

    But on a serious note, this is very good news for Australia, and as @electric_lopo_WAP4 states; not so good for England. The funniest thing I've heard from the English lately was discounting the caliber of our quicks based on an ODI series, which is virtually a different sport entirely: different ball (that has no seam/swing after 5 overs), featherbed pitches and different goals among the bowlers and the batsman. And of course, as @meety asserts, pattinson, is most definitely not as good in the one day format as he is in tests and first class (look at his stats if you want verification). So all in all, this is good news for aus, as hopefully he can miss the champions trophy as well as the IPL and be 100% fit and firing for the ashes.

    The only player who needs to be in the IPL from an australian point of view is Ryan Harris, as he said himself, because he's up and running he wants to just keep on bowling and keep up that pace and form.