Top End Series, 2006 December 8, 2005

Three A-teams to tour Australia early next year

Cricinfo staff

A-teams from India, Pakistan and New Zealand will tour Australia for a the top end series - comprising Twenty20, one-day and four-day fixtures - to be held in Darwin and Cairns in July 2006.

As part of the program, local representative teams from Queensland and the Northern Territory will take part in the series, providing participants with an excellent opportunity to gain experience against some of international cricket's aspirants.

James Sutherland, CEO of Cricket Australia, said the series will be a perfect occasion for cricket fans in Darwin and Cairns to enjoy international cricket in their own backyard. "Having four international teams taking part during what is a relatively quiet time on the international cricket program ensures that some of the world's best cricketers are available to take part in the series, which is a fantastic boost for cricket fans in Darwin and Cairns."

Date Match Venue
June 30 India v NT Prime Minister's XI (four-day match) Marrara Stadium
July5 Pakistan v India (Twenty/20) Marrara Stadium
July5 Australia v New Zealand (Twenty/20) Marrara Stadium
July 7 Pakistan v India (one-day match) Marrara Stadium
July 7 New Zealand v Northern Territories (one-day match) to be confirmed
July 8 Australia v New Zealand (one-day match) Mararra Stadium
July 9 Australia v Pakistan (one-day match) Marrara Stadium
July 11 Pakistan v Australia (four-day match) Marrara Stadium
July 12 India v New Zealand to be confirmed
July 17 Pakistan v New Zealand (four-day match) Cairns
July 18 India v Australia (four-day game) Cairns
July 22 Pakistan v Queensland (one-day match) Cairns
July 23 Aus v Ind (one-day match) Cairns
July 25 Pak v NZ (one-day match) Cairns
July 26 Ind v NZ (one-day match ) Cairns
July 28 Ind v NZ (Twenty/20) Cairns
July 28 Aus v Pak (Twenty/20) Cairns