Australian news June 2, 2010

Australia envisage separate Test and T20 teams

Cricinfo staff

Australia could one day have separate Twenty20 and Test teams playing simultaneously, according to the chief executive of Cricket Australia James Sutherland. The gap between the formats has grown and only five of the 11 who lost the World Twenty20 final to England are regulars in Australia's Test outfit.

Sutherland believes the separation will continue to grow, with more and more Twenty20 specialists likely to appear. The Australian reported that Sutherland outlined the vision in his keynote speech at a Cricket Australia conference in Queensland on Tuesday.

"While hosting Tests here, Australia could have its Twenty20 team touring somewhere else," Sutherland said. "It is difficult not to see a generation of players coming through with an eye to becoming Twenty20 specialists. As more Twenty20 cricket is played there are clearly opportunities for players to choose to be specialists.

"Taking it through to its natural extension, if you have a specialist team then why can't you have a specialist Twenty20 team and a specialist Test team [playing] at the same time? In rugby union, for example, the ARU has a sevens team and a Wallabies team."

However, while such an idea might suit older players who retire from first-class cricket to pursue a Twenty20 career, such as Dirk Nannes, it could make for some tough choices for younger men. Steven Smith, for example, has made his name as a Twenty20 player but his Test hopes could be scuppered if such a concept was in place.

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  • dragon_head on June 6, 2010, 6:58 GMT

    if you have seperate test and 20-20 teams, you'll end up having a team that india sent to zimbabwe...all hype and no substance...

  • vijaysun1 on June 2, 2010, 23:59 GMT

    While I agree that the teams in the two formats could be composed of different players I certainly don't agree with the possibility that a T20 international could occur at the same time as a Test. Think about it. The players this would penalize most is those who are actually talented and flexible enough to play in both formats; why should these players be asked to make a choice rather than getting rewarded. Won't either format be poorer for not having the services of top players like Warne, Ponting, Tendulkar, Lara or Akram who would have excelled at any format of the game ? Having some players that only participate in one format is nothing new; there are countless limited overs specialists playing today anyway. Not sure what the great "insight" here is in the remarks by Sutherland.

  • antleredzen on June 2, 2010, 17:52 GMT

    I thinks its a great and inevitable idea. Im just thinking of say David Warner who is a brilliant 20/20 player but not that defensive Vs Simon Katich, more of a grapher who will probabably never smash it round for 6. The question is... Will it kill test cricket as there is pobably no money in it?

    I would like to see much 20/20 played and a couple of tests every year. Test could be a thing to savor, like a world cup or championships where 20/20 could be the staple which certainly dosent go on for days and is more palatable for the masses.

    Big decisions need to be made!

  • dummy4fb on June 2, 2010, 16:04 GMT

    Couldnt agree more. In fact i am from the school of thought that believes no player should play all 3 versions of the game. He should choose at most 2 versions.

  • Thunee_man_Naidoo on June 2, 2010, 15:00 GMT

    ICC should ban international T20's or atleast encourage players to stive in all formats of the game

  • knowledge_eater on June 2, 2010, 14:56 GMT

    it is 2010 I meant .. its just that stupid movie boggling in my mind hahaha btw. many people do believe in that idiotic thing that there won't be world after that. In fact, that culture knew that Humans don't have capability to live that longer since there was lot of killings at that time but in fact we did. So, it is time to evolve and focus on real Human stuff. More social stuff, like I am doing right now. Cheers

  • deanc on June 2, 2010, 14:47 GMT

    This concept is something I and others have been discussing for a while and I think for all the right reasons is inevitable. Due to our structure, development and depth I'll take it a step further by suggesting there should be three playing squads for the three formats - and it may well become policy that if you are a regular test player you can forget playing T20. Whilst I'm not a fan of T20 it's not going anywhere in a hurry and now is the time to plan for it's addition to our international schedules. First priority is the development and performance of the test team, then our ODI team and as James suggests having a distinct specialist T20 team. Ironically Clarke playing T20 is almost the opposite of this concept. An astute captain he may be but he is simply not a T20 batsmen and who really wants him to be. I'm sure most would prefer to see him make a few classical test tons to help us win the Ashes later this year.

  • knowledge_eater on June 2, 2010, 14:40 GMT

    Hey @Popcorn read this. Finally somebody is handling press properly on this side of the world. It is about time. More formats, more players, more coaches, more audience, more funding, more investments, more people are getting healthy, more jobs, more money going to hard working family, more cricket, more sports, more reporters, more tv channels, More vendors, more grass, better for environment, more cleaning staff, more bats, more bowl, more products sponsoring, more products production sell on ground. More more and more. People who whine about it are nothing more than self righteous hypocrites who never wants to come out of their fairy tail world. It is 2012. Human Population is increasing at exponential rate, how do you explain them that and keep them doing sane jobs like sports and not allow them to fall from cribs. Ask Micheal Holding and Geidon Heigh how do you plan to give more employments to once who will never make it to Test/ODI teams ? Thank you Peace

  • dummy4fb on June 2, 2010, 13:08 GMT

    I dont understand indian mentality .. I mean its australia.. let them do what they want to do..

  • dummy4fb on June 2, 2010, 11:20 GMT

    i swear i wud have cracked up soo much had sumbudy else proposed dis idea but its cuming 4rom Aus so its okayyy........... I MEAN I AM AN INDIAN WHOL IVES IN AUSTRALIA and watch the domestic tournaments here- the players have sooo gud talent and wud have made it 2 any squad but Australia.... i mean players lyk Paine, Steven Smith, HUGHES, Katich, Mitch Marsh nd alll........ its unbelievable that shaun marsh cant play 4 Australia in t20!!!!!

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