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Alex Doolan suffers side strain

ESPNcricinfo staff

Alex Doolan, Australia's incumbent Test No.3, has returned home from a tour of India after suffering a side strain. Doolan was in Bangalore to play a pair of four-day games for a National Performance Squad XI in an effort to give him exposure to unfamiliar conditions, and he scored 83 in the first game against a team from India's National Cricket Academy.

However, Doolan suffered the side strain while batting and will return home to have the injury properly assessed. Doolan made his Test debut during Australia's most recent series in South Africa and played all three Tests, scoring 89 on debut in Centurion and averaging 31 over the course of the tour.

Although he was unable to break through for a maiden century during the South African tour, Doolan showed enough promise to suggest that he could be part of the squad for Australia's next Test series, against Pakistan in the UAE in October. Cricket Australia physiotherapist David Beakley said it was unclear at this stage how long Doolan would take to recover.

"[Doolan] will return home to Hobart to undergo further investigation and rehab ahead of his next playing commitments," Beakley said. "He will have scans in Hobart which will provide a clear indication of the injury and the timeframe for his return to play."

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  • peter on August 14, 2014, 14:07 GMT

    good news. hopefully he stays injured when the next test team is picked

  • James on August 13, 2014, 11:23 GMT

    @Landl47: He, like Marsh, is the sort of player who looks good when he bats. He has a good technique and is easy on the eye and all that. With Marsh, his problem is form swings, scores bucket loads for a few games, gets golden ducks for a few. For Doolan, he gets in then gets out. He doesn't go on after getting to 50, i think he has 30 odd first class 50's with only 6 hundreds. He got out for 83 here again, showing that he gave it away yet again.

    But for Boof, he loves that kind of player. He feels as if he can 'unlock' the hidden potential in him. A bit like what the poms did with Trescothick, Vaughan, and Collingwood. Boof wants to do that.

  • Mashuq on August 13, 2014, 6:31 GMT

    You make a good point about blooding someone, @landl47. The problem is that two of the better players are either injured or not quite there or both. I'm thinking Chris Lynn and Joe Burns. If either can have a good season, especially Lynn's few FC games, I'd want one or both to go to England rather than older wannabes like Doolan and Marsh. Hughes and Khawaja are not quite out of the set up but I'd prefer the other two get shots if their form justifies it.

  • John on August 12, 2014, 23:57 GMT

    OK, help me out here. Doolan is 28 (29 in November), so he's not a youngster. He has a first-class average of 37.59 with 6 centuries. How do any of those numbers suggest that he should be batting #3 for Australia? There HAS to be a better candidate, doesn't there?

    I'm not being snarky about this, I'm really struggling to understand why a batsman with such a modest record would even be considered for arguably the most important position in the line-up. Wouldn't it be better to bring in a youngster, accept that he might take a while to mature and get him ready at, say, #6? After all, Clarke and Watson are approaching their mid-30s and Rogers and Haddin are the other side of 35. They're all going to have to be replaced in the next 2-3 years. Doolan's not going to be the guy, is he? If not, get Silk, Hughes, Lynn (when fit) and anyone else who looks promising and get them into the set-up while there are senior players around to mentor them. Why bother with stop-gaps like Doolan?

  • James on August 12, 2014, 10:06 GMT

    @Dunger.bob: Oh yeah, i get it. The edge to third man and the push to mid on are the only shots I had, singles do help. I just feel that someone who has played as much as Alex would know that too, and he would take the singles if he could. I don't think it is that he is not trying.

    Khawaja and Hughes also struggled with that apect aswell, so it's not as if they are any better. Doolan at least didn't get as many 'ooh's and 'aahs' when he batted - I remember not being able to stop watching the TV when Khawaja was batting because he just couldn't settle and it felt he could nick off every second. With Doolan, for the first time in a long time i felt as if i could witch the TV off and have the confidence he would still be there when i turned it back on in a couple of hours.

    In SA, when he got out for 5, he had spent over an hour at the crease which meant a partnership of 30/40 runs with Rogers whereas someone like Marsh got out for a 2 ball duck which speeds up the capitulation.

  • Jeremy on August 12, 2014, 8:00 GMT

    Get Mark Cosgrove in there.

  • wayne on August 12, 2014, 7:42 GMT

    Ozcricketwriter: Chris Lynn had shoulder surgery and won't be back at least until the BBL. Doolan has had three tests, against a fine attack with its back up on home soil. He didn't set the world alight, but he acquitted himself well, did a pretty good job fielding in close, too. I understand what you guys are saying about rotating the strike, perhaps this is something he might try and work into his game - few cricketers, regardless of age, hit the test arena as the finished article. If he's fit, I think he should at least be in the minds of the selectors for the UAE tour. Still, there has been a fair bit of first class cricket lately (good to see) which will give the selectors a lot to chew on. In the meantime, I hope Alex recovers well.

  • rob on August 12, 2014, 6:59 GMT

    @ xtrafalgarx : I take your point about some players being brick walls and at their best when batting slowly but I always found that I got into a better rhythm when rolling the ball around for ones and two's early on. Not that I ever played at a high level though. Anyway, it definitely helped my partner at the other end as well. It just gets the juices going somehow and I reckon Alex could at least try it out. You never know, it could help him get over those concentration lapses.

  • Adrian on August 12, 2014, 2:55 GMT

    That's a relief. Now he can be rightly dropped, to be replaced by Chris Lynn most likely, and we don't look like we are being nasty to Doolan. Phew.

  • James on August 12, 2014, 2:54 GMT

    Doolan looks the best at no.3 than any of the other youngsters we have tried since Ponting left. The only problem I have with Doolan is that he gets himself out too often when he is in. If he can get over that hurdle, for me he is fine.

    This whole 'turn over the srike' Chappelli stuff is all idealistic. Trott wasn't a busy player he did fine, neither was Boonie or Dravid but they did fine. Not all no.3's hve to be like Ponting, you can put guys there who blunt attacks out, and lay a platform for the stroke makers like Warner, Clarke,Watson and Smith

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