August 4, 2000

Bulls name trial teams

XXXX Queensland Bulls opening batsman Jimmy Maher will captain Queensland in four practice matches against Australia and New Zealand at Allan Border Field next week.

Maher will lead the Queensland XI in two one-day games against Australia on August 11 and 13 and two matches against New Zealand on August 14 and 15.

Both international teams are using the matches as warm-ups prior to tournaments, with Australia taking on South Africa in the PENTASOFT Super Challenge 2000 in Melbourne and New Zealand playing a one-day tournament in Singapore.

The Queensland selectors are using the games to provide fringe Bulls and QAS players with a chance to impress them, as well as giving senior players like Maher, Andy Bichel, Wade Seccombe and Scott Muller the opportunity to perform before the national selectors.

Former Commonwealth Bank Cricket Academy scholarship holders James Hopes and Jerry Cassell, QAS batsman Lachlan Stevens, Toowoomba-based Australian Country bat Brian May and spinners Matthew Anderson, Dale Turner and Scott O'Leary will all play in the practice matches.

Admission to the matches will be free.

QUEENSLAND XI v Australia, Aug 11: Jimmy Maher (c), Jerry Cassell, Lee Carseldine, James Hopes, Scott Prestwidge, Wade Seccombe, Brendan Creevey, Andy Bichel, Matthew Anderson, Matthew Pascoe, Scott Muller.

QUEENSLAND XI v Australia, Aug 13: Maher (c), Cassell, Carseldine, Lachlan Stevens, Prestwidge, Seccombe, Creevey, Bichel, Dale Turner, Pascoe, Muller.

QUEENSLAND XI v New Zealand, Aug 14: Maher (c), Cassell, Carseldine, Hopes, Prestwidge, Seccombe, Creevey, Bichel, Scott O'Leary, Pascoe, Muller.

QUEENSLAND XI v New Zealand, Aug 15: Maher (c), Cassell, Carseldine, Brian May, Prestwidge, Seccombe, Creevey, Bichel, Turner, Pascoe, Anderson.