Australia v England, 4th Test, Melbourne December 28, 2006

Plans were not stolen say authorities

Cricinfo staff

The master plans Click here for a larger version © Getty Images
It was hardly a whodunit of Murder On The Orient Express proportions, but Cricket Australia think that it has discovered the secret of how England's bowling plans came to be leaked to the media.

It was initially thought that the plans had been stolen from England's dressing-room, but security staff at the MCG have said that they have spoken to the individual who sent the sheet of paper to ABC radio and they are convinced he did not steal them.

"I found it on the ground in the members' area," Nick Ruthry, the person who sent the plans, told The Age. "I'd heard the ABC commentators saying they were wondering what the England plans were, so I thought I'd help them out - I only wanted to make sure Warney didn't cop one in the throat."

It is not clear how the paper came to be on the floor, but one theory is that the sheet was dropped after being photocopied. "The Melbourne Cricket Club believe that there was no breach of security involved in the printing of these documents," said a spokesman. "As far as the MCC is concerned, the matter is closed and there will be no further comment."