November 12, 2005


Mark Nicholas is Des Lynam (or he will be soon)

The Surfer

Mike Selvey talks glowingly of Mark Nicholas, anchorman for Channel 4's Test coverage (which, sadly, ended this year):

I should declare an interest here. Nicholas has been a friend for a good many years since the days when, starting out in journalism, and covering a Hampshire match, I would sleep on the floor of his living room after drinking his wine and watching Bruce Springsteen videos with him into the small hours. He is a busy chap now and a great networker who has moved onwards and upwards, so we don't socialise much these days but, when we do, he is great company. With that out of the way now, dispassionately I find it incredible that a broadcaster of his skills has not already landed a plum television job in this country, not just in cricket but beyond, even into a shiny suit asking people to come on down or whatever...One day he will morph into Des Lynam.

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