October 17, 2007


A draft of light for USA cricket

Martin Williamson

After months of rumour and little information, signs of progress in the review of the USA Cricket Association's constitution have finally emerged.

In a letter to regional league presidents, John Aaron, the chairman of the USACA League Presidents Reconciliation Commission, has announced that a document will be sent out this week.

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Posted by Baskar Guha on (October 18, 2007, 8:04 GMT)

The draft constitution is worrisome in its total disregard for where the hotbed of cricket is. Northern and Southern California which together have as many active cricket players as the rest of the country put together are lumped into one zone, the west coast zone, while the rest of the US is divided into 8-9 other regions. This is classic "jerrymandering" by the current NY-based crew to stay in power. Sad for US cricket.

Posted by manish on (October 18, 2007, 3:04 GMT)

the drama continues... looks like there should be some sort of take over by ICC in regards to running of USA cricket.... All this new drama will just fizzle out in a few days and be forgotten...Lets get rid of these USACA cartoons and make sure none of the past officers get elected.... They have ruined what would have been great years in USA cricket... I bet if there was any sense in them to promote cricket in USA then they would have done that before..... All the people currently are power hungry... Changes in constitutions and whatnot will make no change in USA cricket.. Changes in the whole USACA crew may bring out new FRESH POSITIVE IDEAS.....

Posted by Ali on (October 18, 2007, 0:14 GMT)

I have recently recieved an email from the President of Houston Cricket League, containing the proposed constitution. It's open for review by all member clubs, and I believe it has been sent around everywhere. I'll try and post some of mine and my colleagues' comments on it right here.

Posted by Raza Zaidi on (October 17, 2007, 21:26 GMT)

Constitution or no constitution...an organization is as good as the people running it and charged with enforcing the constitution. With the current gang of administration, USACA is set to go nowhere. The efforts seem to be on to get the ICC funding reflowing so that it could be "wasted" (wink! wink!) like it has been in the past.

Posted by raj on (October 17, 2007, 20:43 GMT)

This constitution is useless with term limits. Without that these guys will continue to manipulate the system to stay in power.

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