Chile November 13, 2007

Chile season off to a flier

Michael Meade reports on a busy start to the season in Chile

Michael Meade reports on a busy start to the season in Chile

The Homework Club School Cricket League
The first game of The Homework Club School Cricket League took place toward the end of October, with Lincoln International Academy and The International Country School playing at the Craighouse School ground. In total, 18 games will be played until November, with nine schools competing.

It is the first time that schools have competed in a formal hardball league, but all the signs point towards this being a successful initiative and providing an enviable base of junior cricketers, several of whom will go on to represent their country against Brazil and Argentina in 2008.

U-19 National Team
Following some excellent performances by Chilean junior players in this season’s opening fixtures, NDO David Mauro has decided to formalize a Chilean U19 national team. The squad of 20 players are currently training once a week, though this is expected to increase to three times a week as Chile look to take on neighbours Argentina in early 2008. It is hoped that this will be the first step towards Chile being included in future Americas U-19 tournaments.

Senior National Team
The Chilean senior national team are training twice a week in preparation for the Division Three Americas tournament to be held in February 2008. National Coach David Mauro has been putting the squad through their paces with fitness and fielding practice on Saturday mornings, whilst small groups of three to four players have been formed to concentrate on batting and bowling skills during the week.

Metropolitan Cup
The Metropolitan Cup, Chile’s premier domestic cricket competition, got underway this month and featured six teams for the first time. New sides Vina del Mar and Estacion Central played off against each other and ended up tying on 133 runs each – a great start to what promises to be the most exciting edition of the Metro Cup to date.

Coaching Seminar
Chile’s participant on the 2007 Americas Coaching Seminar, held in Lima, Peru, was Miguel Angel Hernandez, Coach of the Echaurren school team. He is expected to run courses for local PE teachers and schools over the next few months and is sure to be a great addition to the Chilean coaching staff.

Second Division Competition
Chile’s second division competition has been revamped for the 2007-08 season, with each of the four original Metropolitan Cup sides (Las Condes, La Dehese, La Reina and Santiago) fielding a 2nd XI. The four teams are made up mostly of Chilean born players, juniors and women cricketers and will be competing against one another over the next three months.

It is another huge step for the Chilean Cricket Association and provides a link between school and club cricket, with each club ‘adopting’ two to three schools from which to source players. Competition for places is strong, with the most talented juniors looking to impress their club captains and progress into the Metropolitan Cup sides.

Cricket Strong in the Regions
Cricket continues to thrive in the fifth and eighth regions of Chile, thanks to RDO Patricio Caamano’s tireless efforts. Three senior clubs will be participating in the inaugural Fifth Region Cup, with fixtures being played from now until December. The winners of this competition will play off against the winners of Santiago’s Second Division Competition. Three schools are also in training in the fifth Region, with a few young players involved in Vina del Mar’s senior teams. In the eighth Region, the rain has finally ceased and play can resume, with Escuela Los Heroes and Clegio San Vicente both hoping to make an appearance at The Grange Cricket Festival in November.

Courtesy ICC Americas

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  • testli5504537 on February 26, 2008, 10:10 GMT

    My God - has it been 5 years already - great reading your recap of 2007 Mike, and I almost feel at home, playing in the absolutely stupendous arena. I am thrilled to see Cricket Chile doing great - and if there is anything at all I can do for you guys from here - do please let me know. Whether it is kit, some IPL kind of thrills and or sideline support. What you gents of course could do for me - is to please send across my Chile National Team shirts (paid for mind you) and keep in mind that my daughter is now 18 and my son is 15 and taller than I am.

    Chi-Chi-Chi-le-le-le - Viva Cricket Chile !!


  • testli5504537 on January 30, 2008, 16:22 GMT

    I feel ICC associated members must appoint coaching staff from the subcontinent they can help the simple and the correct basic coaching concepts as they are the best in skills rather than power game

  • testli5504537 on December 21, 2007, 21:34 GMT

    Craighouse produced an outstanding batting display to beat Lincoln International Academy in the final of the inaugural Homework Club School Cricket League, held on Wednesday 28th at the Craighouse sports fields.

    The Homework Club School Cricket League is the first junior hardball competition to have been organised in Chile and has shown that there is a huge amount of talent at U13 level.

    Congratulations to Craighouse!

  • testli5504537 on November 30, 2007, 6:22 GMT

    Following cricket making fast progress in Argentina and Falkland Islands, it is time for Chile to make more than a splash in cricket. It is a real pity that apart from Argentina, Falkland Islands and Brazil, to some extent, cricket has not really taken off in South America. Guyana is definitely an exception. But in the cricketing map, it’s a part of the West Indies than of South America.

    With age-group cricket coming up in a potentially systematic way in Chile, cricket get should soon be manifold more popular in the country than it is now. It is heartening to know that cricket is making a spreading to the different regions of the country, with teams divided into tiers. Kudos to the cricket administrators of the copper-rich nation for approaching the game so systematically. With the country’s football team struggling to reach the FIFA World Cup finals, as also lagging behind in the Copa Americas, and the Chilean hockey team not doing much to elicit respect, another team game in the form of cricket can take the country by storm once the national teams start playing more international matches.

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