April 5, 2009

New Zealand cricket

Boxing day deserves the Basin


On the first day of the third Test between New Zealand and India, the bleachers and embankment were all but full, and it was only on the second day that a packed crowd was visible. Throw in the fine weather and it has been two days of Test match atmosphere that the Basin reserves for the Wellington faithful, who must surely pine for the return of the Boxing Day test. Mark Richardson in the New Zealand Herald has more.

It's hard to call the Boxing Day test traditional, having only started in this country in 1998 and been played five times.

However, in that time for no other reason than it fell on Boxing Day, it quickly earned the "traditional" tag and so when taken away got the expected cries of foul play. The "tradition" was broken by the ever-growing threat to test cricket in general - known as commercial realities.


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