December 16, 2010


The other Simone Callahan

Liam Brickhill

A woman who shares the same name as Shane Warne’s long-suffering ex-wife Simone Callahan has been receiving plenty of undue attention from the tabloid press following news of Warne’s relationship with socialite Liz Hurley. The other Simone Callahan, from Geelong in Victoria, has been mistaken for Warne’s ex in the past and is once again being hounded by journalists from the British and Australian tabloids.

“It seems as though whenever there’s a drama with Warne they’ll contact me and knowing Warne there’s always a drama,” said Callahan.

“The British tabloids are the worst. They’ve called my dad’s house and left messages for my cousin. Dad’s also getting contacted by emails and on Facebook. He loves it; he thinks he might make a few dollars out of it.”

Liam Brickhill is a freelance journalist based in Cape Town

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