January 28, 2011


USACA continues to stay silent

Martin Williamson

It is now more than two months since Don Lockerbie was dismissed as chief executive of the USA Cricket Association and still no details have been revealed about the reasons for the decision nor what steps are being taken to find a replacement.

As those who have followed US cricket have come to expect, Gladstone Dainty, the board's president, has resumed his favourite approach to communications, namely a complete wall of silence. Minutes for its board meetings, which for a time were posted on the site, have stopped being published, and no officials are willing to answer questions. USACA has scuttled back into its shell.

Insiders hint one of the reasons is that discussions between Lockerbie and USACA regarding the termination of his contract are ongoing and until those are resolved there can be no announcement.

But for the time being it’s Groundhog Day as US cricket is taken back to the dark period three or four years ago.


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Posted by Azaro on (February 4, 2011, 12:00 GMT)

USACA is still plagued by governance issues which has been the case for thirty years now; that is where the expatriates need to be swept out by a new American broom. Americans do know how to organise sports. Appointing Don Lockerbie with his world cup experience was actually a fantastic start and having worked with him he is a great visionary and a solid organiser. However the problems with USACA require a new and balanced team focusing initially on getting funding in place. It is like a start-up business that requires proper investment, planning and resourcing. It can be done. As Amjad (how are you!) says we were beginning to make progress in the ninities; we even had school programmes in CA with 4,000 elementary students playing - so get the organisation at the top right and the rest will follow with all the young talent available in the USA.

Posted by Amjad Khan on (January 30, 2011, 14:49 GMT)

The damage inflicted on US Cricket by Gladstone Dainty, his henchmen such as Masood Chik and Nasir Javid (aka Charlie) will take years to repair. Having played for the US for many years, I have personally seen the sad demise of the standard and quality of Cricket in US over last couple of decades. There was a time in the 90's when we almost beat Bangladesh and hammered Ireland. Needless to say, those two countries are light years ahead of us.

The nepotism, draconian laws and lack of transparency blatantly exhibited by Dainty and his henchmen would even put Mugabe to shame. I cannot imagine that with 10,000 active Cricketers in the US, they cannot pick 11 guys who are good enough to beat any of the countries in the WCL Division 3. Instead they finish 6th out of six teams. How disgraceful is that?

Unless ICC steps in 'again' and this time bans Dainty from anything related to Cricket in the US, we will continue our downward spiral.

Posted by Glenn on (January 29, 2011, 10:40 GMT)

What the hell is going on with Cricket in the US? After reading with amusement over the last few years of the adventures of the administration over there it strikes me as ridiculous and counter productive the way this dismissal is being handled. For the sake of the game fellas, sort it out!

Posted by timmyj51 on (January 28, 2011, 19:12 GMT)

More to the point is: when is the USACA going to hire a new CEO? Sure hope Dainty isn't trying to sneak someone in through the back door without advertising the job. After the Lockerbie fiasco it should be pretty clear someone with an impressive resume isn't necessarily the best person to move cricket forward in America.

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