March 25, 2012

Bangladesh cricket

Tamim's four-hand shot

Jayaditya Gupta

A Bangladesh newspaper, the Daily Star, on Saturday, held a ceremony honouring students who'd done well in their A and O level exams. The guest speaker was to be a Bangladesh cricketer, whose identity was kept a surprise. He was eventually introduced by the MC with a raised hand and a gesture counting off one to four on her fingers. The students immediately cottoned on - the surprise was Tamim Iqbal. The clue? Two days earlier, Tamim had celebrated his half-century in the Asia Cup final with the same gesture, signifying his fourth successive half-century; it was then believed to be his retort to those who'd dropped him from the squad before the tournament began. Two more on the trot and he'll need a new celebration style - though by then the story may well have moved on!


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