May 10, 2012

Indian Premier League

Has cricket left Ganguly?

Akhila Ranganna

In ongoing season of the IPL, Pune Warriors captain Sourav Ganguly has shown some signs of form, but they have been, according to Gaurav Kalra, like a little peek of sunlight on a miserable overcast day. For the better part, Ganguly has been what we never imagined he could be: ugly, ungainly, listless. What then is it that cajoles him to keep returning to the IPL? More from

I suspect for Ganguly the IPL provides a stage. The ideal platform to relish the thrill of competing again. To be at the centre of a contest and emerge victorious at the end of it. Perhaps in a hidden corner of that restless mind a regret gnaws away. Did he call time too early on his international career? Could he, like his great compatriot Rahul Dravid, have endured the stumbling blocks and played a few more years? Could he like VVS Laxman not have ignored the cynics and stubbornly soldiered on? Hasn't the spot vacated by him struggled to find a worthy occupant? I am only guessing here, but could it be that the IPL is Ganguly's last straw to clutch at after an unfulfilled international career. A career that, in his mind, had possibly another wind left?


Akhila Ranganna is assistant editor (Audio) at ESPNcricinfo

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