June 6, 2012

Indian cricket

'Good platform for former cricketers to meet'

Carlyle Laurie

Former India batsman WV Raman, writing for Sportstar, says that while the BCCI’s decision to reward former cricketers, during the IPL final, was a good gesture, the occasion gave cricketers from different generations the chance meet and discuss cricket.

“The beneficiaries felt nice to be remembered, and nicer still to be rewarded. But most importantly, the occasion provided cricketers of different generations the chance to catch up with each other,” Raman said. “The opportunity to meet others and regale was the highlight of the occasion of the one-time benefit presentation ceremony. The largesse from the BCCI will no doubt come in handy for all the recipients, but the icing on the cake was being honoured by the BCCI.”


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