July 26, 2012


Alan Gibson's commentary was sublime art

Abhishek Mukherjee

Former English commentator Alan Gibson was arguably the most learned commentator, remarks Arunabha Sengupta in cricketcountry.com, for he turned cricket commentary into "sublime art".

With his gifted sense of inflection at appropriate moments, expressions sprinkled with wit and wisdom selected to perfection, and the keenness of eye to capture the minutest detail, Gibson was a natural genius when it came to commentary. Even with John Arlott in the box, he was easily the most erudite soul to ever grace the box of Test Match Special. When he teamed up with Arlott, as they often did during Gibson’s brief but brilliant stint, the broadcasts were graced with a double barrel of poetry, lyrical description and razor sharp humour, elevating the commentary to the level of sublime art.

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