October 31, 2012

Test cricket

ICC's approval to day-night Tests 'shocking'

As the ICC gave a green signal to day-night Tests on Monday, S Dinakar in The Hindu expresses disappointment with ICC's apparent lack of vision. He says introducing day-night Tests can "threaten the game's fabric", and if it has to be introduced, the colour of the ball must be specified, instead leaving it to the home and away boards to decide.

The International Cricket Council's (ICC) approval to day/night Test and the manner in which this has been done is nothing less than shocking.

Is the ICC allowing Test cricket to be diluted? Even if it is keen on day-night cricket, the ICC clearly needs to specify the colour of the ball. For instance, we could have New Zealand and Pakistan playing a day-night Test with a pink ball and in another part of the world, South Africa and the West Indies could be duelling it out with a blue ball.

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