England cricket March 15, 2013

Success, the Nick Compton way

ESPNcricinfo staff
Richard Compton shares insights on the growth of Nick Compton as a cricketer

Richard Compton is currently in the midst of a memorable trip to New Zealand, having watched his son, Nick score two hundreds in the two Test matches in Dunedin and Wellington. In The Telegraph, he shares insights into Compton's growth as a cricketer.

"In the first two or three years people feted him and he wanted to be swashbuckling but he worked out what he wanted to do. I am particularly proud of that. He knows his game and no matter how many coaches he has worked with, he has worked out his method.

"It was a case of ignoring the flamboyant players and saying to himself, 'I am going to play my way which is going to be risk free and that is how you make runs for England'. He is his own product."