Cricket November 8, 2013

Autobiographies- a chance to reflect, a chance to vent

Dirk Nannes, writing for All Out Cricket believes that autobiographies gives players a chance to reflect and vent about their careers

With the recently released autobiographies of Mike Hussey and Ricky Ponting ruffling quite a few feathers, debates have been aplenty about whether players should touch upon controversial subjects that land them in hot water. Dirk Nannes, writing for All Out Cricket, however, supports such books, believing that it gives cricketers a chance to reflect and vent about their careers.

As robotic as many players can seem before a camera, they have their own point of view, and are entitled to voice it. At the end of any career, a player must have a huge weight they want to get off their chest, and an autobiography can be a form of therapy - an opportunity to draw a line under events and say, 'Right, I've finally stated my point of view, I feel like the issue is resolved, and I no longer have to worry about it.' And who can deny them their opportunity?