April 6, 2014

Sri Lanka cricket

Sanga and Mahela, a partnership for the ages

Two of Sri Lanka cricket's greatest batting talents bid their farewell from T20 internationals at the end of the World Cup. Anand Vasu, in Wisden India, encapsulates the impact Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara have had in moving cricket forward in the country.

Off the field, the Jayawardene-Sangakkara combine has had bigger battles than anything they faced on the field. The two had a vision for cricket in Sri Lanka, one that Sri Lanka Cricket did not always agree with. At different times they have had to negotiate, plead, insist, argue, cajole, even scheme without malice, to get things done. To use a cringe-worthy word that is so popular with the young of today, the Jayawardene-Sangakkara bromance is one with few parallels in cricket. And Sunday is important for it signifies the first step in the winding down of the careers of two modern greats.


Keywords: Legends, Retirements, SLC, World Twenty20

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